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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Hit My WeiGht LosS GoaL..CouPoNinG and HaTs...:)

 Good Saturday Morning everyone!! I hope your weekend is off to a great start..ours is a bit cooler and overcast this morning..which I love..we have had some hot weather..okay it was about 80..but that is hot for us washintonians.;)its going to be cooler this week and hopefully today too..been taking Tucky for walks in the morning before the heat gets the best of us..and I have also been doing the treadmill too after our walks.. and it has all paid off..I finally hit my weight loss goal of 92 pounds!!!!! I have been struggling for like 2 months to get the last of it off..and I finally reached it today...I am doing the happy dance..
we've been working in the yard and the fence is done on the one side..still need to do the other 2 sides.but that is the least of our worries right now. Now onto my title little sister is the queen of couponing and saving money..( I wish I lived closer) cause I would be shopping with her all the time..well she calls me up and tells me what are the good deals and to go shopping at my local Rite Aid on thursday I purchased the above (there was also candy) but is in a bowl downstairs)..I spent $29.07 and got $16.00 in ups rewards to spend another day..but I also used my ups rewards from a previous shopping trip earlier in the month and that was also $ my total was really only $13.07
 so yesterday I had $16.00 in ups to use and I had more shopping to do and was going to earn even more UP's rewards..which totalled this time of 32.00 in ups + rebates of 16.00 in a check that I will this total was $ my entire total was $89.28 ...but in actuality I only paid $25.28 for all of I have till the end of the month to spend my $32.00..and you can do this every you all have a Rite Aid in your area? I tell you its worth doing..the clorax with coupons were only 1.22 each..the makeup was buy one get one 1/2 off and the fish oil was buy one get one free..everything here minus the fish oil gave me an ups reward to use towards something else..I hope I haven't confused you..I know its still confusing to me when my sister walks me through it..I do love couponing and saving money where I can..and it is such a rush too.;)
 well here is what I have been making for the past 2 days....I have made 11 hats..
 these are my bomber hats..I still need to put on the buttons on the flaps above the head..but that is it..they are so much fun to make..I did 4 yesterday..they are addicting like the owl hats..
 I changed up the trim on them now too..its called the crab stitch..and it adds a nice texture and look to these..I did it on 2 of them..and will continue to do it..I like the way its looks..again if anyone is interested in purchasing my hats please let me know your colors and size you would like..these are infants to adults..well hubby starts his vacation tomorrow..(offically on tuesday) but he is off on sundays and he goes back on the 28th..and will still have another week probably in September to use..and use it we will..the fence is done..but we still need to do the other 2 sides..but they are up and the least of our worries right now..we have a shed to "jack" up and put on a lean too for our lawnmower and wood (building wood) supplies it stays dry this winter..more wood to cut and stack..a chimney to clean, a deck to power wash, sand and stain, a new roof for the shed..and maybe a day to go bumming around..but I am up for the task..its just another form of exercise for me now..and I love friday I have a doctors appt to see about getting my "arm flab" removed..I am very selfconsious (?) about it and want it hoping to get it done..and with the flab on these gals..I might just lose another pound or thats my story and I'm sticking to it..I am hoping to go out on the boat today with my friend Michelle and getting "crabs" again and maybe salmon..then we are doing a big seafood fest tonight for dinner..she hasn't gotten ahold of me will wait and see..have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for stopping by and saying always makes my day.:)


  1. 92 lbs.
    Gina, I wish I could give you a big hug right now.
    Happy dance indeed...
    Before and after pics please!

    1. thanks Kimberly..I will post some will be scared to see them..have a great weekend.;)

  2. YaY! So proud of you girl! I bet you are walking on air with excitement.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Congratulations Gina! I know you must be on cloud 9. I too am self conscious about my 'arm flab'. I call them 'hang-ye-downs'. My husband says if I just keep exercising and working out it will disappear and I'll have nice muscle tone under there. I don't what planet he is from but obviously he doesn't understand how a woman's body stores the 'extras'.
    Oh yes....before and after pics. I'll share mine if you share yours!

    1. Hi Peggy Lee you are so amount of exercise in the world will take care of this flab..I will definitely post befores and me it will be scary..and I am walking on cloud 9..its truly feels so good...I feel good..mentally and physically..I hold my head up high now and don't shy away..:)

  4. CONGRATS on hitting your goal!!! You got some great bargains and those hats are too cute! Enjoy your weekend and hubby's week off;)

  5. Gina, so proud of you. I have been reading your posts for months, I need to do all you did & more. I'm just so thankful you made it!!!!! Yay!! You are very inspiring to others like me!

  6. Congratulations on hitting your weight loss goal. You must be so proud of yourself! I am happy for you. Have a wonderful rest of the week end.

  7. Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal! That's something to celebrate! Yay! You look great! :)

    Those little hats are adorable too! You've been busy, girl!

    We don't have a Rite Aid close by but Walgreens does something similiar although I haven't gotten into it. Sounds like I should. You have some great deals going there.

    Have a great weekend, Gina!

  8. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! The prize is you are healthier and even prettier! I too love couponing but your sister sounds amazing. I like a good buy but I need to pay more attention. I try to shop sales and use coupons--I bet I could save so much more. Have a great Weekend!

  9. Hi Gina,
    Congrats on reaching your goal. I have another 10 to 20 pounds that I want to lose.
    Love all the hats that you've been making. I'm working on more necklaces and then need to get some embroidery done.
    Have a great Sunday.

  10. Boy, have I have been out of touch for awhile.....92 lbs. I need to lose that much your story on posts I can look up?


    1. Hi there, yeah I have it posted on different occasions like when I have lost..but i don't tag my you will be hunting for them..if you have any questions..ask away.;)

  11. I love all your hats, especially the one with the ties. Congrats on your weight loss goal. I would love to have the time to coupon, my daughter uses coupons all the time, but here in my area we don't have any major stores except Walmart.
    It has been a really hot summer here with temps in the 100's most days. I am ready for fall now as the temps are finally cooling down to 80.
    I am ready for fall decor and working inside for a change, hopefully to get back to crafting.
    Have a nice Sunday
    Country at heart

  12. Contrats Gina on reaching your goal!! What a great accomplishment. I love the hats, so darling. My DIL is into coupons and saves sooo much with them. I hate to admit I only use them here and there. Good luck on your adventure into that area.


  13. Oh Gina - 92lbs of weight loss is amazing! You should be so proud and happy! Congratulations!

  14. Yippeeeeee You did it!
    You are so inspiring.
    How wonderful you must feel.
    Love the new hats and stitches.
    I am so ready for Fall and fires.

  15. Fantastic news Gina!!! I bet you feel just fantastic!

  16. Congrats look fabulous GF!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Happy Dance!! Love it! Super proud of you!! I seen you in Rite Aid and on the phone in the makeup... lol I bet that was with your sister. Wanted to say hi!! but was in a hurry with the kids waiting for me. I am going to really try out that Rite aid thing, I have gotten those but never went back and used them... Thanks for the info I am a new convert.... LOL

    Shirley Pumpkin