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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HapPy PiOneEr DaY

 Happy Pioneer Day everyone!!! today is when the mormon pioneers came to Utah. click on the link to learn more about it..but every year in Utah ..they have big parades..kind of like the 4th..I love a parade...

 well I have been busier then a pig in Poop..I did my 3 day show last week..and friday we had torential rain..holy cow did it rain..and it was cold..I had to get my levi jacket tossed in the dryer and had to put on socks to shake the chill..the show ended up being kind of a flop..but I did make a bit of money..more then I walked in I can't complain..I did sell 3 of my hats so I know they will be a huge hit this I must crank those suckers out and have plenty on hand..everyone loved the owl will be making a lot of those..well yesterday we had to do my "tidying of the yard" to make way for the guys from church that are coming to our home this saturday for a wood cutting and stacking party..the photo above is of the was looking a mess..and was driving me nuts..
 so I took out 2 wheelbarrrow loads of stuff..some went in the round composters and the rest in the raw property next to is the after..
 looks so nekked now.;)but now I can walk in there and see whats growing..
 remember this photo from last week? whats left of the shed?..well on friday when it rained..there was a bit of wind and since the fallen tree was no longer there it fell completely on sunday..hubby and the neighbor kid demolished it..and yesterday we took 2 truck loads to the dumps..
 now you can see all the way back there now..there is a hug trunk that fell and went straight down in the 6 feet now we need to get it excavated...can't believe the damage this tree caused..but they insurance is siding with us...that they were at fault..I mean the tree had about 60 feet of rot..oh and the neighbor finally apologized for it..and admitted that he knew it was rotting and was going to take it down..but was waiting for the money to be able to do so..well now its almost done for
 the kennel is going to be our new wood shed..its going to go up in the center where you see that dead space..
 another view of the invisible shed...
 Ryan did a wonderful job as always in taking care of us..he limbed this tree that is in the above photos..and found that: you guessed it..its rotting too..he found conks (mushrooms) down at the base and that is a sure sign they are rotting cause they love to feed off of guess what will be coming down in the future..
 here is what I got at the show..The sign was metal and was a $1.00
 the pink pyrex bowls were $6.00 for the set...
 and the lime green 8x8 pan was $6.00...I love pyrex..
 oh I love my jewelry...I have purchased things from this gal before and she was doing the show this I got more stuff..the earring backs are dimes..she uses dimes and pennies and then does the resin things on them..and she had these butterfly necklaces and I couldn't pass these up..and the hair pin says Vintage Girl..
 I also picked up this metal basket..
 This was 22.00..but I traded a hat for it..
 and is this not the cutest mailbox ever? I just had to have was $15.00
 and it came with the little wooden letter that is in the planter behind it..I know Granny Trace is going to love this..;)I love the flower thing that goes up and down for when you have letters to mail..
 and last but not least..I got this nifty 2 wheel wheelbarrow for $12.00..again I traded it for some fabric..I love wheelbarrows..I will use both of these shown for working in the yard..and when they are being used..put pots with plants in them..;)
 Our vodoo rose is in bloom and oh does it smell the peachy orange color..its my favorite..
 and this is the velvet red rose..again very beautiful and chock full of blooms..
 my baby hydrangeas in bloom..I love the pink..I plan on putting these in the back portion of the yard as soon as all that wood is cut and stacked..we need some color back there..the other hydrangeas in our yard are blooming right now..I love all the different colors they come in..
 and my clematis is blooming..this is the first year for this one..have had it for 3 years..and finally it bloomed..a vibrant rich purple..the other one is a light gave about 4 blooms aleady..can't wait till this is big and bursting with blooms...
 this cute little gal loved my kitty her mama got it for her..she wore it all day on friday..and good thing cause it was a bit nippy that day..
 she was kind enough to model the monkey one for me..
 and here is little albie modeling the "seahawks" football hat for me..
 what a happy kid..smiles all the time..I gave him a box of raisins and yogurt covered pretzels..he gobbled them right up and was on his way..;)
 I found this last week when I was working in my craft room..Silly Millie asleep in my fabric basket..
 and Sunny Bunny asleep on my computer chair..she is sitting by me on the floor as I type this..she is such a good baby.;)
 here are the purses I am making..I love this vampyre one..
 this is the start of another purse..
 and this is how I finished it off..they are so much fun to make..its made out of a big weave canvas..;)
 and here is the latest one..I had these at the show..but they didn't I will be putting these in my etsy store..
 I embroidered a wonderful dove  on a doily..
 and added this charm that I got at Joanns..I love these shabby chic purses...if anyone is interested in getting one let me know..they are 9x13 and go over your shoulder..I have added a snap to the inside to keep stuff from falling out..
 oh this kitty reminds me of Lucy Goosey..or as we call her "the Goose"or goosenator..;) she would totally do this too..
well I have good news..I hit the 90 pound mark today..actually 90.5..will see how long it lasts..cause I have pizza pull aparts in the oven..and it looks so good..I will take a photo when they are done..I am feeding our missionaries tonight..and they are getting it as well..I have never made this before..but it was so easy..if it turns out I will share the recipe as well..well that is it for me..I have another busy week..gotta get some gravel to lay down in the back part of the garage as we need a good base to put down cinder blocks and that is where part of the wood will be stacked on saturday..we are trying to get creative with how to store it..of course I will share this big event too..I am making hotdogs and tater salad for those that are coming..and making those smores cookies..I made those last week again for the show I did and they were a hit..I made them for the guys that removed our trees..they loved them..I had 1 out of the whole thats will power..cause let me tell you when they are fresh out of the oven and oooohhheey gooey.they sing to me..Take care and have a great week...I need to go and catch up on everyones blogs..haven't been on since I hope everyone is happy and enjoying their summer..I know some of you are still not getting any that means food prices will be going stock up on canned goods before they skyrocket... and get your food storage in..well I can smell I am out of here..take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi and making my day :>)


