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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My BiRthDay WeeKenD AdVenTuReS!! :>)

 Good Morning everyone..Hope your weekend was great..mine was so much fun that it felt like a mini vacation..couldn't have asked for a better birthday or better was glorious!!! on friday morning I jetted out at 9am to get my hair hair dresser had a cancellation and I took I got my hair cut short and got it colored..can't really see the color in the photos..but I went with a short pixie cut..I love it..still getting used to it..cause I have had those long sides for so long..but it takes seconds to do and I am happy with it.;)

 then I came home and spent the day cleaning and mopping and dusting for my dinner party that I was having with my friends Jim and Michelle Moyer..I was having a cooking party to learn different ways of eating healthy and seeing the stuff my friend Marti sells..the line is called "saladmaster" and its pretty impressive stuff..and the gadget shown there is worth 500.00 and I got it for just hosting the slices and dices and does it so quickly and is so pretty to boot..I love the retro design of this thing..
 purty isn't it..she made us fried chicken on the oil or salad using this nifty tool, then she chopped up cabbage, carrots and used frozen corn and peas and made us mixed veggies on the stove..a 30 minute lasagne on the stove,mashed potatoes with garlic (that was it..potatoes and garlic)yummy.. and pineapple upside down cake on the stove..nothing went in the oven..and I will tel you the food was fabulous..she made enough for 6 couples..but there was just the 4 of us and I got to keep all the food..we are still eating leftovers..great food and great friends..
 on my actual birthday which was saturday..hubby worked and I hung out at home and had a quiet day relaxing with the babys..did some laundry and made sweet and spicy meatballs in the crock pot..had that for dinner along with the leftover mashed tators..then on sunday after church...we headed out to our friends boat and went I am not a fan of the water by any means..I don't swim..I sink, I don't like the water much at all..but I was excited to go and be with our friends Jill and Paul and I asked hubby how stable their vessel was..he said it was a brick and that it wouldn't lean over that that was good enough for me..and the weather was to die was stunning..the picture above and below are of Mt. on the photos to see it..

 that is seattle up ahead...
 that would be Pauls head and the ferry I believe..we have one that goes to bremerton and one that goes to kingston..
 that would be Pauls head again and Grumpy Ron's arm and legs..
 that is Jill enjoying the sun..oh it was so much fun..I didn't want this day to end..
 self portrait of hubby and me..
 Jill was kind enough to snap this one..
 cruise ships in the background..
 I love this one of hubby at the helm with the american flag flying...:)
 beautfiul houses on bainbridge island..what views they have..

 here is friends of ours toodeling out on their boat with their dog Mona..they are liveaboards where hubby works..
 and Mona is Tucker (our dog's friend)..she had her little life jacket on and they got close enough so I could get her photo...
 that is hubbys boat that he is fixing up and getting her ready so we can sail the 7 seas..well not the 7 seas..maybe just this one..he paid a whole dollar for it..not bad eh?

this is for all of you raggedy ann doll on the photo to see it..when we got back to shore..Jill made us a yummy spaghetti dinner and we had angel food cake with fresh strawberries and blueberries..sat and relaxed till 8:30pm and then headed for home..Tucker needed to go outside or we would have had an accident..:) then on monday we celebrated my birthday and went to the movies and dinner with Jill and Paul..we saw "Dark Shadows" was good...but could have been better with Tim Burton directing it..the effects were good but to me the story line lacked..just my opinion though..and for dinner we ate at Silvercity Brewery..they have the best food ever..and I had the big daddy burger...and we had that yummy brownie (hot) with fudge melted on it with a scoop of vanilla icecream and a dollup of whip cream..and cheese cake..we all shared and tasted and oh my gosh those desserts were to die for..and I am paying for it with my weight too..but it was only one day and I did exercise cause I knew where I was I had my monthly blood went well..I love my doctor and nurse..and then did some grocery you all have a Winco where you live? oh I love that store..and the savings are huge..I spent less money there and got a lot more food then when I stopped at pet food is they will be eating well in the neighborhood too..tonight is our spa night at gotta get ready for that..and I got a phone call yesterday telling me I had won something from that show I went to on the 4th of May..remember I won the 900.00 full body MRI scan.. a T-shirt, a 3pack of socks..the show was boring..but I won a pair of sandels from a store where I get (those good for you shoes) that are a bit on the spendy side but they save your feet in the long run tonight before I head to my church function I will be picking out my free pair of happy birthday to me..the rest of the week will be spent at home mowing the lawn and burning some weeds around the homestead..doing some crocheting and enjoying the wonderful weather God has given us..I hope your weather is great where you are..Take care and thanks for stopping by and wishing me a very happy birthday..will share my gifts in another post..cause I am getting a package today from Cindy..oh I can't wait to see what she whipped up for me..and Thank You!! Linda P for the wonderful card..have a great day everyone.;)oh apparently my eating frenzy wasn't that bad..I have 1 pound left to go...yippeeeeeee skippy..;)


  1. Whew Gina- what a wonderful and busy weekend you had. Looks and sounds like a great time. Belated Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday.The boat and water look wonderful.I love being on the water.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. YOu look Mavalous Darling!!! Love the shorter hair. Suits you!

