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Monday, May 28, 2012

WhAt I'Ve BeEn Up To..Birthday GiFts, KiTTehS, ShoPpinG,FaRmErs MaRkEt, And SeWinG.;)

 Well Happy Memorial Day everyone!!..I hope you are enjoying your families and loved ones today and keeping our Military in your prayers for a safe return home to their loved ones.;) We took a nice long walk today and went home via the beach..Tucker got a nice bath when he got home as he was one stinky puppy.;)wow I need to play catch up..its been nearly two weeks since I last this is picture heavy..will share what I did last week maybe on wednesday..lots of photos as it was a busy week and lots of changes in the yard..lots of pretty stay tuned..the above photo is one of my birthday gifts that I received and this one came from my wonderful blogging friend Cindy...oh she spoiled me rotton..I received a cute cloth holder for jewelry,
 this wonderful necklace..I am not kidding you when I say I get alot of compliments on this is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry..and I can't wait to see more of what she does..I must have more..and you can see in the upper left..there is a cute cat angel pin..will put that on my levi jacket..;)
 the said necklace..I wear it with everything ..that and my new cowboy boots..I love those things..they are my favorite shoes to wear.;)
 she made me a cute pin cushion..its on my kitchen window sill with all of my other strawberry related stuff..
 I got some wonderful cards..Linda P also sent me a wonderful card..and hubby gave me a nice card along with a mothers day card from the covers every holiday incase he or the kittys forget.:)
 my little sister sent me now i will have festive gifts to give at christmas time..I do so love to bake and give to the neighbors and folks where my hubby sister also gave me some lavender oil and great nail polishes...she too spoiled MIL gave me a check for how old I am..hubby told her I was he knows I love to shop..butt head...
 random photos of Stewiebert in the sink...gettting a drink of water..he loves the bathroom sink too..both he and his sister goose love to get drinks from the sink..
 he is the baby..gotta love that sweet little face.:)
 I won these from that show i went too on the 4th of may..I got a call on the 15th telling me I had won a pair of teva shoes or I went down and picked these babies out..85 dollar pair of sandels free!!! all in all I won over a 1000.00 at that show.;)and I thought that show was pretty boring too..most I have ever won..not too shabby..
 last saturday I decided to go to the farmers it was a beautiful day..and hubby was working and I wanted out of the house..but the first stop I made was the antique fair about a mile from our house at the community center..(forgot they were having this show)..I found some really cool treasures here..but here is a pretty quilt that I loved..(didn't buy it..)
 do you all remember these troll dolls? I remember playing with these as kids..but they were hand big sister used to collect these..she had a piggy bank too..I just thought they were goofy and wanted to show you what they had to offer..
 the upper photo was my friend RaeJeans booth..I loved her stuff the best..I got a really cool rake (I think its a cranberry rake).(photo to follow)

 I loved this gals plants and the containers she had them in and on..thought you might too..great ideas...I love the pink chairs..
 I loved all of these containers..and would have loved to have them all..but they were all a tad spendy for me..but now i have the ideas..;)
 I seen my good pal Matt at this show..haven't seen him in years..we used to do the farmers market and would chit chat..he makes great purses..and I couldn't resist getting some of his purses..I kept the red one..and added a muslin rose brooch to it....great over the shoulder bags..the rest will be gifts.:)
 I got a cute lunch box..I would love to make it into a planter.but wouldn't it make a cute purse? and of course a cute lunch box..hubby won't use it..
 I got this wonderful pillowcase for a dollar..I want to make a pillow out of it and put it on my bed..might add lace..I have really been into the cottage styly more and more these days..not really into the prim look anymore..I do love the worn look to furniture..but just really wanting to simplify and get rid of may have to have a big on line sale and get rid of stuff..its just getting the time and pricing it etc..doesn't thrill me a bit..(where is that EASY button when you need it)
 here is the rake I was 10.00..:) right now its in my craft room as I have no other place to put it..any suggestions? I tried it in the living room..I have no wall space..hence the simplifying of my home..I feel like the small house of ours is getting to crammed with stuff..and quite frankly I am tired of cleaning and dusting it..
 okay now for the market portion of this is my good pal Robby that I go to church with..his mom has this bright pink tent and she makes cookies, and cakes etc..should of taken a photo of those said desserts..but did not..
 here is my good friends Mark and Jean Priest that make this wonderful metal art..(they are the ones that made my front gate that says cat nap inn on it..
 this is for you Linda P...
 and this is for you Peanut (Karin)...
 they do such nice work.;)
 they were playing great music too..folk and it was good..I did record some of it..but with this new blogger..not sure how to insert it...
 this gal had some awesome flower art to stick in your garden..she does a fantastic job on these...very well made too..

