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Saturday, June 16, 2012

KittEhs, GaRaGe SaLe, ThRiFt ShoPPinG, & CrocheTinG PrOjeCts

 Good Evening everyone..How is your saturday so far? today was kind of a muggy day..humid..Here is the Goose in Millies spot..funny how they find these little nooks..
 Here is Stewie man chewie looking to nurse..(its pretend nursing)..
 I just thought it was cute how he was sitting/laying on my lap..the little dickens..I just love that kid..
 well yesterday was a gorgeous day so my good pal Michelle and I set off to do some running around..we hit goodwill yesterday and I found 3 pairs of jeans and it was green tag it was 1/2 my jeans were all 3.00 each..these are costco I cut them off and made shorts..and to let you all know my legs haven't been in short for over 12 years...I cut a pair of hubbies up and made them into shorts too..I love shorts with the frayed edges..and my legs don't look half bad..
 and so was my eddie bauer levi jacket..I paid 6 bucks fot this..and you all know they can be spendy like 60.00 or more spendy..especially for eddie that was a total score..)
 these are my favorites.....
 I love the design on the back..they are kind of capri like and oh so comfortable.;)
 these are are sweetheart jeans from old Navy..
 we headed to a garage sale first thing was at hubbys bosses house and I hit gold..I got a cute gap shirt (that I have on as I type this)
 and she had some really nice white lace linens..
 these were a set of pillow cases..acutally I got 2 sets..
 a curtain valance..I will probably cut this up to use on my purses and shabby chic stuff I am making..

 and there were shoes.lots of yummy shoes..and she wears the same size I I couldn't pass these up..the keds look so cute with jeans..I paid $3 fo those..the rest of the sandels were 2.00
 these were eddie bauer sandels..brand new..I have the blue pair on as we speak..
 not a good photo of these..but they are so cute and make your feet looks so small.these were 5.00 and brand new..
 oh I love the sandels..the ones on the right are Merrel brand..and that brand is spendy..and boy are they comfortable...
 I got this really cute sweater at goodwill..can't wait to wear that this winter..with a pair of leggings and boots..
 I put one of the doilies in hubbys room...
 one on the vanity as you enter the door..
 and I got this wonderful tablecloth at the garage sale looks to be like one of those expensive quilts..I paid 10.00 for that one..looks real pretty and cottage romancy doesn't it..I also got a new sink for the bathroom so hubby and I need to install that and put in a medicine cabinet and looks like free standing furniture..kind of contemporary..but for will look so much more updated then whats in there now..can't wait to get that project going..
 I have made more kids hats..the two on the left and middle are the washington cougars colors and on the right is for the Broncos..what a fun pattern..
 I made these for a gal I know here..a little hat, dress, bib and little feet (thongs) to put on her cute little toes..will have to take photos of baby harper to show you.)
 and last but not least..I made my first cat hat..
 I love those big green eyes..well I didn't go get my spray tan on...I found out after 5 days of torture and the torture is getting better that I am very allergic to the spray tan stuff..needless to say I am itchy all over my legs and arms mostly and have bruises from where I have scratched myself silly..I have been taking benedryl for the past couple of days..still alittle itchy..but my spray tan days are over..loved it while it not sure if I want to go and sit in the tanning beds or not..I really don't want cancer but I sure loved how the tan looks..
today after exercising and mowing the lawn I cut my I could enjoy them indoors..I think this is the first time they have bloomed..and there are more blooms..and they smell so good..and I am eating wild strawberries today..and we have some big green hopefully soon I will be eating some..not enough to make jam..but just to enjoy..well I am off to make chicken salads..I make a mean salad..Tomorrow we are having Ribs that have been marinating in beer and grilled asparagus..a nice dinner to celebrate dads day..I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating your dads and hubbys...take care.;)


  1. I LOVE peonies! I planted one a couple yrs. ago but it only ever got about a foot tall and no flowers:( Love all the neat bargains and the sandals, deff. flipflop weather here!!!!

  2. Gina,
    You sure found some great goodies at the garage sale.
    Love that little girl dress that you adorable!!

  3. I buy clothing all the time from the second hand store, it's great for summer stuff!!!

  4. My goodness you really made a haul at GW! What a score!

    That cat hat is a riot...I LOVE IT!!

  5. Morning Gina...Tasha is in my lap doing the kneading suckling thing too. she loves to crawl up in my lap or around my neck when I get on the puter..She needs her nails cut for sure shes kneading just a litle to hard..Ouch!
    Wow did you ever rake in the goodies on your yard Sale trip..Way cool taht you found jeans to turn into shorts so you could let those new sexy legs out..giggle! When I read the legs were coming out and sweaters with leggins and boots it was like flipping back in time when I lost all my wieght, felt good about my body & was ready to dress it with fun cute clothes..Loved it..I can tell you are lovin it too! It even shows in the tone of your post...Proud written all over evey word..Way to go girlfriend!
    I so love love love the little Dress, Bib & hat for your friends little girl..How totally adorable is that..Hope you get a pic of her all dressed up in it to share with us..
    the Cat hats are pretty darned cute too!
    Looks like you've been a Busy Busy Bee!

    Happy Kitty Father's Day to your Hubby!


  6. Hi Gina! Missed you. Hope to get caught up on all your happenings! Love the kitty pictures!

  7. Wow! You got some kick*ss bargains! Man, I love Eddie Bauer.
    Baby Harper is going to look absolutely adorable in all those pink pretties!!
    Sorry to read about your spray tan allergic reaction. I've always wondered what it is they spray on everyone.
    Have a terrific week!

  8. Oh my Crocheting Friend
    Just love the new cat hat and adorable dress.
    You always find such good deals.
    I love thrifting.
    Hugs Trace

  9. Bless your heart, Gina, on the allergic reaction! I know how that feels (not with tanning but other things). And like you, I have been wrestling with going to the tanning bed because I used to do alot when I was younger and I love a tan, but not only the cancer thing but the unwanted wrinkles it can bring. So I'm having a war with tan or younger skin. lol! So far the younger skin has won out and I'm using natural glow by Jergens which is a little compromise but of course won't give a deep tan. Anyway, I feel you pain! :)

    You sure hit the jackpock on all the clothes and shoes!

    Have a great day!


  10. You got some great deals! Love the photos of your nursing kitty. So cute. Goose in the basket is darling too. Hope the itching stops soon. That must be miserable. Do you have some Benedryl cream to use on the itches? It helps me when I get hives. You can usually find it at Walmart or Walgreen's.