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Thursday, April 26, 2012

WhaT I'vE BeEn Up To..:)

 Hello there everyone...Its seems like forever since I have been on here and I have been itching to blog..but have had no desire to blog..doesn't make sense does it..I am really getting burned out on blogging and seriously don't know that I want to continue with it..after 4 years..its starting to lose its novelty..just too many other things I would rather be doing then not sure that I will continue or not..I haven't even missed reading what everyone else is up to..and that is not like me..cause that is how I start my day is by blogging and catching up..I know some of you are feeling the same way..okay enough of that..this is what I have been up to..making more and more hats and cowls etc..and loving it..
 Meet the girls..I found these on ebay and had to order them for my crocheted stuff and the gal that I purchased them from was awesome to work with..I love their hair me three great looks for my items..

 this is a cowl that I made last week..and whats cool about it, is it has a secret compartment...
 to put your keys or sunglasses in while you are out walking..and it is super warm too.:)see 2 photos down..I hate this new now my photos will have no rhyme or reason and be out of order..oh do we have to keep using this new blogger..cause if we can bet I won't be doing much blogging..why do they have to keep changing stuff up on us..the old way worked better..unless I can change photos around once I get them up loaded then I can deal with that..does anyone know?
 more hats and I need better looks like the light blue one 3 photos down..oh this is a happy have to keep going back and forth to see what I am talking about..well at least your eyes will get a work out.;)lol..

 a neck warmer that is done in flowers..need a better photo..this is a learning process..
 I did add a flower button and it goes well with the flower theme.;)
 I love these hats..they look super cute on too..and I love the little flower..will be using that flower in other items I think...I do so love mixing and matching..)
 I am making these for my mother in law..her birthday was in January....yeah I am super late..she will probably have these in time for mothers day with the rate I am going..I need to make her a sweatshirt..(embroider on it with my machine)
 I love the little owl hot pad turned out so cute..need to make more of those and the yellow thing is for your dish soap..its a little dress.)
 last friday I went to my friend Carolees house to her big spring sale (I do her show in July with other vendors) its alot of fun..(need to go out to the garage and spend days going through bins and pricing stuff to take to this show in july)..I loved this little thermos and the thought is to put fresh cut flowers in this summer..
 and because it was earth day she had some green I got the live simply for my key chaing and the necklace says love and peace on it..
 and I couldn't resist this tool caddy..its in my craft room holding odds and ends..patterns etc..cutting board..I love was 20.00..
 and while out at joanns last week I had to get my hair trimmed up as it was just not the way I was wanting it and since I was there I stopped at Joanns..and got some more yarn and these rain boots..I am so in love with boots these days as you will see below a couple of photos down..
 again photos out of order..I made these for my MIL..need to put the pom-poms pattern..I will make some for me too at some point..
 this is trillium blooming all over the yard..its a beautiful white and when its starts to fade the flowers go pink..
 I got this little birdie at joanns too..its sitting on my kitchen table right now..
 I went flower shopping at walmart last week with hubby to get our garden started and got some flowers..took some photos (they are at the last of this post..again loving this new blogger...hope you do too.;)
 I love the red button like ones..they are my favorites..and here is lettuce..speaking of which my girlfriend gave me some fresh greens last night and I decided to make us salads for dinner with our chicken..and I was almost done with my salad and was moving the lettuce around when I spotted a nicely sized slug in my bowl..oh I about seriously made me want to barf..I didn't stick it thankfully with my fork..but I was done with my salad..oh it just makes me sick thinking about it..yuk!!!
 a couple of weeks ago I ordered some boots and a pair of leg warmers on a site that I found on pinterest..oh how I love is called and I found me some great items and got some great deals..the leg warmers were 8.40
 these boots were like 15.80
 these are my favs..with the way it rains around feet stay nice and toasty..these were 28.90 with an additional 30% off of that..
 oh I love these..nice and soft..these were 11.80
 and these babies were 20.20 with an additional 30% off..hows that for some on my list is cowboy boots..haven't found any good deals yet on those..
 I went to my friend Elli's birthday party last week and I made her these wrist warmers and they looked so cute on her and she was wearing her demin jacket..I love making these.;)

