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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WhaT I haVe BeeN uP to ThiS PaSt WeEk.:)

 Good Morning everyone!!! its been a long time since I have posted..but as you will see in the photos..I have been busy..Hubby took his vacation this last week and we had lots to do..(he has another week coming..that he will take in September) so we can get more stuff done..Monday I cut up firewood..
 and the pile kept growing...
 now its all finished...took me 5 hours to do this..but in 3 days time..;)
 now I have started this side....those logs are much bigger and harder to move around..
 but I am "gitting her done"...I love splitting the wood will be stacking it..
 behind that fir tree to the left we will put up the dog kennel that we no longer can see it to the right of the photo..any way we will stock it full of wood and then find other places to put it..we have about 12-14 cord of wood..its starting to feel like fort knox around here..heck I might be able to make a log cabin with all this shots are takin from the upper deck of the garage...
 you can see our shed has a new roof and addition to it...we have to haul off that wood leaning against the tree to the dumps..we have made almost 10 dump runs..but it feels good to get our home in order..yard and all..I love an organized and functioning home..when I watch just makes me shudder..I  like being organized..oh and we are painting the shed a different color..we thought a sage green with red/burgandy trim would look nice..but the neighbors behind us have the same color only theirs is red with the green any suggestions?
 on wednesday I started on the deck..its 8 feet wide by 22 feet long..and let me tell you this was a job..this is the before was needing some I started sanding it with a little orbital sander..took me too hours..this was freshly power washed in the above photo..
 strapping on the knee pads for the sanding to glad I had those..really saved my knees..
 here it is all sanded...
 and here it is with 3 coats (the whole can ) of stain put on it..I had to retouch it in places for 3 days..
 now it looks so darn good..
 it looks so fresh now..I power washed the white trim on the porch and the back of the house..
 and I power washed this cement deck too..huge difference..I also did the front of the house and porch..and now I have to restain the front maybe this weekend...
 you can see the new roof..hubby was able to jack up the back end of the shed..and we still have to put a front on it and then side it..and then paint it..any suggestions? we don't have alot of color in the back I want to give it some "punch" and it has to complement the color of the house...
 my sunflower is blooming..
 oh I love love love these colors.;)there is another one below..but not sure if it will bloom..
 the nasturisms in the garden are doing well..the hopps in the back look really good too..I have yarrow and a purple plant there and I love the color combination...soon we will harvest what potatoes are there in the month sometime..the garden didn't do well but we have lots of arugula..need to make pesto out of it..yummy!!!
 my cone flower is blooming..I love this plant..
 my sunflowers on the side of the house are now blooming..lots of flowers here still to open up..
 I love this color...don't you?
 my vudoo rose in bloom..its my favorite the peachy orange yellow color..
 this is a hydrangea plant that hubbys work gave me last year when my mom passed away..and I love the colors..this is in the front yard..
 my lemon rose in bloom..smells just like a roses have done really well this year..
 the front yard..the daisys have finished autumn joy is starting to bloom..I love that plant and the color and I love the name...
 showing you some new clothes..this is all from love that store..I just got this new the butterfly skirt..I wore this on sunday to church with a new pair of pumps..and I can't walk in those pumps..I don't know how some of you do it..I feel like I am playing dress up in my moms shoes..they hurt my feet..and they are only 3 inches tall..they just don't stay on I am trying to keep them on and not fall out of them..and the balls of my feet hurt..hoping it gets better..
 I found this skirt on my pinterest site under my style..I love this..feels so flowy and boho..I love the boho look..

 and this is what I have been making when I finally sit down at night from working in the yard...little "co-pilot" hats...these are so much fun to make..I just made the blue one last night..

so now I have my bomber/aviator hat and it has its co-pilot hat to go with it..I love making these and the owl hats..I finally got all the eyes, and noses stitched on the 7 out of 10 owl hats..not putting them on the smaller ones..for safety reasons..and I put buttons on all the 10 bomber I am caught up and crocheting more..I am taking my friend from church to lunch today as she is going off to college this weekend to BYU Idaho..and I am giving her one of my owl hats to keep her head warm this winter..she is going to love it..will take a picture of her wearing I am off to get ready..this week is going to be another busy but fun one..tomorrow is movie day with some kids from church..they have a new exchange student named Jasmin from Germany here for the year so we are going to the movies..they all start school next week..not sure what we are going to see yet..friday I get my hair done..its been 8 long weeks..looking forward to that..and I will cut wood inbetween  all the fun I have this week..I just want to get it done..
I also got my referral appt for my "skin" surgery..its on September 25th..with the plastic surgeon..he will tell me if my insurance will cover this or I pay out of pocket..they are looking at my arms and my legs..apparently just getting your arms done is the hardest one to get we shall see..but I am excited to see if they will do it..well my hard work has paid off this week...I am down another pound..I am in the 140's that is 93 total so far..wasn't looking to lose anymore..but if I do..then so be it..I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead..thanks as always for stopping by..I have a new blogging friend named Jeanne (she doesn't have a blog) but she has been following me..well she sent me a nice little care package that I can't wait to show you..all handmade by her..and I love it..I will take a photo of me modeling  for my next post..take care and thanks for stopping by.;)
Gina ;)


  1. Hi Gina, What a busy bee! I know what you mean about that show hoarders. I am scared to death that will be me. I freak out all the time about stuff that is around that is not needed. My husband is so bad about keeping stuff. I am a Boho type gal myself love the skirt. Take care, Anna

  2. WOw!! I can't even believe all the stuff you got done! Your deck look amazing! We need to do the same thing. Love the yard and I love all your hats... I don't know how you do all that in a week! Plus you look great!

    Shirley Pumpkin

  3. The deck looks amazing! Too bad it doesn't STAY that way, huh? I love that you have a Maurice's addiction!

  4. Can you do my yard next???? I bet you are tired in the evenings, love your new hats! Don't work too hard and keep up the good work.

  5. Wow, you have done more work than I did all summer! Your deck looks really nice and your flowers are very pretty!

  6. LOVE your deck, Gina! Love that color! You guys have been working hard! And I love those sunflowers! So cheerful, they are!

    You look beautiful in your dress!


  7. all just amazing, the work & you!
    really like the skirt! and the lovely flowers!

  8. Hi Gina,
    I love your white outfit and also the blue skirt!! I need to get out and but some new clothes...I don't have any clothes that fit me for Fall or Winter.
    I want some sunflowers next year...yours are so pretty!! You deck looks great!!
    Congrats on another pound down. Hope they can help you with your extra skin that you need removed.
    Cute hats that you've been making. I'm working on embroidering a bunch of kitchen towels.
    Have a great week.

  9. Morning Gina Friend
    Girl know wonder the pounds keep falling off.
    You are Super WOman.
    You Go Girl.
    Your deck and yard look so good.
    I love freshly stacked wood for Fall and Winter just feels soooo good.
    Lovin those new hats too.

  10. Wow, I don't know what looks better, the deck or you!!! Looking good on both!!!

  11. You have been busy as always. The deck looks wonderful. All the wood will keep you cozy & warm soon. Sunflowers are my fav. I had them & red roses for my sons funeral. Red roses - I love him so. Sunflowers - he always makes me happy. Blessings!