 this is Silly Millies favorite spot to sleep the craft room amongst the dolls..
 Pody lynn in the basket..she is such a pretty girl..her whiskers smile..:)
 Stanley Manley enjoying some sunshine..he is my big squishy kitteh...
 and stewbert aka, stewie enjoying that basket..Goose likes getting in it too..and so does Millie..rotten kittehs..
 here is Goose and stewie enjoying a lazy day in the guest bedroom with the open window lullying them to sleep...
 he was being spooned by his sissy Goose..they just look so precious..gotta love sleeping babies..
 I purchased some more embroidery designs and wanted another jean purse..(note to self. purchasing jean fabric as my machine doesn't like going through all that jean fabric) is just too hard on my this will be the only one..I do have jean fabric and some canvas fabric so I will make more of these over the shoulder bags and will will be selling them in my etsy shoppe and my show in I gotta get cranking..also going to make some neat postcard pillows with these designs.:)
 I added lace to the pockets  
 and made osnaburg rose broches with green wool felt for the leaves and then sewed on the pin..
 I added buttons to the inside of the handles for added strength to the handle..
and I also added lace to the fly...this was alot of fun to make..I was getting lots of compliments on my old one I made last year for flying back to Utah..this has such a shabby chic/bohemian look to it..and they are comfortable to wear for long friend Jill is ordering one for her daughter for I got my first order..think I am going to do some sewing today..its nice and quiet here..we are grilling steaks on the barbie tonight along with a nice green salad..I went to a BBQ this past saturday and made a wonderful spaghetti salad that would be great for BBQ's this summer..can be served warm or cold..( I took a photo last night..but not sure what happened to it) is the recipe..I will add what I "added" to it..makes it stretch further and it was just as tasty..)
Spaghetti Salad
1 pound of spaghetti or linguine..I used Vermichilli pasta
(cook with a little oil in the water)
chop up the following:
2 bunches of green onions
1 cucumber
1 bell pepper (I used one red and one yellow) great color to this salad
2 stalks of celery..I used more.(stretches it further)
one container of cherry tomatoes cut in half
I also added feta cheese, and you can add canned chicken and tuna fish..I also added grated parmasean cheese to the top.
toss all of this in with the cooked and drained pasta and add 2 pkgs of good season italian dressing..mix according to directions..I didn't have these so I used a bottle of italian just fine..
add 1/2 a bottle of schillings salad supreme and toss to can add garlic powder to this too..we still have left overs as we had some from the saturday I cooked up more pasta and added olive oil this was super yummy..a really nice dish for those summer bbqs and pot lucks..well I hope you all are having a great day..have a wonderful week ahead...


  1. You have been busy. That market looked like a lot of fun. I so love your kitty pictures, the one drinking from the faucet is too cute! Hope you gets lots of orders, because Christmas will be here before you know it!

  2. Gina, so glad you liked your looks great on you. have been busy.
    Love the pictures of the flowers made with dishes.mi saw some of those at the flea market that was here in town last weekend. They would look so pretty in a flower garden.

  3. Morning
    What a fun post. Love all your new treasures. The rake is soo cool. Love it.
    I love all your sweet furry kids too.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Trace

  4. There you are!! Heck, I was going to gather a blog search party to look for you!! :> )
    Wonderful photos!! Especially the metal art! Looks like my sweet Darla!! ♥