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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our NeW YeAr wiTh FriEnDs CloThes ShOppIng, & KiTTeHs!!!

Well here it is another week already..I need to blog more..but just would rather read and leave comments these I do weekly one..I need to do better..on New years day it was absolutely glorious on when I got home from church we went for a nice long walk down to the spit as they call it close to where we felt so much like spring..everyone was out enjoying like we was a great 4 mile walk and I impressed myself as there is a huge steep hill to climb on the way back and I usually stop as some point to catch my breath...well I was determined to make it without stopping..and I did..I can't wait to keep doing this walk..especially on days like we had on for dinner we "surfed and turfed" it..lobster and T-bone steaks with roasted veggies..oh it was sooooo good..
this was taken on new years eve at our Friends Sarah (holding Naylin) and Travis' home that other guy would be my hubby Mike waiting to start the round....we played the funnest game called "catch Phrase" if you all haven't played it you must get was so much fun and is sooo addicting..;)
that is Ryan and Heather we had so much fun with these guys and Sarah and Travis too..these two couples go to my church and I love these gals so much..great friends to have..oh and for those of you that got the sweet almond Roca...Heather is the one that made that yummy addicting stuff I call almond roca Crack..;)
here is another form of crack that was in a huge big tupperware bowl..I made this..and let me tell you it was hard staying out of it..I did have some while I was making it..and I tell you that white chocolate was hard to stay away from and so were the m&m's and pretzels..well you get the picture.;)needless to say it got divided up between the two couples none of it came home with me.;)
now look at this chunky monkey..what a little ham he is..if you haven't been following for long..I got to see this young man come into this world on May 10th last year..and he was tiny and just so look at him..
he's all meat and no potatoes as I like to say..he is just a happy smiling bouncy little guy that has 4 teeth already..
here is all the munchkins on new years eve night..all getting their dose of sugar and bouncing off the walls..we lit fireworks for them when we rang in the new year..everyone seemed to have a great time.;)
okay now for the clothes shopping..last week I went shopping..I had some christmas money burning a hole in my pocket so I headed to Target and I got 2 sweatshirts to make jackets out of for my MIL's birthday tomorrow (have I got it started yet?) nope...will be working on it tomorrow..they were only 3.47 each..couldn't pass that up and hanes is a great brand..I also got 2 pairs of sweat pants, blue and gray to wear around the house or do yard work in and they were the same price..oh I got the cutest winter coat ever..(not shown) I need to model this one cause it is so stinking plaid..hits at the tops of your knees and buttons down the front with a belt..form fitting...well I wore it yesterday for the first time and I am in LOVE!!! (sing the word love) like a glove..and it was on clearance regularly 70.00 for 40..not to shabby..
I hit Eddie Bauer as well as i had a return so I got these black velour/fleece sweats..oh they are so soft..i can't stop touching know what I am talking about..they feel soooo good..
a night shirt from Eddie Bauer..
flannel pjs..I love these..:)
another clearance top from Target..I love gray and I love sweaters.;)
oh and Eddie Bauer had a sale too..all of these were on sale that I purchased..well i haven't purchased any levi's since I started this process didn't like anything..well I love these flannel lined jeans..they don't feel like flannel though and they are not bulky on..but I love that red color and love rolling up my pants..:)love the distressed look first pair..

