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Thursday, July 5, 2012

OuR 5th oF JuLy CaMe In wiTh a ReaL BanG...

 Good Afternoon Peeps..I hope your 4th of July was a great one..mine was till I was rudely awakened at 4:30am this morning to what sounded like a thunder storm or fireworks..our neighbor that lives behind us has a rotting tree..that decided to land in our yard..took out the shed as you can see..

 part of the kitty kennel..mostly broken beams..but now the kittys can't go out to enjoy the sun for a while till we get this fixed..
 here is my veggie garden..took out my cabbage and two of my lettuces..and its so weird because its like the leaves all came off most of it cleaned out of the garden..
 the back of the shed (the one in the upper photo with the looks like the roof is melting off the back..this end is in a definite slant now..
 the neighbor thought it was just leaves that fell till she came over to see for herself..they were going to have it removed this summer..but it took care of itself at we are dealing with insurance companies, and our tree guy is coming over to give us a bid for removal etc..the tree fell in 3 yards..mostly in ours..well at least I won't have to deal with those leaves that I complain about all the grateful it didn't hit the house and we are all okay..and glad it happened in the summer and not this winter when it was now its time to rebuild it..
 I got my hair done on friday..and she did a great job this time..just the way I like it..
 very random with the we are growing out the bangs again..isn't this the way it cut it all off and then you decide to grow it out again cause you see a great photo..well that's what happened..and I started tanning again..this time with a tanning bed..might do it once a week to keep it going..haven't decided..but they have spray tan bronzers you can purchase and they work so far no problems like I had with the actual spray tan bed..
 I made these for my friend Careese's baby Harper (she is in the last blog post)..she wanted some for the 4th of July..they are so much fun to make..
 last week out shopping I purchased a pair of cute khaki capri's(not shown) and some shorts..I love these..but they were a bit too short for my fat legs..(yes even with the weight loss there is cellulite) and its not this is after I unhemmed them..
 love the belt.;)
 I took fabric that I was going to use for making purses and added lace...
 I slit the sides and there you have it..I love how they look now..I wore them to our 4th of July parade yesterday along with a flag like blouse and white tank top underneath.oh and I wore my cowboy hat too...I felt pretty darned great in this outfit..
 it was just enough to hide what I don't like about my upper is the back of the shorts..JC Penneys has great clothes at great prices...
I made a cute summer hat last week..I used that cotton yarn..really easy hat..only took 2 days to do I am making a cowl neck scarf.. well today I am hopefully getting contacts..went to the eye doctor on the 20th of June..and they are in and now I get to see if I can actually wear them..tried them 20+ years ago when soft lens' first came out..I couldn't wear them..they dried out my eyes way too going in with no makeup so I can put them in and take them out and see if I can really do it..otherwise getting new glasses..they are making them with the bifocal..will see how I like that.. well we had a wonderful 4th of rain..although it rained the 2 days prior it started off not so sunny then it just got glorious..went to the parade with friends..had front row seats..the kids cleaned up in the candy was like halloween for them..I hung out with my friend at her parents house for a bit and then came home and took Tucky for a nice 2 mile walk in the evening sun shining on us..we had leftover Ribs and tators and grilled asparagus..and relaxed on the couch with the TV till I fell asleep..we are supposed to get nice weather in the 70's all week long..hubby took today off to clean up part of this mess..we are waiting for our tree guy to get here to give us a bid...I hear some of you that were in the nasty storms have gotten your power back on..I am so glad..especially with all the heat you are is no fun being without have all been in my prayers..I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July..I have to get prepared for my big garage sale that I do at my friends next week is going to be spent up in the garage going through stuff.(not looking forward to it)..but it needs to be done..going out with my friend Michelle again on her boat and going crabbing..hoping we come home with some crabs for dinner..and not the kind on my bum...LMAOL..;) take care and enjoy the rest of your week.;)


  1. Happy 4th of July! OMG what a mess. But it will be all cleaned up soon and repaired--it'll be nice having less leaf cleanup come Fall. Love your hair! You are looking terrific! Hope you have a great week! Maggie

  2. Hey there Gina!
    ok, guess I won't complain about how the neighbors lit off fireworks till midnight.....
    hubby had to be up at 4:30 am for work!!!!! Neighborhood dogs went crazy and oh my it was an awful night. He called me at noon told me to get the word to "the" neighbors there better not be any tonight or it might get ugly in the neighborhood!!!! One night is enough.
    So glad that the tree didn't hit your house and that everyone is ok.
    You look wonderful. I got my hair cut Tuesday and it's short and why, oh why can't I get someone to cut my bangs wispy, not straight across like my 60's pixie cut!!! Love the coloring of yours too.
    We're having a nice cool overcast day and I love it. Reminds me of my Washington days ;-) (need more humidity though)
    You take care.

  3. Dang Gina! You're taking the tree very well. Sorry about all the damage and dealing with insurance is never fun. Ok, those shorts are cute and I love your hair color!

  4. What a mess! Your right...good thing it missed your house. We had high winds this morning about 4:30 and heavy rain, which we desperatly needed.
    Love your new haircut.

  5. What a mess for you! our hair looks good. Don't you love it when it looks like you want it too? We had a horrible storm tonight, winds up to 70 mi per hr. I have no damage. Amanda has her last surgery tomorrow. Hope you get everything cleaned up soon

  6. Hi Gina,
    Love your hair!! Cute shorts!!
    Sorry to hear about the tree taking out your shed. My sister still has that tree on her many trees down around here that it is taking awhile for the tree trimmers to get to her house. I heard that they should be there on Saturday.
    It is still really hot here. Today it was 101, but it felt like 112!! Too hot to even be outside.

  7. Wow Gina that was not the kind of Fireworks you want to hear.. Amazing what one simple tree can do to things when it decides to fall over...As you said the only good thing about that who disaster is you won't have to rake those leaves come fall..And that it didn't hit your house..thank god..I'm really glad that none of the littys were hurt either..poor baby's are gona miss there time in there kennel.. Hopefully you can get it repaired in good time..
    Do you get to keep the wood? You guys are gona have enough firewood to heat the house for 5 years if this tree removal keeps up..that's a plus on the ole purse heat!!

    Love the hair cut and color..Like I've said before you can sure tell you are happy with the new you that smile just sparkles!!

    Hope you had a good time with your friends on the boat and you came home with some crabs..What fun!

    Thanks for stopping by..


  8. So thankful you, your hubby and furry kids are all ok. What a mess but it sure could have been so much worse.
    I just love your hair just like it is perfect. It just frames your face beautifully.
    Stinkin cute shorts too.
    Have a great day Friend

  9. I'm usually up early like 5amk but it would have startled me too.Good no kitties out though...I haven't been crabbing in years sounds wonderful I love being on the water and fresh seafood to boot..yummm...Have a great weekend! Blessings!~Amy

  10. Glad you all are ok....good it hit the shed and not your house!

    Love the shorts makeover. Those are so cute! And love your hair too!

    Have a great weekend, Gina!


  11. Holy smokes!!! Yes, a good thing it was only the shed!
    Love all your new stuff! Dang girl, you are so creative!!
    Your new hair color looks fabulous! (As always!) ♥

  12. OH MY what a mess that tree made! So glad the kitties were not in their enclosure when it came down and no one was hurt!!! Love the shorts, very cute and you know NO ONE else will have a pair like them that's the best part;) Love your hair, I need to get something done with mine just can't decide *what*!