  1. Hello Ms. Gina! what a fun filled packed post! Glad I took a minute to stop by. You're looking pretty darn good and "high-five" on the 90+ mark.
    You sure have been busy, busy. To bad that rain couldn't be spread out to other areas that desperately need it!
    Just got home last night from the University of Utah Hospital. Saw some of the high lights of the floats for the parade on the news. So much work goes into this celebration.
    Glad you are doing well.
    hugz and blessings,

  2. Hi Skinny Mini look great!
    Love the purses that you cute!! We think a like...I'm making tote bags/purses for my shows. I thought they were the perfect thing to go with my necklaces. It been about 4 or 5 years since I made any for my shows.
    Love your pink pyrex and that metal basket! Great jewelry pieces that you got too!

  3. Wow, what a post! Loved it. So glad you made some money at your show and also had the tree removed. Ok, I collect vintage Pyrex and I love, love the pink set you picked up for super cheap. Congrats on the weight loss, I'm at a stand still and can't budge. I'm also loving your shabby satchels, so pretty.

  4. 90 lbs! Way to go Gina! You look great!

    I still love those owl hats. At least you know now what sells the best! I'm thinking about one of those for Joy for this winter. She thinks they're cute. (You had cute models)!

    Your pizza pull aparts sound really good! Hope they turn out. Then share that recipe with us!

    The purses are so pretty too!

    Have a great Wednesday, Gina!


  5. Oh man, look at those goodies you got! The mailbox is adorable and so are your two hat models!
    Cute purses too! Heck, I've been carrying the same purse (a saddle purse) for about 5 years. (I am soooo boring) *yawn*
    Hope you enjoyed your Pioneer Day, Darlin'!

    I agree. Ice cream is happiness!
    :> )

  6. Wow you've been busy as always.
    Your gardens look so nice.
    Mine needs to be weeded bad.
    Ive been mowing and mowing all week.
    Those hats and purses are so cute.
    And 90lbs! WoooHooo you go girl!
    You look fantastic.
    But oh my I love that cutie in your basket.
    So sweet.
    Hugs to you

  7. Ooooops I forgot to say I LOVE the MAILBOX!
    Its a good thing I don't live close to you.

  8. your roses are beautiful and I love those pyrex dishes and the pumpkin sign! Congrats on the awesome weight loss! Love the cute hats on those adorable kiddos, my DIL has a couple of those kind of hats she took to HI with her, not sure WHY as it doesn't get very chilly there, EVER, LOL!!!!! Have a great day, so nice to visit with you;)

  9. My goodness! I thought I was busy but not so sure now after reading your post! lol That's great about the weight loss. You got a lot of treasures, too. Always enjoy reading your post!

  10. Hi Gina! I never get tired of seeing all the things you create! Love those hats. You are such a busy gal these days! Hope you are getting time to enjoy Summer just relaxing too! Love ya!