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Friday, August 3, 2012

WhaT I Did On SuMmEr VaCaTioN..:)

 Hey there everyone!!! well the last couple of weeks have certainly been busy for me..not complaining at all..its been good..on saturday the 28th we had the guys from my church come over to help split our wood for us...and they put a huge dent in that wood..
 we had 2 splitters (well actually 3) but it would fit through the fence to the back it didn't get used..would have really helped too..but in 3 hours these guys went to town splitting and stacking..I spent part of it cooking for these guys...then I went out and helped them stack..;)

 that back portion along the fence is almost filled now..
 John here was a mad man with gathering and bringing it to us..they are coming back on August 7th to help split more I will be cooking dinner for them all..we have enough wood for winter now..and that is a comforting feeling..and soon I will have my back yard I can get some flowers planted and maybe bark the area in..oh fall will be so much easier this year..since all the trees around us seem to be falling...
 on monday we went to home depot to get some wood to start the wood fence in the back..and we decided to change out the red door...
 the kittehs have all but destroyed this thing..and we looked like the clampets..paint was coming off..the screen was ripped..not pretty..
 and I spotted this beauty..oh I love my new door..just love it..
 I tweeked the back yard up..I moved this sweet little bench to the back here..
 it needed something and this was it..I love it now..thats Gracie checking things out..
 Gracie getting a drink from Tuckers pool..
 Sunny enjoying the sunshine..
 Piggy taking a dip in the pool..Tucker loves that toy and so much so that we need to replace it..he is ripping it and taking the stuffing out of it..
 I moved this little seating arrangement to the spot where the bench used to be...
 ahhhh the start of the new fence..its amazing at how much light there is now..on saturday they removed the rest of the rotting tree..thank goodness..just wish they had done it like in June..the insurance company is siding with us..thank we are just waiting for the check to come..
 on friday of last week..I went shopping..I hit JC Penneys..I love that store..
Here it is on with a little bolero jacket..)I wore this to dinner tonight..we went to silver city and I had the big daddy burger and no fries..I chose to have a cesaer salad instead..I did have 3 fries of hubbies though.;) lets not get crazy..I love my tators..
Here is the other dress I got also from Penneys..its a tank top maxi dress..(I ordered 3 more and they should arrive on friday)..I can't wait to get them..I love these dresses..they make you look long and lean..and very slenderizing too.:)
I picked up these cute sandels at pennys for $12.00..they are so comfy on too..
we were at the hardware store on monday getting stuff for the fence we are building and they had a cute little area gift shoppe..and shop I did..I got these 3 rings for $7.00 each..and I love them..they add just a bit of bling to an outfit..I wore the red one last night..
okay now for what I am doing for my summer vacation..I got a truck load of bark on wednesday and finished this portion of the front yard..
filled in the rock wall (the tiered part)
framed the entire space around the house..
this side (the shady side) needed it horribly..I took out the dead fushia plants and then barked it in..
I love my fence line..
the freshly barked in back portion..
I unloaded 3 truck loads of gravel to fill in this area..let me tell you..this is a great work out..great for the I had to shovel it into a wheelbarrow and then dump it and spread it out..

the hops look great as always..the one in the front was transplanted from the this is its 1st year in the front..and we are getting hops finally..
I love my daisy plants..they make me smile..I have an area where I toss my plants when I am editing out my yard and they are growing and looking when all the logs are cut and stacked I will be taking those said plants and putting them in the back portion of the yard to get more color in..and it won't cost me a thing except time..
amazing how big the back yard looks with no shed or tree or fencing..we got more wood for the fencing after our dinner date out so we will be doing that come this weekend..will be nice to have a new fence and we are still deciding on what kind of add on we want to replace the shed with...we still need to see if we can jack up the back end of the shed standing at it took a nice hit and we need to re-roof it too..
I forgot to show you my newest shirt..I got this at target..and love the says: Owl love u forever..I returned two others and got two more with lace at the neck line..will post those next time..;)
I ordered this great watch from the animal rescue site and it came today..I couldn't wait to wear it..
you can see the animal paws..this will help feed 35 animals I believe...
this is what I have been working on..I need to post some on my etsy site and facebook page..I still have to finish the eyes on the top two and put ears on the blue one..the middle one is my football "packer" colored owl hat..I can make them in any if you are interested let me know..they have been and are going to be my big sellers I think..well we are in for a "hot" weekend going to be in the 80's..I know that is not hot to some of you..but we like our 70's the best..don't like the 80 degree we are going walking at 8pm at night when it cools down..feels so good...between 7 and 8pm are my favorite times to that time of you? oh and I am a half a pound away from reaching my final all that hard work paid off..I am a happy camper...I feel so good and I look good too..not to sound vain..I like me..period..I have worked hard for this and I am truly happy being me..I hope you all have a great weekend..I am off to catch up on other blogs..take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hey..


  1. I love the door! Looks great!

  2. Oh my girlfriend!
    I am tuckered out just reading your post.
    I love the dresses. You look fab.
    The rings are stinkin cute and the door looks wonderful.
    Your yard is just awesome. What a wonderful bunch of guys to help you out. It always feels so good to get wood all stacked and stocked for the winter. Love that feeling.
    Hugs to you

  3. Your yard reminds me so much of ours when we lived in Illinois! The plants AND the projects...never ending! I never thought of wearing a tube dress with a bolero--I need to wear a bra to hold up the girls and that would be perfect!

    1. I have a bra on..but the jacket covers it.or wear a strapless one..which mine can do.:)

  4. Hi Gina :) So you spent your Summer vacation recovering from storms lawn maintenance... there's fun in that I say. I always get joy outta having a nice looking yard to enjoy.
    You are certainly looking good my dear and I'm so happy for you. I know you feel so much better physically and mentally. Now I need to get off my butt and get myself feeling and looking better.
    Your new dresses are sweet and you look so pretty dressed up :)
    Thank heavens for the little pools for our critters during the hot hot days.
    Those are the cutest crocheted hats :) I'm so happy for you to see you are getting on so well.

  5. Everything is looking good Gina and I LOVE the new door!!!! Love the dresses too, I'm too short to wear the longer dresses but they look so nice on others! Looks like all the furbabies are enjoying the summer *poolside* LOL!

  6. Love your new door. I love shopping at got some cute long dresses. What fun flower rings. Congrats on reaching your look awesome!!

  7. oh you are a little skinny minny!!! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!

  8. hi,Gina
    busy gal~ but looks like fun~ except for the splitting wood(YUK)~ your yard is amazing as always~ love the new door~ too cute your kitty drinking out of the pool~
    Great post~

  9. Hi Gina,

    It's so great to have church family to help out, isn't it?

    Love your bench and oh my goodness, love that door!

    You look darling in your owl shirt it! Lookin' good... :)


  10. Hi Gina, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  11. You have been so busy! We heat somewhat with wood, too, and it IS a good feeling to know you can get through the winter. Great bunch of guys, it seems. . .I kind of hated to see the red door go, but the white one is beautiful. . .

  12. Hey! You look terrific! COngratulations! The yard looks great and I sure do love having a good supply of firewood myself! Weburn it in the Winter inour fireplaceand and in the Summer for our firepit! You are really getting alot accomplished. You go GIRL!

  13. Love the Owl shirt... I have a stamp that says that same thing!! lol


  14. I swear I have ADD, which I probably do but I've been trying to comment on your post for days now....but I get sidetracked by other posts. Ugh, so I love your house and yard and fashion sense....the Owl T is adorable! Good for those young men from church helping you out....a barn raising it!