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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It'S SnoWmAgEdDen, or ArMaSleDDen..;)

Hello there Everyone!!! Well we got our snow finally...and I must say it sure is pretty out..what is it about Snow that makes one giddy and happy? does it stem from our childhoods when we looked forward to the weekends so we could go out and play all day in it? It has to be..cause I certainly don't like driving in it..trying to talk hubby into taking us for a walk..but it is a bitter cold day..the wind is blowing a bit and that makes it is still snowing softly as I type this..the photos above were taken monday night..
I love this now its my header photo..

Frosty was a jolly happy soul..(makes you sing the song)..:)

this was this morning..I love the "powder sugar" on the trees.;)
this was yesterday..
ahhhh the babies watching the snow fall.;they are loving it..the adult kittys not so much.;)
the cars are almost covered..
Frosty keeping watch out front..there are alot of folks out in it today..walking up and down our street.;)

Here is Pody Lynn snoozing yesterday..and look at Stewbert..he is in awww of this stuff..
isn't that the most precious little baby ever!!! I love that sweet little kid. :) he's truly a mama's boy..
these were taken last night..they were finally tearing up the place and then they just snuggled in close..
Lucy had her face on his..but I had to run and get the she stopped..
I have been sewing my swap for Sheila..almost done..will be doing more sewing for as long as we have a lot done too..I even did some crocheting..made 3 slouchy hats in one day..need more yarn..a bit more chunky..well that is it for me today..I hope you are all nice and toasty where ever you are..we are staying put today..and today is our "church" anniversary..we are having Steak and veggies for tonight..and probably a fudgecicle..:) p.s. it is Carmens stop over to Carmen and the prim cats to wish her a happy birthday.:)Take care and thanks for always stopping by and saying hi..I love getting those comments..they make my day.)


  1. It looks pretty at the Catnip Inn. We had a light dusting of the white magic last night. Made all look fresh clean & new. By this days end it is just about all gone. Blessings!

  2. It sure does look pretty in your yard, Gina. I can't get over how the kitties watch the snow fall. And the way those two hug each other sleeping. It's amazing.

  3. TFS your "sugar" coated view! You have more snow than we do. We keep getting the warnings but it just goes around us. Guess I shouldn't complain, I'm good so long as I don't have to go out in it!
    Those kitties are precious. I just love the "snuggle" picture!
    Stay warm and happy "church-versary!"

  4. I love snow and yours is so pretty. I also love those cute furbabies. Mom wishes she could have more than one cat.
    xoxo Kassey

  5. I love the snow! The pics of the kitties are so cute, especially the two together...I have a friend in TX, that is moving and she was wondering, if she got a place where she couldn't have any of her kitties, if we would take her.....I am willing, BUT I don't think that Chum will be! He is such a bully! need to get back to work....

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Very pretty snow, and how funny of those kitties, lol!!!

  7. Beautiful snow wonderland Friend!
    I am green. SO pretty. And the Kitty love is tooo precious for words!
    Hugs & JOY

  8. I really hate driving in the snow. I would be so much happier staying at home. Can't really believe my boss expects us to take our lives in our hands and drive in this mess. There I've said it... slippery-col-snow does not make me happy

  9. Hello and Good Evening, What wonderful photos. We had some snow on Monday but it was all gone by evening. This is not a normal winter for us.I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. But the snow was pretty. Love those kitties so precious. Warm Regards, Anna

  10. Love those kitties too!
    are snow all melted yesterday which is okay with me.
    Have a coxy night.

  11. YaY for snow!! We finally got some snow too! Man, this is the mildest winter I've seen in all my years!
    Your furbabies are so precious! Did you get a new one?? How many do you have now?

  12. Pretty snow pictures!!
    Love the kitties napping cute!!
    Happy "Church" Anniversary!!

  13. The Serenity of snow...I can never get tired of looking at it! Your photos are beautiful. We are expecting a little snow tonite and more of a storm on Saturday. Love those pussycats. Stewie is like a little baby mesmerized!

  14. A beautiful snow and some sweet, lovin' kitties what more could you ask for in a day. All these pictures are great sweet Gina. Hugs and nose kisses from us to you all!

  15. It's all so beautiful!. It sure was fun while it lasted, but now I guess our winter rains are returning! Love your kiddies! They look SO entertaining! I'm sure never a dull moment around there! LOL! Stay warm! ~~Annie