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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A LiTtLe oF ThiS aNd ThAt..:)

 Good Morning everyone!!! hope your week is going well..we have had alot!!!! of rain this a repreive yesterday..and so happy as I had to go in for my monthly blood draw and did some shopping..I made these last made 55 cookies..and I had 1...they were good..gave some for hubby to take to work last saturday and I took some to the farewell I went to on saturday afternoon..I can't find the recipe to share the link and I am too lazy to type it up here..

 I have been busy creating with that new fabric I purchased last week..I made this over the chest purse for my friend Jill as she wants to give it to her daughter for christmas..after she saw the one I made she wanted I am in the process of making more for my shows this year..if anyone is interested..let me know;)
 this is one I am currently working on..great for those that are into the "twilight" stuff..;) I love the "vampyre" lettering..I love this sites designs..very hip, modern and edgy.;)
 I have been making choker necklaces, and belts..the gray one with the heart buckle..I made last night..;)
 this one is my favorite..I made this the other night..kind of a hippy bohemiam romantic style..might be wearing that one tonight with my jeans and boots..
 well after my blood draw..which went well by the way..(she got me on the first poke)..I stopped by the western store and got a cowboy it.;)it was on sale..
 and I picked up another pair of boots..this time in black..and they are taller on the leg..I can't wait to pair these with shorts, leggings and a sweater...toooooo cute...
 last saturday I decided to go and get a spray tan...this was taken on sunday..(the choker necklace) and my new spray tan..what a trip that was..but oh so worth it..I am hooked..I look so much better tan and I will be going on saturdays to get it done..
 I can wear dresses now with out stockings..cause let me tell you pasty white skin ain't happenin for this gal..I will wear stockings to not show those white legs..this is my newest dress..kind of a bohemiam, country girl glam dress..I love it..:)
I got on the doctors scale yesterday and it has me down a pound that is 88 total..mine show not sure which one is more I have 4-5 pounds left to go..I can't begin to tell you how great I feel..I feel like I have been reborn..I love life, love myself..and am such a happy person..I had to help hubby lift 40 pound bags of wood pellets (for the pellet stove we got on monday) our friends that are moving sold it to it will go upstairs in the garage to keep the kittys warm this winter..anyway back to my point..I could barely lift that 40 pound bag let alone 2 which is what hubby carried up..i can't believe I was carrying 2+ of those and then I wonder why I felt like crap all day and I hurt so badly...not to mention what it was doing to my organs..I tell you people if you are hurting or feeling terrible..then please do something about can be done..if you want it bad enough.. well today we are going to our local casino for "prime rib thursday" with friends from hubbys work..can't wait...might bake some cookies for those friends of his..they are all liveaboards and don't I like baking for I get one for my troubles and I am happy..
I have one last funny story for you all..I was making my homemade laundry soap about a month ago and I was using the "fels Napa" soap which is yellow..I had it all grated on the counter and went to go and get the container to put my extras soap in and hubby came by and thought I had grated some cheese for some recipe and he took a nice pinch full of it and well...he didn't like the end result..I had to laugh..cause it did look like cheese..he said he was pooping take care and have a wonderful rest of your week..thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love hearing from you..its been awefully quiet in blog land lately..not many comments etc..or visits from folks that usually stop by..have you all noticed it? or is it just me..


  1. I'm jealous of your spray tan. I've always wanted to give it a try, but I'm afraid I'd be too good looking.

    Ha ha!

    1. oh you will be too good looking thats why I am really looks must do it..safer we can be as brown as your mom gets in the summer..:)

  2. You look awesome love the dress! Congrats to you!!!! I can see someone mistaking the shredded soap for cheese, lol, a friend & I once made the cinnamon & applesauce ornaments at christmas and her hubby ate one thinking they were cookies;) Your cookies look delicious, you were VERY strong to stop at one!!!

  3. Giggles at your poor hubby! Cookies look yummy.Have fun out with your friends.I think everyone is just busy with summer,I've been blogging less,stopping in quick at my favorite blogs but commenting less.It'll get back to normal in the fall when everyone is in comfort Blessings!~Amy

  4. Your cookies look yummy. Congrats on your weight loss, I need to lose some, just can't get motivated yet to do it. That is too funny about your hubby, I bet he will check it out before trying whatever you have laying around on the counter. Take care, Happy crocheting!

  5. what a fun time you are... never a dull moment!!! love the soap story, love the boots, love the dress! love you... keep on entertaining us!!

  6. Poor hubby! I feel for him. I hope he ate some xtra of those yummy cookies! How beautiful you look! Clothes look so well on you.Glad you are embracing it all and enjoying yourself! You have earned it. I have to blog soon. Been so busy with end of school stuff. These last few weeks are sooo busy. School ends June 22nd. Have a great night! Love you!

  7. Oh gosh those cookies do look good!
    The dress and choker necklace look so cute on you...and I love your hair!
    I have never had a spray tan but I do go to a tanning place once or twice a week. I know it's not the healthiest thing to do but I go anyway.

    Congrats on the weight loss. You are such an inspiration to us!

  8. Hi Gina,
    You look great!! Love your new dress and the necklaces that you made!! Love those purses too!! Sorry that your hubby ate some soap, but I had to giggle when I read that.

  9. Good Morning Friend
    You look great. I love the dress too.
    And oh Lordie those cookies look yum.
    I love the purses. Just love denim.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. LOL @ the bubbles! Miss Salem licks soap and I told her it would happen to her, too!

  11. My kids love the picture of your kitties and they have been holding the Ipad cooing at them. I have to say, your home is AMAZING! It's so pretty and I love how the Ivy climbs the outside along with all of the potted plants. I've enjoyed your blog and I can't wait to read more. BTW, thanks for stopping by mine earlier and saying hello!

  12. I LOVE your new cowboy hat and boots! Love your new creations too! Okay, you MUST dig up that cookie recipe and share. Please!
    I bet your hubs pipes are clean as a whistle now. :> )
    I never tried a spray tan. Back in the day, I used a tanning bed. Now I'm just pasty.
    Have a great weekend!