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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My CraFt RooM ReDo..BoUt TiMe too.;)

Well hello there Friends!!! betcha thought I had fallen off the face of the earth didn't ya? no..just busy organizing and day to day living..I purchased this amoire from a friend from church..her daughter just didn't like it (she used it for her clothes) and I loved a great deal on it too..(it has all the knobs by the way)..
here is the inside of it..pull out drawers...I had a vision for this to put it in my craft room...I knew my space needed a good overhaul and was looking like a tornado had come through and never got tidyed up..its been a couple of years since the last it was time..I got tired of seeing the mess..(it was the only room that was starting to embarrass me..I know craft rooms are supposed to be messy..but I have OCD and like things in there place and love to be organized..I function better when it is..does anyone else have this same situation?
this room has taken me 3 days total of redoing it..still tweeking here and there..(always will) but it is done and ready to show to the are the BEFORE photos..
that corner was really starting to bug me..well starting isn't the right WAS really bugging me..
and the closet was getting to where I didn't want to step in for fear of getting lost and never making it back out again..never heard of anyone getting swallowed up by their craft closet..but I came
more clutter..
oh this is the last photo of the clutter..are you ready for the AFTERS?
the wait is are the AFTERS...can you tell a difference? I had to remove a shelf above where this cabinet sits now..but the contents are in the drawers now..
I love this little nook now..kind of prim cottagy..I noticed today while pinning..I love the cottage look mixed with a bit of primness to it..warm and cozy..I purchased a new lampshade in red for my lamp..:)
the butcher block stand moved to this corner of the room
I almost got rid of the stand that my sizzix dies are on..but they were too heavy for the drawers in the only the little dies went in the cabinet..they were a bit all organized..
I purchased several clear bins to put in my fleece and wool and I took that big stand with all the fabric on it (see before photo above) I had 2 of them and they are I already had the one in the closet and added 3 more shelves up on this one and now its almost to the ceiling with just fabric..catergorized by color and holidays..mostly halloween and christmas holidays..I moved stuff here and there and now I actually like this room again..moved stuff in the closet that I don't use a whole lot of etc..
that big bin on the floor is holding all of my crocheted items that I have been making..I have some cute stuff to share in my next blog entry..actually I have lots more to share in the next few days..hoping to blog something in the next couple of days...
the open shelves look a bit more tidy too..
I cleaned up my craft table too..I went through everything..
this stand with my wool on it was in the closet..its much smaller then those other now all my wool (well most of it is here)...I tell you it was everywhere..and it still is..but more more organized now.;)
last but not least..all the fabric I went through and no longer in the next week or so I need to go through it and price it out to sell..I also have some patterns (no e-patterns) that I purchased and want to sell and I have magazines from mercantile gathering, a primitive place, country sampler to get rid of..and some crafting books too..oh it feels good to be organized once its so clean I don't want to craft in it..well the weather is looking like it wants to be sunny..but the forcast is calling for rain this whole week..Hubby took Tucker to work I am going to do the treadmill..Haven't been on that thing in months..but it will give me a better workout and raise my its all good..then off to do some grocery shopping..I have 25 dollars in coupons from our store (albertsons) that will be free..oh you gotta love free..I haven't been on here much..I hope all is well with you all..Take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. I was gonna email you to see what's up! I hope you can remember where you put all the little things! sure have been busy and it looks great, wanna come do mine? I am interested in your A Primitive Place magazines, never did get any. Have a great day!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. Hi, Gina:
    Oh the room looks great, you did a fabulous job. OMG you have a LOT of stuff! I like the armoire, the drawers can be used for all kinds of things. I'd put my fabric in them. Your before closet looks like my armoires in the sewing room! When you open the doors, watch out. The only thing I really have organized is the needlework, sampler patterns and flosses. I have a lot of work to do on the rest of it. I don't see it getting done as long as I'm getting these injections. Good excuse, huh?!?

  3. Good golly Ms Molly, you have been busy! I feel so much better now, knowing that others have craft rooms like mine. I just haven't dared to take pictures and share-it might ruin my image!!!!! Hahahaha!
    I find it very difficult to be so neat doing the floral creating and countless other crafting I'm into. I've always been a "neat freak" with everything in it's place and places for everything. Not sure what's happened to me the last couple years. Might be what they call "to many irons in the fire."
    I've had it in my mind for a while now that I need to revamp my space (s) as hubby would say!
    .......and yes I thought you fell off somewhere, but I've not been much better lately either. Have missed hearing from everyone.

  4. WOW, what a difference! Love the new cabinet and your craft room, looks great! I haven't been walking in a few days due to pain down my leg, hoping to get back to it soon:) Have a great day!

  5. Great job.
    Isn't it so nice to have everything where it needs to go.
    I am defunkifying my whole home, it is going to take a while, but its going to get done :)

  6. Love your room! Mine needs a ton of help and I out of ideas! Someday it will all come together.

  7. I've been trying to catch up too! glad to see SUCH a wonderful work place, before AND after!! love the siz-it holder (wink wink). You have done a fabulous job with your craft room.

  8. Could you please make a short trip to Canada.. smile.. There is a craft room that needs you..
    It looks lovely..

  9. Awesome Gina... No one knows better then me how that OCD can mess with the creative mind..things have to be organized for me too or it totally throws me off..
    Your Room is craft Perfect..Once you decide you can go meake a mess you may even find that you don't make as much of a mess as in the past now that everything has a place.. It sure worked for me once I organized ny shop.

    Great job!

    Have a great week!


  10. Wonderful job! The expression "organized ciaos" comes to mind and I mean that in the best possible way! Makes me want to go up and start cleaning mine...again!

    Job well done, you must be pleased.

  11. Hi Gina,
    Your craft room looks great...and I love that cabinet you got!! My craft room is not looking too bad, but it does need a little cleaning up. Sometimes it just feels good to clean up and change things around in our creative work spaces.

    I've been busy putting a logo on 10 shirts for a local jewelry store. And then need to make some things for a bridal shower gift.

    Hope you got your walk in on the treadmill. I'm not allowed to walk on mine or outside until my right knee can stay in place...but on a happier note, my back is staying in place now.

  12. Gina your craftroom looks fantastic and I would to craft there.. Going to go look in my room now and maybe move a few supplies around.. Thanx for the inspiration.. X

  13. Holy smokes!!! Look at all the stuff you have!! Man, I could go shopping in there! ;> )
    Looks fantastic, Gina!!
    Now please head east and help me organize mine. :> )

  14. WOW! You have a lot of supplies and your after looks wonderful. You have been busy! Like the chest.

  15. Morning Friend
    Oh my you have been busy. love the new armoire.
    I too love the cottage look. You craft room is awesome. Craft heaven.

  16. Oh, my, you have a lot of supplies. Feels good to have everything in order, doesn't it?
    Have a great weekend, Sweetie!

  17. craft room needs you! Your before pictures were mild compared to the state of mine. My husband says it looked like a craft store explosion happened in mine.I know you are thrilled to have yours done. Could you head south anytime soon?

    Darlene xxoo

  18. Nice job reorganizing!!! Love that armoir! Purrfect!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  19. Great new cabinet. Looking good all nice & tidy. Blessings!