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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's SnoWinG,:)

Hey there everyone!!! happy Snowy Sunday..This is what we woke up to this morning.."our Footprint" of snow..not too impressive..but the roads are slick so I stayed home from Church today..better to be safe then sorry..

looks like a heavy frost doesn't it;)

Well we decided since it all melted to go for a walk and it sprinkled a bit of snow..nothing to write home about..well with in 15 minutes of getting hit..and this is the littlest ones first snow..Stewie is pretty happy to be in the Dadman's arms watching that white stuff..
trying to get it.;)

now its Goose's turn..

everything is completely covered now.;) and it has stopped..:(

Goose (lucy) has been talking to is a video of her chatting it up..then Stewie wanted in on some of this action..I hope it works.;) well I am not sure if we will get more..they are saying it supposed to be like this the whole week..we have our wood box full and we are ready for what ever comes our way..I don't plan on going out in I am happy..I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your sunday.:) you will have to watch part of this sideways..(its been to long since I have filmed anything) and I thought it would straigten out..well what do I know anyway..:)Tonight's menu...thick ham steaks, garlic parmesan mashed tators and corn.:) it just screams "comfort food".;)


  1. Love the video! That is so cute. They were taking it all in.:)
    We have two cats and a dog. I couldn't imagine not having pets!
    We've only gotten a light dusting of snow so far this year...hope that changes soon. I love snow as long as I don't have to drive in it. :)
    Have a good week!

  2. They're so cute, Gina. Lucy (Goose) has a little squeak like our Biggie.
    He was watching snowflakes the other day in the kitchen window. I wonder what they think in their little minds...

  3. Such cuties!
    I think all our snow (the entire one inch) melted today in the gorgeous sunshine. YAY! I don't care much for it.

  4. Kitties are so cute! Our Twinkle cat loves playing with snow on our deck. We'll let him out to play and he tries to catch the snow as it falls. He bats at the snow on the deck and when it goes in the air he tries to attack it. He's such a funny cat. ♥

    Hope it snows more for you soon. :)

    Prim blessings,

  5. Those kitties are too cute! Well girl if you're getting snow today we will most likely get some tonight or tomorrow. Our week is predicted to be the same, snow and or rain. We need some.
    Sending your package out Tues or Wed.
    Hope you like-y!
    Stay warm,

  6. Too cute!! Chloe loves the snow, but little Zoey isn't sure about what she thinks of it. We still have some snow on the ground, but our roads are all clear now. It is going to warm up again to about 50 degrees and then they are calling for snow again at the end of next week. Crazy Ohio wonder I'm sick with this nasty cold/flu thing.

  7. Very nice snow. I love snow coz I live in the South and don't get a lot.I'll have to check the video later.

  8. Hi Gina... Cute video of the kitties, so funny that little squeaky meow.. Hey, let me know if you didn't get enough snow, I'll send you some. We have plenty to share, LOL...

    Love you new hair cut! Hugs, Traci

  9. I'm LOVING the snow! So glad tomorrow is a holiday. I think they're saying more is on the way! Harley left his paw prints on the deck and then returned quite quickly! He hasn't ventured out since! LOL! Stay warm! ~~Annie

  10. Way to cute.. My Kitty's could careless about the snow... Its the birds that come to feast when it snows that gets them to talkin!!
    Looks like if it keeps it up you are gona get to try out all three pair of those boots..Shoot maybe you can build a snowman in front of the Kitty's window and see what they think of that..giggle!!

    thanks for stopping by.. Glad to have made your day!!

    Stay warm girlfriend!!


  11. That is so cute! I love little Stewie at the end--the wonder of it all! Concentrating and trying to understand it! Love them both. My daughter was like "the cats are so cute and we got to hear Gina's voice"

  12. Gina, you finally got some of the white stuff. It has been a weird winter for everyone. At least you don't live in Seattle where they were hit with a lot of the white stuff.
    Traffic out there on the news looked very scary. We still have some snow here and the ponds are frozen now.
    It is getting a little warmer today because we are suppose to get some rain.
    Hope your day is a productive one.
    Country at heart

  13. Oh, I love cats.. So sweet.. Perhaps someday I will get another one..
    God bless..

  14. Your kitties are so cute, Gina! Mine aren't at all impressed by the snow any more; it's old hat to them now.


  15. You should have built a snowman!

    I have a good friend who lives in Seattle, and her son's school was canceled on Monday from the snow. Tee hee! I find it rather amusing!

  16. Cats love to watch the snow falling down and touching a window. No snow yet over my way although it did spit some out this morning and stopping not long after starting. I hope to see you on my blog this Thursday as i finally publish my Witness movie location tour that stared Harrison Ford in 1985. Richard