 2 weeks ago our neighbor had 3 trees taken down..(I spotted the rot) and they had them you know how much work this will save me come fall..oh hallelujah!!! and we got the wood..paid 200.00 to have it moved into our yard..see the huge pile..
 so that pile has been moved to the dirt and since we are having a tree (with 5 trunks) see photo below and you will see the 5 trunks past the flowers..we are getting a bid for it on the 1st of May..eventually we will have all the maples removed from our yard..the mess is just too much..we are also limbing the trees across the street from us in our front yard...going to make it better for us since we are the ones taking care of the messes they leave behind...with all the wood we are taking down..we purchased a splitter at Lowes and started using it..what a dream to have a splitter..we won't need wood for at least 4-5 years with the trees we are it will pay for itself..
 here are the flowers that I purchased..I love the coloful pots that I got at walmart...going to get some more..adds alot of color around the yard and sets off the plants nicely..
we are also going to enclose this back porch and make it into a sun room and put the laundry out here and some seating for us and the kittys...I can't wait to get started on this..all windows..oh it will be nice with no trees..and we will get some nice sun here..can't wait to do breakfast out in the laundry room we are building a huge pantry like cupboard in its place for food storage and supplys..I want it to look like a butlers pantry of sorts..might paint the unit black and distress it..will see further down the road..and put in a on demand water heater for the house and get rid of the relic that is taking up space now..and we are putting on a new roof on the house..its 18 years old and its time..with my moms inheritance money..this is helping us to get all of this done plus pay off some credit card debt..I can breathe again..feels so good too..I am also down 84 pounds now with 3 more to go to reach my final hips have stopped hurting me I am getting a better nights rest..its been 6 years since I have slept through the more sleep apnea..and now my hips don't hurt..oh I can't tell you how much better I feel mentally, physically etc..I love getting dressed up and going out..I love walking..and I am doing my treadmill again as I get a better workout...and I can do a 2 mile walk in 30 minutes now on a number 4 incline..I remember when it took me about 40 minutes on a level incline..I am back to lower carbs again as I was getting stuck on the high/low carb thing..I still throw in carbs once a day in the form of bread..but try to do veggie type carbs and proteins right now..just shaking it up...we are getting the typical april weather..april showers here and there..we had a gorgeous weekend and worked in it and throughly enjoyed our time outside in it..spent 5 hours on monday..pulling up the rest of the "lily of the valley"..pretty to look at but too evasive for me..and I see I have more to yank out again..I have been yanking it out for 3 years gotta stay on top of likes to root every where..and the dandilions are terrible this year..not in my yard..but everyone elses..and with the vacant house across the street..we had to weed wack it to get rid of most of it..makes me want to move as no one here wants to be responsible for their yards...its truly frustrating when you put your all into your yard only to see that no one around you I have to work harder not smarter to keep up on mine..oh well..its a good work out I guess..well that is it for me...I hope you all are well and enjoying your spring like weather..(speaking of which it was rainy, then sunny then we just got a bit of hail here about 20 minutes ago..) thanks for sticking by me and being my blogging buddies...have a wonderful friday and a great weekend ahead.;)I am needing a new name for my crocheted items as I want to change it up or open a new shoppe for my crocheted items..any help would be greatly appreciated..or I will just shorten it up to Cat Nap Inn....thats just too boring...I need something catchy now...I can't wait to hear what you come up with..cause I am stumped.:)


  1. Thanks Gina for the update on your amazing creations, the are beautiful. I have to say, please don't stop blogging! You don't have to blog everyday, updates are the best. I am guilty of not blogging of late, we all get busy this time of year but I still enjoy reading what you all are up to. We are busy building our Ozark Cabin, eight into the mix now, I will post soon, just think it would be boring to show construction pics.
    "The Cat Hatter" kind of silly don't you think.LOL
    Hugs to you

  2. Lovin your crocheted items.
    Those hats are so stinkin cute.
    And girlfriend those boots rock.
    Have a great day!

  3. Good Morning! I have so much to comment on with all the incredible things you've accomplished, created,planted, cooked, arranged,etc! You are amazing! So happy to see you! I know what you mean about blogging~but do it when you can! Love all your boots and WOW 84 lbs!!!! Love and hugs to you Gina!

  4. Crocheted creations by Cat nap inn?? Love all your hats, warmers, etc. and your pretty flowers:) Hope you don't quit blogging, how would we see all those wonderful sounding remodel projects?! You *know* you'll want to share them with us;)I want to build a wall unit pantry in our kitchen and get rid of the free standing one to free up some floor space and make more storage room:)

  5. Gina,

    I think the great thing about blogging is at anytime you can take a break and come back to it..or at some point, yes it probably runs it course for many and sad as it might be, it is what it is....sigh...But love your crocheting, holy cow you have been busy!!! OLM

  6. My goodness! No wonder you are tired with blogging with all that you do in a week! Love, love, love all your boot purchases! Makes me want to go surf the net for some new ones of my own... hmmmm... doesn't hurt to look, does it!?

    Take care of yourself,

  7. well I hear ya on the bloggy vacation.. we all need to do that! love your yard, it WILL PAY OFF (in more ways than one) so just keep at it. as for your sister business.. Cat Nap Cottage (right next door to Cat Nap Inn). Love you friend! thanks for sticking by grumpy me!

  8. Hey Gina..

    Love your post , as always. Your hats and all those other goodies you knitted are just fabulous.

    Cute boots, but since I had to wear boots walking to school in the winter in all that snow and slush and stuff for about 12 years straight.. I can't stand boots ! no offense.

    Okay, girl... where are the sexy clothes !!! To show off that new figure of yours !!!! :o)

    Congrats on the weight loss, Gina.


  9. Hi Gina,
    I'll have to give it some thought on a name, because I'm stumped too. Love all the goodies that you've been making and I can't wait to wear mine come Fall.
    Love all those boots!! know that I would be very sad if you stopped blogging. I would really miss you!!

  10. Hey Gina.. I do hope tha tyou don't quit bloggin I would sure miss ya and all your sharing and caring..Your post always make me smile..
    You just tickle me with the boot feddish.. I love has to be fun! those you Crocheted are just adorable..Speakingof with everything else have you had time to give those slippers I ask you about making some thought? I still want a couple pair if you do..
    I'm sorry for the the loss of your mother but it is nice that she is able to be a bright memory each time you are able to take care of a bill and working on changing up the house with new additions and repairs. I'm sure she will be smiling on all your new projects. As always I can se you to have been a busy lady creating all your goodies..
    Love your flowers n the bright pots.adds taht special touch.
    I was going to share the kittens latest pictures but forgot to bring the camera cable so can't download them.. Have to wait till next week when I get back home.

    Thanks for sharing all your goodies and it was good to hear from you...