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Monday, January 9, 2012

MoNdAy FuNniEs...:>)

Just a few funnys to start your monday off right..I got nothing..guess thats why I haven't been blogging too much..working on a valentine swap..its coming along nicely..just doing some stitcheries..gotta get my MIL's sweatshirt embroidered..might start that today..then maybe not..opened up my new workout I am so not coordinated..I am sticking to walking..but I need to start toning too..and building up my "core" I need a good workout mat..cause sitting on the hard surface of the hardwoods..does not make my joints or back happy at all..How was your weekend?..we went to the mall here and I picked up some hand soaps at bath and body works..I am currently using their peppermint foaming hand soap..smells so good and fresh..then it was onto new phones..finally the other set went in the trash..they kept cutting out and only one worked..these new phones are too cool..they tell you who is calling..and that is cool..but I tell you when people go shopping at it me or do they think they are the only ones there shopping? I swear they leave their heads at the door..but we made it out was church..and then I took Tucky for his walk..had our friend over for steak and lobster..(well the guys got the lobster) and I roasted veggies in the oven..oh my I love roasted I got an extra helping of those..and my new favorite healthy choice fudge bars..only 100 calories of smooth chocolatey goodness..I feel like I am cheating...and I also got veggie chips..(these both came from Costco)..oh my are they good..again I feel like I am cheating..they have 3 different flavors in the box..and nice sized portions must try these..well that is it for me today..I think we are having spaghetti tonight for is high carb day...and who doesn't love spagnetti as we call it..:) well I am off to work out on the treadmill today..have a great week everyone.;)


  1. Love your funnies! Can't tell you which I liked best, but thought the santa/goldfish was great. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Cute post Gina! Love the helper in the kitchen, but the Santa was the best ;-)
    You aren't the only one who isn't coordinated. I'm an aerobics drop out!!!
    Happy Monday~

  3. Love the LOL's.

    Sounds like you have been and are busy even if you haven't been posting.

    I got sucked into a Zumba DVD infomercial the other night when I couldn't sleep. I was thinking of ordering it. I love to dance so it might be right up my ally!

    mmmm... spagetti. YUM! Might have that tonight too! With wheat pasta. YUM!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. LOL! I got nothin' either so your not the only one who hasn't been posting:)We don't have a Costco anywhere around here but hope you have fun with the new phones;)

  5. Love the funnies! I like the Santa goldfish one, too cute!

    Enjoy that spaghetti! Yummy!

  6. Hi Gina,
    I love seeing your funnies!! Not much going on here either since I'm sick. I put starting off my carb cycling until I get well. I hurt from head to toe...wish it would go away soon.

  7. I was having a not so hot day and Thank you for the laugh. Cheri

  8. You have a good week too, Gina!

  9. Gina, Not much happening here either. I love your funnies. I like the kitten making a list for santa, how cute. Thanks for making me smile, I needed that.
    Country at heart

  10. LOVE your jokes.. and yes the healthy choice fudge bars are JUST what a 'diet' ordered. We have one every night, and it is such a treat! (but Lobster would come in a close second!)
    enjoy the cold!haha

  11. thanks for the laughs!!!!!!! I liked the Obama one the best...lmao!!!

  12. Yummy! Always good stuff cooking at your house! Yes, I agree with you at Costco...people are in their own worlds. Must be the buys on TP and paper towels....

  13. Hi, Gina - I loved the funnies. The kitty wearing the apron is adorable.
    My new snack is carrot sticks!