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Thursday, January 19, 2012

WeRe HaVinG A HeaT WaVe... A TrOpiCal HeaT wAve..;)

Good snowy morning my fellow bloggers!! we are still getting started out this morning as freezing rain..but it has since started snowing again..hence hubby is home again for another snow day.its like having a kid home from school..;) although I am getting stuff done..I do like my "me" time..the title to my you know what movie that came from..its one of my favorites.;) well yesterday..I actually did some sewing..finishe up 2 of my swap goodies (not shown) and finished these two cat pillows too..these will be going on my etsy site after I am done if any of you are interested in one of these wool kitty pillows let me know;)

I love this sweet kitty cleaning her paw..This is my own design.;) freehanded it;)

and a sleeping kitty..probably by the fire no doubt.;)these pillows are backed with old wool blankets and the kittys are made from a grey wool blanket..nicely sized too.:O)

Well I got to try out my new black boots yesterday.. and they were awesome..we trekked out to play in the snow..this is our street in front of our house..

our house..

I love how the tree has snow on it to look like a "quakey" tree..;)thats my car covered in snow..the truck is in the garage so hubby can put on chains when and if he goes to work this week..they are saying it is supposed to start melting and become rain today..I am looking forward to another walk today in it.:)

its a beautiful winter wonderland..I love it;)

our neighbor across the street making a snowman..I told him it looked like a rocket and he could look at my snowman for inspiration.;)

remember don't eat the yellow snow;)lol...

we have some pretty "hilly" streets and this is what we found on one of these..the kids and adults alike were having a wonderful time going down this..

what a great snow day..we would have loved this as kids no doubt.;)

walking home along our road..our house is just down the lane..

there it is..

had to get a picture of us covered in snow..we took a video of Tucker catching snowballs and eating them..he is such a nut..oh and after our walk yesterday..we had a cup of hot was soo good..think I will have another one today..after our walk..I could get used to it....just warms the soul...well I am outta here before we lose power..its been flickering a bit..have a wonderful thursday..:) I know we will..think I am going to bake some applesauce oatmeal cookies today..then hubby can take them to work tomorrow after we sample some here..;) its high carb day..not sure what we will do for dinner..but it will be cookies for dessert..if the power holds out that is.;) take care and enjoy your day wherever you are;)


  1. Love all the outside pictures. I love winter too. Fall is my favorite though. We just have a dusting here in southern the kitty pillows. Did you use a pattern or make it up yourself. So are you an actual inn or a store.

  2. WOW! Gina, That is a lot of snow for where you are at, isn't it? It's coming our way tomorrow...usually by this time in the winter we has had at least 15+ inches... only about 5 so far... stay warm! OLM

  3. Cute pillows Gina! Love your outdoor pics too. I myself am staying indoors, just too cold for me. Gonna be -20 something tonight here! Brrr

  4. Love the pictures! I'm jealous! :)
    What a sweet video. Our dog, Lilly, loves the snow too. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Wonderful video, so nice to put a *voice* to your beautiful face:)looks like he had so much fun, we're getting snow today too, Kiah has been out several times to check for moles/critters under the sheds, hehe!

  6. Beautiful winter wonderland, Gina! I have to say that I'm jealous! We had one little snow in Nov. so it's time we have one. Your lane looks beautiful and your house looks gorgeous dipped in snow!

    Cute pillows too, by the way!

    Have fun! :)


  7. Oh send some of that white stuff my way! We might get some tomorrow night.Fingers crossed.I'm so wanting a snow day.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Love your snow pictures! Your home is a just so pretty in it. The pillows will make some body happy. Enjoy your hot chocolate. I made homemade hot choc mix for my children and grands at Christmas and the kids said they felt like kids again.

  9. heat wave... seriously????? I don't think so. You are brave to get out= taking walks, here you might get run over by crazy people stepping on their brakes and do-nuting all across the road!! ha and that song.. Ethel Merman! love that woman

  10. If you're getting "that much" snow, you must live in the same state as me...Washington! :)

    Happy snow day!

  11. I love it Gina...Tucker is wonderful playing in the snow..The video had me giggling...Puddles used to chase SnowBalls too and bark and bark just like Tucker.. I bet the Kitty's were watching out the window..!!
    Glad you got to test run thoes new boots..From the looks of it you are gona get good use out of your new boots!

    By the way great Picture of you had on that beautiful I feel so good about myself Smile ear to ear.. Makes me smile too!!

    Have a great day!


  12. Your house looks so pretty in the snow!

  13. Beautiful glorious snow. Still none here but I am hopeful.
    Love the woolie kitty pillows. You did a great job. And your very own design. How PURRFECT!! :)
    Hugs to you

  14. That's a nice picture of you and the hubba together. I love seeing a dog playing in the snow. Enjoy your walks and your cocoas.
    You did a fantastic job on the cat pillows. Both designs are adorable.
    You're very talented free handing the patterns.

  15. Gina,
    What cute pillows!! Love the video of Tucker in the snow. Cute pic of you and Mike.
    It snowed here today and they are calling for freezing rain tomorrow. Hope it doesn't get too bad.

  16. I loved watching Tucker in the snow. Silly dogs, love them!!!
    Love the pillows, so cute! You are so talented!!
    Your house is so cute!!!

    God Bless~

  17. Gina, looks like you purchased those boots just in time. Love the pics of all the snow. Looks like the kids had a nice time playing in it. We had an ice storm here last night. no snow though. I would rather have the white stuff any day over the ice. Sure hope our power doesn't go off.
    I love the cat pillows you made, how cute.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Country at heart

  18. So glad that you finally got some snow! It snowed here all week; today it's warmed up above freezing and starting to melt a little. Kudos to you for actually going out side in it; I stayed inside and watched it from my cozy warm house! LOL

    Sorry I've been MIA; I'm SO behind on my blog-reading. That's what happens when you try to follow over 200're NEVER caught up and it's hard to get anything else done. I probably need to be more selective in whose I read; yours will definitely be on the "keeper" list, my friend.


  19. I'm so happy you put this up! Oneof my most favoritest posts you've ever done! I love seeing the "big" picture. It really gives a better understanding of your house and block! I had pictured your house set back far! I love it all so much and your block looks so friendly! I'll have to do the same and photo my block! But hands down my fave picture is you and your honey. What a lovely photo. Love you!

  20. Gina~ Beautiful winter wonderland pics~ we had snowfall Friday night~ 4inches not much~ but it was pretty~ not much of a winter here~ so I am actually loving what snow we have & so enjoyed seeing yours & all the fun~

  21. Cracking up at the Tucker Video!! Silly Dog!!!

    Did your snow melt yet. We had 8 inches and it melted almost overnight with all the rain we got!

    Carmen and the Primcats