    What a great Bday celebration you had! Looks like you had days of good stuff!

    Have a great day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Ahoy me mateys! Happy belated birthday to ya Gina :) It's exciting being out on the water isn't it? You sure had a lot of fun goings on for your birthday weekend. Good food, good friends and good fun!

  5. I always love your hair no matter how it's fixed;) Looks like a very nice boat ride with nice blue water, so pretty! I've found with my dieting some days I just have to have a treat so I do and then just don't eat any sweets the next day, works out well:D Have a great day!

  6. Gina, LOVE your hair! Sounds like a wonderful weekend and birthday - happy belated birthday to you!

  7. Happy belated bday Gina! Love your hair...I had the long sides for quite sometime too...but now I'm trying to grow it all out and it's driving me nuts!
    Do you live on the Kitsap Peninsula? Went there last year with my BFF for a few stops, Poulsbo, Port Gamble, Bainbridge Island...absolutely LOVE it there!

    1. Hey Kitty we are about 20 minutes from each of those places you described.we live in Indianola..its the outskirts of poulsbo..tucked inbetween suqamish and kingston.:) yest it is pretty here...oh growing out hair is maddening isn't it..I wish I could just push a button in my back (like my old krissy doll) and have long I have those wigs to play with and I can be a long haired red head..too fun..)

  8. Girlfriend your pixie looks great.
    You have the perfect shaped face for it.
    I just love it.
    Beautiful photos and weekend.
    How fun.
    So glad you birthday was as wonderful as you!

  9. sounds like your birthday was fabulous. I really like your perky hair cut it is very becoming. enjoy the rest of the week.

  10. Happy Birthday Gina! What a fun weekend you had, celebrating with old friends is the best. Love your hair style, fits you perfectly girlfriend. Cheers to ya...

  11. Gina
    It looks like you had alot of fun out on the boat. Beautiful photos...what a pretty area!!
    Love your new cute!!
    So glad you had a Happy Birthday!!

  12. Whew!!! Your birthday weekend wore me out! Man, what fun you had!! Love all your pics too! ♥

  13. What a great post! and what a great birthday! The lake is gorgeous! REminds me of Lake George in our NYS Adirondak Mountains. Your hair is so nice. Love the pixie for your sweet face :) Glad you had such a wonderful time! Yard work is never ending but soooo great and worth it! Have a wonderful day my friend! You just keep on inspiring us all!

  14. Happy Belated birthday!!!!I think I wished you happy birthday on FB before I left but I will do it again!! It looks like you had an awesome time!. Your hair looks great! You are getting so skinny!!

  15. Happy belated Birthday! The boating pictures look like a lot of fun. Your haircut turned out great too!!


  16. Happy Belated Birthday! the new do is simply awesome.. the Pixie cut suits you perfectly! You have had so much fun this year with the new hair do's, new clothes, the new body and the new boots..And then you discover tha tyou actually love it out on the water in a boat..Baby you have come a long way! for me being on the water in the boat is probably the happiest place I can ever bad my boat is still out of commission..
    the boating pictures were to die for you sure looked like you were having the time of your life especially for someone who isn't a water baby..Guess you might even be looking forward to Hubby finishing your boat so you can go out whenever you want to..
    All those food escriptions sounded so good they made me
    I'm so happy for you and so happy that you had such an awesome birthday weekend with friends!!
    You have to go check out my last post it is just for you...

    Have a great weekend!


  17. Hi Gina.
    Glad you had a great Birthday. Love the pictures.
    You look great!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday honey. We have birthdays really close together mine was on the 13th.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    I have to tell you Gina your new hair do is gorgeous. I love the cut. Oh how I want to get mine cut short. I just have to do it.
    I miss you and hope you have another prefect weekend coming up.
    Your sailing looked like so much fun

    1. well happy belated birthday to you Maggie..were you born on mothers day the year you were born? I was..but it hasn't fallen on mothers day for some time now..I hope all is well with you..thank you for the hair is super easy to take care of now..but now I want to grow it back..oh I don't know what I want.;)have a wonderful memorial day and a great week ahead.:)

  19. Yes happy belated birthday to you and i hope you also have a great memorial day weekend. Richard

    1. thanks Richard..I hope you too have/had a nice memorial day too:)