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Friday, August 10, 2012

AnoTher BuSy WeEk..BuT a ProDucTiVe One At ThaT...

 TGIF everyone..hows it going my fellow blogging friends? how was your week? our weather was at better temps then it was last week..only in the mids 70's which is still a wee bit hi..we are good at 70...but can't complain as we are able to go out and work in it and enjoy the weather..we don't get much of a summer around here so it is nice when we do..I made apple chutney from a Barefoot contessa recipe on saturday last week during our heat wave...I know what was I turned out really good and easy to made 6 jars of it..great on pork chops..or even eggs..a
 we changed out our old kitchen faucet..this is our 4th one mind you..for some reason the kind with the automatic sprayer on the faucet doesn't do well..and we are paying up to 200 dollars a pop for these..
 so we changed it out to a Moen and don't have the soap dispenser any longer..but that is okay..I love this's in the brushed nickel..and I love those bath and body soaps..I just ordered 14 and it was only 1 dollar shipping for the whole thing..I couldn't go to the store that cheaply..especially with how expensive gas is getting..I got 2 different pumpkin flavored ones..I can't wait to use them this fall.;) won't have to buy soap for quite a while now..always nice to have stock on hand..including food storage...some people are hoarders..I am a food hoarder and need to get more for my food supply..we just don't know what will happen with the way this economy is it is nice to have plenty of food on hand..does anyone else out there have a nice stock pile of food?
 here are your token kitteh photos..that is Lucy "the goose" in the bathroom sink getting a drink..she is a total water baby..just sits and lets it run all over her..
 this is Stewie sitting on my lap today..kept trying to get down my shirt to "pretend Nurse"..I love the way he is sitting on me..
 can you spot the kitteh?
 this is her new sleeping spot under my desk in my craft room..
 well in between working in the yard etc..I have been making owl hats like crazy..that christmas show will be here before I know and I want to have plenty of stock on hand..I have made 13 this week..

 I made 3 yesterday...and I spent 5 hours out in the yard tidying it up from tuesday nights wood cutting party..I love making these..I have all sizes..ranging from newborn to if you are interested or want a certain color..please let me know..the hats on the right are 15.00 and the newborn owl hats are 20.00 and the adult owl hats are 30.00
 so this is the progress coming along on the fence..Hubby has been just going to town on this..this was last weekend..
 and here it is as of monday..the posts are up..
 we just need to add the horse fencing to it..then add some cedar bender board to the bottom of keep the crap/weeds from the neighbors yard rolling into my yard when it rains..I also spent 2-3 hours at her house pulling her weeds cause she can't seem to get to this side of the I took care of it..
 these photos were taken back in May when we had the tree taken down..
 you can see the huge stump and all that wood..well we have had the young men and some older ones and the scouts come twice now to help us cut our wood..and this last tuesday was the best/fun party..I fixed them all dinner and away they went..they worked for 3 hours (18) showed up and I tell you they almost finished..
 we had this almost stacked and we added another row to this area...
 gotta love a stack of firewood..just warms me up thinking about it..we will be nice and toasty for a couple of winters..we have never had this much wood in our lives at one this will save us buying any for hopefully 3-4 years..but it all depends on how cold it gets..
 we stacked another pile by the cat kennel..the stuff on the left is what we still have to cut...
 yesterday I spent 4-1/2 hours picking/raking up the bark that falls off and stacking the rest of the wood that didn't get stacked..these are befores..
 and another before..that is another stack that needs to be done..but probably won't till next spring or when weather and time allow..
 here is the after..I trimmed back the ferns that got scrunched....
 hubby is working on a splitter that was lent so we had 2 to work with..made it alot easier to have 2 of these bad boys going to town..
 another after shot..kind of blurry..sorry..but now I can walk around the entire yard now and not get tripped..and no weeds either..the yard was looking messy since May and it was driving me when hubby takes his vacation on the 21st..we will be working on getting the shed jacked up and a new roof and an new lean too for our outdoor tools..won't be like the last shed that the tree took out (not our tree) the neighbors..and restaining a a chimney..and stacking and cutting more we have our work cut out for us the rest of the summer..but we are ready for it..and I feel it doesn't scare me anymore..I love the is great exercise....
last but not least..I found these strange bugs mating while I was out cutting wood..I have never seen these before..does anyone know what they are..I loved the coloring..seen a couple of them..well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..I think it will be spent at home enjoying and crocheting....take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi..;)


  1. How I love those owl hats you make! I'm sure you will sell out.
    Nothing wrong with squirreling away a little extra. Like the Boy Scouts motto states, "Be prepared." (Good advice.)
    Great new faucet! I love brushed nickel. Gotta catch those Home Depot online sales.
    Oh my!! Look at all that WONDERFUL stacked fire wood!! We split our own so I totally agree about the warm feeling.
    Ick. I don't like bugs. I would have told them to get a room and shooed them away.
    Have a great weekend. :> )

  2. Gina...your owl hats are so adorable!! I've never seen anything like those bugs before. So I did a google search on them and they are a Banded Alder Borer. They give me the creepy crawlies!!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. yep thats what I came up with for those bugs..we are thinking it was from the fallen tree from the neighbors..we have never seen them and they are all over now..have a great weekend and thanks for letting me know about these bugs.;)

  3. I adore your owl hats and oh my goodness, that pile of wood! The bugs I could do without too. Ick! I always enjoy photos of your home, it's so pretty!

  4. Gina! Those bugs are creepy! Don't let them multiply and replenish the earth!

  5. Hubby says I hoard food too.I just like to feel comfortable and know if something did happen we'd be ok for awhile.I'm sure I'm no were close to you but would be ok for about a month if something happened. Love the pic of the kitty on your lap..sweet..The owl hats are adorable.Yick I wouldn't like the bugs, creepy crawly just looking at them.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Just had to stop back by and tell you that I love your blog background...that quilt design is so pretty!!

  7. I've never tasted chutney, but we have lots of apples just about ready for harvest. Would you share your recipe and I'll try it! Sounds good. . . .

    1. Here is the recipe I will love it.;)
      just copy and paste..;) let me know if you make it and how you like it.;)

  8. Hey Girlfriend
    Oh my I love the new owl hats. I love the colors of the orange and oatmeal. Cute..
    And your furry kids are tooo sweet. Adorable photos.
    Have a great day my Busy Friend

  9. Stewie cracked me up. He looks like a little emperor himself!

    Love your owl hats! I think I'm going to have to get one of those for Luke, and possibly Joy. How do you size them?

    I have no idea about the bug. If you don't find out, let me know. I have a huge insect book. They're pretty creepy though. lol!

    Have a great day, girl!

    1. Hey Tammy..we did find out what they are..banded alder borers..probably due to all the trees coming down lately..on the hats..measure around their heads and then I can get an idea of what size you need..and what colors you would like..

  10. Good Morning! You have me thinkingof some food storage myself with winter coming! Your jarred goodies sound yummy and I love those hats! They are gonna sell like crazy! Get ready for Fall! Maggie