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Saturday, June 23, 2012

GetTinG My FaRmHouSe ROmAnCe On..;)

 Good Afternoon my fellow bloggers and friends..I have been busy this week with tweaking..remember all of those white linens I got at the garage sale last friday? well I put them all to good some of you know I am getting out of the "prim" look and going more cottagy, farmhouse, country romance..we live in a "dark" state..more cloudy days then sunny..lots of huge trees surrounding we need the light and bright in our on thursday I put all the white linens every where where you will see shortly..and I changed out my curtains to go with the seasons and I put up my 4th of July decor..(no photos) nothing to write home about..just the outside is done with those cloth flag banners and red, white and blue lights in all the windows downstairs and wooden flags on the front of the the above photo is the green curtains I had up there and a before photo of the decor on the table..I love that white table looks like a quilt..
 I put one of my plates that I got from Cindys garage sale a couple of years ago on my can see the curtains there too..they have changed..
 more of those green curtains...and the decor is changing...
 oh wait its back again..but you see the green curtains..
 now for the after..I have had these curtains for years and years..and I love changing out with the this is my summer season..and the decor on the table is just about there..
 another view..
 this happened to be a bright sunny day..and the light was just flooding in and felt so good..the first day of summer came in looking so pretty it was gorgeous and so did thursday..but friday (yesterday) it rained non-stop and I am not kidding all day long..and it was looking pretty good this morning..but as I just looked out the window..rain!!!..
 okay here is the finished product for the kitchen table..I love the simplicity...and I put my kitty cat there to add to the cottage look..I love that kitty..
 here is the before photo of the kitchen curtains...
 and here is the after..much lighter and brighter..I used the white lace valance and  flour sack embroidered curtains that I have had for years...

 Oh I love being in my kitchen with the light flooding in..just makes me smile..
 I tweaked this area in the stairwell..the red table/bench used to be on the left I centered it and put each sheep on either side..
 Cindy made me that cute sheep and the rest with the exception the dolls and pillow came from her garage sale..I cleaned up on that one..the tree and the stuff on the walls came from my little americana nook..
 okay moving onto the living room..I love my better homes and garden curtains..great fall they will be for fall and winter...this is the before..
 and now the after...
 doesn't it just look bright and cheery and cottage cozy?
 I changed out the red blankets for the quilts..they are white and have a more cottage look to them..

 you can see silly Millie snoozing on the end of the couch...
 okay now for the master bedroom..I used the 2 sets of white linen pillow cases and changed out my pillows..I also put on my americana bedspread for the summer months..oh I just want to snuggle on the bed again..I still have some of my teastained pillows there..I love the mix..that is our Pody Lynn in her favorite spot on my side of the bed..

 yesterday I went over to my friend Careese's house to give her the baby things I made for baby Harper..and look how flipping cute she looks in her little owl hat, her dress and her little flip flops..

 she got so comfortable she fell asleep...
 thats her pretty Mommy Careese..I have known this young lady since she was 15 years old.(about 12 years) now..I am making Harper some americana flip flops to wear for the the 4th of July..I will take photos when they are done..
 here is what I have been working on this week..the hat on the left (not a great photo) lighting was difficult..I made this last night..its a monkey hat..
 I made the scarves too..I made the fall colored one and put on 2 different leaf it..
I just made this scarf too..I added crystal looking buttons to it..this is for my sister in law as she loves these colors..I made the hat for her too..the black one in the top center is for my brother..I have more themed hats to make and can't wait to get started on them..having so much fun making them..well it is downpouring as we speak..I am going down stairs to eat my breakfast/lunch..I have the house looking spiffy and floors are mopped..I am off to enjoy my little cottage farmhouse and crochet and watch T.V...I hope you all have a great weekend..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.:)


  1. You sure have been busy! Your home looks great and so bright and summery and airy! Sometimes it's so refreshing to change it up a little! Love your sweet baby model --she's great to model your creativity!

  2. Hi Gina! Love what you are doing to brighten up your home! Those white curtains certainly made a big difference. Loved your picture trail. I am honored that my kitty found a place on honor on your dining room table! :)

  3. It looks great, Gina! I love the white curtains and all the changes you made! Sure wished we lived close to each other. Have a great weekend.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Hi Gina,
    As you know...I love white and I just love the changes that you have made. Your white curtains look beautiful!! Our taste are so much alike that I think we might be long lost sisters. Loving your farmhouse romance decor.

  5. I like the cottage farmhouse look too.Yes sometimes in the summer it's nice to lighten things up.The little model just adorable,love the outfit you made her especially the flip flops.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Good Sunday Morning, I love whites in the summer always looks crisp and cool. Great job Gina everything looks great. And that little bundle is a cutie. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Hugs, Anna.

  7. I love to let the light in too, makes for a cheerful home:) The baby outfit is just too cute!!!! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi Gina. I haven't visited in far too long!! I love all of the changes and the new look of your blog. I hope you're summer is going well. Take care and God bless!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  9. Everything looks FANTASTIC!! I am going through a "lighten everything up" phase too. I love it! :> )
    That sweet wee one looks absolutely precious!!! ♥

  10. Good Morning Gina
    Oh I love the changes you have made.
    SO fresh and cozy.
    Very welcoming just like a cottage.
    Great job.
    But oh my stars I love the sweet things you made for the baby. SO CUTE!!

  11. Baby Harper looks so adorable in the precious clothes you made for her! So so cute! Great job on those!

    I am looking forward to seeing the complete transformation to the cottagy farmhouse. That's my other decorating love! :) I love a shabby cottagy farmhouse look!

    But you know I still love my Americana so I love that Americana noot too!

    Have fun tweaking and redecorating. Have a great summer too!


  12. hi, Gina~
    Great new change~ wonderful job on the curtains~ really brightens it up~ cheery~
    The little one is precious~ adorable outfit~

  13. I thought I was a member of your blog but I guess it's another site you have so I haven't seen these posts and they are great! I see your lovely dinning room and it makes we want to call and request a reservation for Your home is so pretty and I have that same Scentsy warmer :). The baby's outfit is too stinking cute! Take care!