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Saturday, January 14, 2012

NeW BooTs, CrAfTinG, New Do & SaTurDay FuNniEs.:>)

Good Morning Peeps!!!I hope your weekend is off to a great start..we had a bit of rain during the night..but we are supposed to be in for some snow tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week mixed with rain..will believe it when I see it..well I had my hair appt. yesterday and I had a bit of time before I headed to JC Penneys to look at their winter boots or all of them really...because I am in love with boots lately..and I picked up 3 different ones for 103.00 thats not bad considering they were all well over 70.00 each..I had to jump on these deals..and I will tell you the ones above are so stinking cute on and are so warm..I can't wait to wear these..these were 40.00 they have them in black as well;)
This pair was only 27.99..and I have a black pair that remind me of biker boots..they are so comfortable and I paid full price when I got had to have them in the brown.;)
and these are the winter I can go out and play in it and not get wet..they were 35.00 I scored..I was thrilled..they had lots on clearance..and these are also online too..
after my hair appt..I headed to Joanns to get canvas but they are out due to the flooding back they don't know when they will be getting it in..but I got some scrapbook paper for the canvas I do have..its the heirloom stack and I love the vintage looking papers..can't wait to make the craft I will share later..I also got a Happy spring stamp..and some stuff for my swap partner Sheila.;) sorry you have to wait.;)
then I headed to Target and got a yoga mat so I can do my pilates and start toning my "core" and this turbo tone to start toning my arms and legs..I still have 7 pounds to go and kind of at a stand still..but not that is good..but I would like to get to will be a year since I started this journey in february..;)
and I also picked up a straightener for my hair dresser used this on my yesterday and the last time I was are you ready for the new me?
TaDA!!! I love the way she does my hair and because I had a referral come in..I got 25% off my color saved me 38.75..cchaching!!

she can use a razor like nobodys business..and now I have a light sassy, punky look and still look feminine.;)
and there is another stylist there and she sells guess what i got yesterday..yep that necklace and matching earrings..for $17.00..and some hair stuff too..all in all it was a great day..I love how she did my bangs..all nice and wispy..I hate even bangs that are heavy..and she nailed it..I told her I was don with the angled bob/Asymetrical..that I wanted something new for the new me and the new year..I think she did a great job.;)
okay now for the funnies.)

seems to be the theme here..when will he stop blaming him..;)
I want this kitteh..he is just too fluffy for his own good.;)
this makes me laugh..cause we don't have privacy at our house..not with 6 running around along with the dog..if you close the door..they camp out by it..well I am off to get the house tidyed up..get some breakfast for us..and doesn't look like a walk is in store..just peeked out the window and it is raining..:) so if it stops..we are going otherwise..its the treadmill for me...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are staying nice and toasty wherever you are.)thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.;) you all are the best.;)
P.S. I just checked my emails and I won Pam's giveaway of $50.00 for scrapbook software etc..I am doing the happy dance..I can't believe I won.;)
and guess what it is snowing.;) I can't believe we shall see if it sticks.;)


  1. Gina~ loving your boots!!
    Skinny~Girl you look awesome~ seriously love the hair~ razor cut goes with your sassy personality~love it my dear~ Love it!!
    hugs & smiles

  2. Gina..with the great hair and slim shape you are looking great..I also have a THING lol about boots and just love all yours especially the brown surely grab some bargains..X

  3. You new do looks went to Dick's to get bullets they had flip flops on sale,I know wronge season but I always have trouble finding what I want with yard saleing I need the sneaker bottom and I need cloth toes.Nike flip flops with gel soles originally $30 got them for $7.48 was estacic.I couldn't believe some of the sales they were having but I only got the flip flops.Thanks for the giggles.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. I love the fur boots at the top of your post. They are adorable. I saw a lady with them on and didnt get to ask where she gt them. I looked on JC Penny website but I cant find them. I am dieing to get a pair.... Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Gina, That's all I can say is you go girl! I love those boots in the 1st photo.The hair is awesome.
    Have a great evening, Anna from Anna Banana.

  6. Gina, I always love to see your hair after your cut/dye! Wish I had the nerve to do something similar....good luck with that last 7 pounds - I know you will get there, you've done such a great job to this point. ~Ann

  7. you look totally adorable:D Love the boots and the funnies:) I need to get started on a radical diet make-over, I need to alkalize my body and I think I have food allergies as well, dairy causes me terrible bloating anymore, UGH:( hate to even think about it:/

  8. Love the haircut; she really does do a good job! Sweet boots, too!

    I know what you mean about the privacy thing. With seven cats in the house, you don't close a door unless you want it scratched on. They HATE their humans being behind a closed door. Whenever I'm in the toilet, I can count to five and have at least three kitties in there waiting to be petted...they assume that they have a captive audience! LOL


  9. must be having alot of stuff!!! I love the boots, haircut, and all!

  10. Love your sassy cut, the funnies and your boots! I think I will go find me some boots! Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  11. Great boots. Loving your new look, your hair looks terrific. Good luck with those last pounds.

  12. WooooooHooooo look at you!!
    You are one pretty skinny lady.
    You look great.
    Love the boots..AND you are getting snow too. What a lucky girl you are.
    Hugs Trace

  13. I love the 2nd pair of boots! When wearing those with jeans they would totally look like riding boots :)

    Yes, I've heard about snow hitting hear too and like you, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Look at you!!! You look amazing and I love the different colors in your hair it fits you perfectly.

    *Jessie Ann

  14. Love the hairdo! Love the boots! 2012 is off to a good start for ya!

  15. Oh...Gina,
    I love your boots...and your new do!! Your look awesome!!
    We have snow here and it looks so pretty. I'm glad though that we haven't had to go out in it.

  16. Sassy hair! Love it! You look fantastic, girlfriend, and those deals on all those boots - CHACHING is right!!!

  17. Gina, I love all the boots you got. A lady can never have too many. I bought 2 pair before Christmas to get ready for snow. I love the marshmallow cat pic, very cute. Your hairdo turned out great. Looks like you found another great stylist. I need to do something with my hair style soon, maybe a short cut when it warms up. We still have some snow on the ground and very cold temps but it is suppose to warm up tomorrow with more rain and then cold again. Weird weather we are having for winter.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Country at heart

  18. Gina the Smile on your face says it all..Love the new's perfect.. Your journey to becoming the new you so reminds me of me when I took the same journey.. It was so good to feel so happy with myself inside and out..I can see it in your eyes and it makes me smile every time I see them twinkle in your pictures.
    Love all the new boots especially the cute furry ones..Hope your snow stuck so you could go try out one of those pairs of boots..
    We have sunshine today ..Yeppie melting our snow and not soon enough..We'll have more but for today it is melting...
    Congrats on the Scapebook win!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  19. What a great post, Gina. The funnies are always a treat. You are loving the new you, I can tell how happy you are. You should be proud from all the hard work you've done. You look
    fantastic!! Your new do is adorable.
    So happy for you, it was a long road.
    I'm just starting down my road.

  20. Love, love, love the boots! Those are so my style too! Speaking of style, your hair is adorable, love the colors too, looks great! You had an awesome day with pampering and shopping!! YOU GO GIRL!!

  21. I love your hair. I love that you have the personality to pull it off.