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Saturday, July 14, 2012

StrAwbeRRy JaM, FooD, fLoWeRs, GarDen, & OuR nEw SunRooF SheD...

 Good Caturday Morning!!! for the past 3 days we have had thunder and lightening..takes me back to being a kid..and I never really liked the scares me..and it certainly does a number on our chillians..they hate it..we are getting a pretty day today with thunder..its unreal..I don't ever recall since we moved to washington back in 1986 that we have had thunder and lightening for 3 straight days..any way last saturday I had 2 flats of the best strawberries and I had to make them into jam and do it quick..cause I swear you look at them and the go rotten..I only lost about 7 total..that was really good..oh I couldn't stop eating them either..they were so sweet and plump..I get them every year from the local church in our neighborhood..they throw a "strawberry  shortcake festival" every year and serve strawberry shortcake and they have white elephant items for sale and a quilt that you can buy tickets for to win..they also sell homebaked goodies to take home..
 well they always buy more then they need so I purchased two at $16.00 each...oh my are they yummy..I made 45 jars of this yummy stuff as you can see here...some was low sugar, some was medium sugar and some was high sugar..(thats the pectin that I had)..
 here are some here under the little white cart..
 and some here on my hutch..I will keep the low sugar for me.(most of them anyway) and the rest will go as gifts for christmas to friends and neighbors..2 are going to hubbys work is a gift for a gentleman that is having his 90th birthday today and we are getting together at hubbys work to celebrate with a big BBQ..I am making my yummy spaghtetti salad..oh its yummy..the other jar is also going to a wonderful gentleman that has been under the weather for months and he is coming back to the Marina again and  he loves my he is getting one too.;)
 this is what we had for the 4th of july...I make a mean pizza and we had it on our TS americana plates..I just love those them last year and was going to use them as outdoor plates on my fence but with the rounded base they would hold I decided to use them as regular plates and so glad I did..
 our veggie garden looks more like a wild cottage garden..there are flowers and veggies..
 lots and lots of potatoes..forget me knots..and nasturisms and arugula and chives..
 I love this colorful pot of nastursims and catnip...
 my fence line of pretty flowers..they are doing well.;)
 my day lilies in bloom...
 oh I love my shasta daisies..they are blooming too:)
 I love my gerbera that pink color...
 I have sunflowers and hydrangas (to replant once the yard work in back is done..Basil and I even have 3 tomatoes on my plants..I have 4 what does that tell you...we need more summer sun..but hopefully it will pick up...
 this was our house looked like decorated for the 4th..nothing special..just simple and pretty..
 I added another white table cloth from that garage sale I went too a couple of weeks ago..
 and I picked some daisys..oh how they make me smile...
 okay remember this mess?
 here it is that new split shed..its our "sunroof" shed..
 the latest in technology..we finally heard from our insurance gal and from the neighbors..the funny thing is we both have the same insurance waiting to find out what is going to happen with that..we are hoping the neighbors take responsibility for the damage..need to do some calling on monday and give more statements..
 here is the said tree..whats left of it..
 the side of the shed..not a great photo..but it shows the big tree rot..anyway I am off to make my spaghetti salad and get myself ready for the BBQ and hope it doesn't rain as it has been thundering as I type this..I got the garage all sorted out..easier then I thought..I have a lot of stuff to take..gotta set up the tent on monday and I am hauling alot of stuff there on monday and then again on thursday when I set up for it..hope it all sells and I can make room in the garage for just having it nice and cleaned out..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are....thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi..:)


  1. Happy Saturday Friend
    I love all your jars of jam.
    Isn't it so exciting hearing each lid ping with success. Such a wonderful feeling.
    Your gardens look wonderful.
    Shed too. I hope everything works out in your favor with the insurance co.
    Have a great time at the BBQ too.

  2. Your jam and pizza look soooo good!

  3. Wow that tree did a number on your shed:( Love all those jars of jam, so pretty!!!! Hope your having a great weekend;)

  4. I know what you mean about the berries, it seems like by the time you get them home they are going bad. I usually freeze them as hubby likes to eat them frozen. Hope you get your shed fixed soon and good luck on your sale.

  5. Wow...that tree did do some major damage to your shed. Hope you can get things worked out with the insurance company soon.
    We woke up to a little rain this morning, but it sure wasn't enough. It has been so hot and dry here. My pretty flowers from Spring are not looking so great now...even though I've been watering them daily.
    Have a great Sunday.

  6. Your gardens and yard look so nice! The jam is awesome!I need a good recipe for plum jam. I have never made it. I was wondering how hard it is to make. Blessings for a wonderful Sunday! ~Sara

    1. Hi there Sara,
      I don't have any recipes for plum a google search or look on any cooking site...Jam is not hard..just time consuming..make sure everything is you don't get sick...have a great sunday as well.;)

  7. Hi Gina, Happy Sunday to you, All I can say is Yummy!Yummy!Yummy! and Love the garden pics! Hugs, Anna

  8. Strawberry Jam and Pizza looks super yummy!! Love homemade Pizza! I just can't manage to get the sauce right when I make it homemade. I love to eat other peoples better than mine! Ha! I can tell yours is wonderful! Keep up the good work! Bless you Gina! Hugs, Laura

  9. Oh your pizza looks delicious! What kind is it? I want pizza now and we're supposed to be going out for Mexican!

    That's alot of strawberry jam and it looks delicious too. Jason, my mom, and I just made alot of strawberry freezer jelly. You're so right...they go bad SO quickly!

    Your garden is lovely and as always, love pics of your's so cozy and welcoming!

    Have a great weekend, Gina.