and embroidered flower on the right pocket..
I wore these on new years..with my fur boots..
and I got these cute red mittens..with the fingers in them and you can pull down the top if your fingers get cold..I love this feature.;) and they match my jeans.;)
now for the "kitteh" portion of this email..we love watching Lucy Aka Goose sleeping with Stewie Aka Stewbert or Stewboo.;) look at how Goose is sleeping..this is her favorite position..they love the top of the cat tree and snuggle there all the time.;)
here they are on our bed catching a bit of snuggle time.;)
Goose loves to groom her brother and he loves to groom her too..and then taste her too..he loves to nibble..;)lol..well I went to my monthly doctors appt for blood work for my kidneys and all is well..I just love my doctor and his nurse..I actually look forward to seeing them...and they noticed that I had lost more weight since last month..and you know that made my day...and today I have offically hit the 75.5 pound mark..oh I am one happy gal I tell you..I can't begin to explain just how great I feel on a daily basis..both Mentally and physically..I love how good I feel...and wish I had done this 11 years ago..when it started creeping back up on me..if I could say one thing about it..I say "just do it" will feel better in the long run..your aches and pains will diminish..I used to feel acky all the time..getting off the couch was such a chore..I felt older then I should be I don't ache any my blood pressure meds....and walking is enjoyable again..just this week I have walked 12 miles..and today I took Tucky for his walk and then worked in the yard..raking up more leaves and doing some dead all know how I love a well manicured yard...well I probably wouldn't have bothered with any of it if I was at my old weight..cause I would have been stiff and achy from the cold weather and then achy from doing the yard work..just get moving and do something..even if its 10 minutes a it for your will feel so much better for doing it.;) okay off my soap box..I want to welcome my newest followers into blog land..thank you for choosing to follow me..and I am at 976 posts with this will have a giveaway when I reach 1000 posts..I have loved seeing what you are all up and hoping that your new year is off to a wonderful start..I know mine is.;) take care everyone and have a wonderful evening..I gotta go and feed the outdoor kittys and get them bedded down for the night..and then get our dinner going..we are having chicken burritos..yummy.;)


  1. I am trying to began to cut down on the sweets, no white breads, more water and exercise. I need to take off around 50 lbs. I know it will take time and lots of determination. Thanks for posting about your weight loss. It is very encouraging. All the food looks great and the fellowship equally as great. Blessings!

  2. That was great post I loved the little monkey and the mittens were pretty and your inspiration about losing weight was also a good idea!
    Love those cats


  4. Enjoyed your all the neat clothes! Proud of you for losing the weight!

  5. Sounds like a fun New Year's Eve - love getting together with friends. You sure got some great deals - love your jeans. Congrats on the weight loss - you have worked hard and it paid off.

  6. I know how you feel Gina. I know when I was fit and worked at it, I had such a wonderful feeling of strength and energy that I had to reel in my exhilaration so people wouldn't get jealous. I'm so happy for you and say keep it up young lady.
    I don't blog everyday, my life isn't exciting as yours... lol. You're doing a wonderful job of blogging, besides you want to make time for yourself, hubby, and especially those kitteh kats!

  7. It looks like you had a great New years. I keep telling myself to start walking again, you're right you do feel better when you're moving. Congrats on the weight loss. Your kitties are adorable.

  8. Hi, Gina - oh when I saw the lobster tail and steak I almost died. I'm not eating that richly yet. I can't wait tho that meal will be my reward. You have done so well and come so far. I'm gonna do it, I get encouraged when I read your posts about how much weight you have lost. And the best part is that I will eventually be where you are; I'm struggling to get up and move around and can't walk very far at all yet. But I do more each day and some day I'll be able to get up this little hill outside my house on my street. Do you know I can't even walk all the way up and it isn't even a real hill? Ughh... I've lost 9 pounds and I have to remember to have good snacks inbetween so that I don't get too hungry. I love your clothes, I've never seen jeans with lining before, they are really nice, especially with the red glove-mittens. And it's always nice to get new jammies. I wish our kitties would lay together like Lucy and Stewie, they just started hanging out together in the same room, small steps!

  9. That steak sure looks yummy! Love your post, as always and congrats on the weight loss and the great test results!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  10. we had lobster tails for lunch today and they were absolutely delicious. Love seafood.
    the kitties are growing up so fast!
    Looks like you had an awesome New Years Eve!

  11. Gina,
    Isn't shopping for new clothes so fun got some great things.
    Love the kitty pics...too cute!!
    Way to go girl on all the weight proud of you!!

  12. Great update, LOVE chunky monkey!!! so fun getting all those new clothes and YES it DOES feel like spring..but still too much darkness for me... go to work in the dark come home in the dark, me no likie. Your cats are such attention hounds, so fun to cuddle with!!

  13. Love your new clothes!!! Congrats on the weight loss. Your kitties are so cute!!! Love your blog!!

    God Bless~

  14. Well, sweet Gina I was hungry but after seeing that first picture I think I am now starving. lol That looks so yummy. What an adorable baby and children. Looks like you had a great time with all of them. Sweet pictures of the kitties. Thank you for all your sweet comments on our blogs. Hugs and nose kisses all around!