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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HaTs GaLoRe and MoRe FuNniEs..;)

Good Morning my fellow bloggers..I know 2 posts in one week..hope you are all sitting have been surfing hats on etsy for quite some time and came across these hats by a wonderfully talented artist named Shelley of Ruffled Flamingo..I just love the vintage style of her hats and knew I had to have one.. here are my favorites..:)

here is the one I purchased..and I will tell you she ships fast..she made this on Saturday in the A.M. and shipped it out on saturday..I got my lovely hat on thats fast.:)

and here I am modeling it for fits super well..and it is oh so warm..lined and looks so professionally done..I am so happy..

I think I need one in every color now..:) so stop on by you won't be disappointed and you will make a great friend as well:) Thanks again Shelley..I can't wait to see your new spring line.;)
Okay now for the funnies..I love the one above.;)

poor Sheldon.)
my two littlest ones..don't need catnip either..they can destroy the whole house all by themselves.)

so true,:)

some crafty ideas I found while pinning on pinterest..I love that site..old cigar boxes with handles..
vinyl letters on plates...
old metal furnace grates on a ladder to add storage on this ladder..I love it..Well not much going on this week..yesterday I went for a nice walk with my friend Michelle..we hit that 4 mile walk in my neighborhood and then walked home along the was gorgeous and the 2 dogs had a blast running along the beach..:) but it was a slow after I walked her to my home to her car..we took off for a mile long power walk..then I felt better.;) Tucky had me up all night long..not sure not sure what I will get into today..probably a nap by the fire that hubby built before he left for work..catch up on my DVR'd stuff and is supposed to be gorgeous the rest of the it has been a gorgeous mild winter so far..and I know it has been this way for a lot of you too.;) not complaining one bit.. I hope you all have a wonderful wednesday.:)


  1. I love your funnies....And that hat is so cute on you! I am not into Pinterest, but I guess a lot of bloggers are loving it. Have a great week.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. You look so cute in your new hat!!! I love pinterest too, I spend way to much time on there:/ love the funnies, have a great day!

  3. Gina, your funnies are great! I might have to copy one or two of them. I don't know where to find things like that. . .
    Your new hat is darling! I'm not a hat person and my daughter makes some pretty neat ones too. No matter the style they just do nothing for me! lol
    I spent to much time on Pinterest this morning, now I'm blogging. I get so easily distracted!!!!

  4. Love your hat and I wanted to tell you your Monday funnys were hysterical!! I tried to comment on them but blogger would not wwork.
    Thanks for making me smile.

  5. GREAT Hats! Love the one you chose, and the funnies were good today!

  6. Gina,
    Love your new hat and it looks great on you!!
    I love pinterest...can get on there and be lost for hours looking at all the great pics.
    It has been really mild here, but we have some snow coming tomorrow and they say we might have a few inches by Friday morning.

  7. Such a cute hat (love the model, BTW). And she MAKES those? Wow!

    Sorry, but I'm tired of this mild winter; I'm ready for some snow! Sounds like our bloggie friends in the middle of the country are finally getting some; we're supposed to starting Sunday, hopefully.


  8. You look absolutely adorable in your new hat!!!
    Yep, screaming obscenities is much fast and cheaper than therapy. :> )

  9. Oh, sweet Gina that hat was made for you...just adorable! I am going to hop over and check out all the hats. I love hats but most are too large for me so I rarely get to wear one. Hugs

  10. Girlfriend
    How perfect is that hat for you!
    Adorable. Perfect for all your long walks. You know I just love those JOY plates too.
    Hugs to you

  11. LOVE the hat. I've always steered away from hats because I have a large noggin and hats don't fit me well (I have to suffer from terrible brain crushing pain any time I wear a hate), but I never thought of checking etsy. I bet I could find someone to make me a large hat for my large head! Genius!