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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A LiTtLe BiT of ThiS & ThaT.;)

Hey there everyone...I can't believe what a bad blogger I am becoming..and not sure why..cause I stop by your blogs everyday when you have posted something..any whooooo..the above photo is of our littlest one Stewie or his new nick name..are you ready for it? Stewgie Houser.;O)he even has a song now..and he knows his song..this is him in my shirt needling, pretend nursing etc..he then will fall asleep in my shirt sometimes for an hour..he loves his mama..won't go to the dad man for this..nope just me..and while I don't mind it..his little claws are getting sharp..and it hurts..
Okay remember those cute winter boots I showed you a couple of weeks ago..well they just never fit right felt like they were 1/2 a size too I returned them and they didn't have them a 1/2 size I got these babies instead..they are like the brown ones..and they are so flipping comfortable..
and while I was there, I picked up these Ugg look-a-likes for $28.00..and I love them too..I won't spend 200.00 on a pair of thank you..
I made this pillow the other day and made another cat sleeping pillow (not sewn or stuffed) and its with mohair..I love making them..
I got this on facebook on just prim yard sales..and I got this for my little sister for her birthday in July...she loves americana and cows;)
and I loved this sign and the color so this one is staying with me...
and here is where I put it.;)
and this little sign moved over under this cabinet..and I like how they both look now.)

I also picked up these 4 burlap sacks..and now I am not sure why..If I can't figure out what to do with them..I am selling if you all have any great ideas...please toss me some..if you want to purchase these..they are $5.00 each + shipping.;)
this one above is my least it can go bye bye..;

okay it is starting to feel like Christmas around here as I got a total surprise package in the mail last week from our great pal Carmen of Carmen and the primcats..and I was soooo surprised to get this..I love it all..its all geared around our kitteh cats.) love this cute wall hanging/mat..and I need to add an S to cats..cause they are all special and spoiled...and most of all loved..

2 neat picture I gotta print up some photos and slap these in here and put them with all the other kitty photos..
wait theres more..a wonderful card with kittehs on it..and 2 cat food bowls..and we love these types of bowls..and its nice having extra on hand..and this goofy toy that the kittys to follow of them playing..
a rusty i gotta make something with that..
her neat candy canes..( I purchased some of these for other things..but now I am going to make some of these to put in my shows..and 2 yummy smelling christmas tree tarts..yum...
I decided to put this here on our kitchen table..adds a nice country charm to it..and the kittys spend alot of time here..
speaking of which..Stewbert himself..sitting on the kitty dancer..
that is one adorable mug isn't it? he is a mama's boy..
Here is Nap-a-pop trying out the new toy..he loved it..
Lucy aka Goose liked it too..they all had fun playing with it..and they found where we hide it and were trying to play with it again...Thank you so much Carmen for making my totally surprised me..and keep her in your thoughts..she had her laser surgery today..I went in today for a CT scan of my kidneys as I haven't been up to par since tuesday at 4 am..felt like I was passing a kidney stone..I feel alot better then on tuesday..oh I felt like death warmed over..was in a lot of pain..its worse then childbirth from what I have been they did a CT scan to see where my stones are sitting and see if thats what the trouble was..I feel tremondously better..and I even took Tucker for a walk the car is on the fritz..and they are telling us 500 to fix hubby is a mechanic by trade and he is going to look to see if he can do it to save 200 bucks..the part is 300.00 high way robbery..I am thinking its time for a new car..guess we shall see..oh and I did a swap that Amy from bumble bee lane did and I had the best gal ever!!! that is my next entry..oh it came on the day my back was just killing me...and man it was the never ending box of goodies..oh she outdid herself and I made a wonderful friend in the process..she will be getting her box next week as I am still making a few more goodies to throw in hers..well that is it for me folks..I hope you all are having a great week so far.. the weekend is almost here..where do the days go..Okay Take care and hopefully I will be back tomorrow with another delightful;)


  1. Love your signs especially the dairy one:) I'm afraid I have been an even worse blogger, just can't think of anything to post about, I am having a really hard time trying to pull myself out of my grief over the loss of my bunny, may be seeing my Dr. about it soon as I can't go on like this:( Glad you are feeling better and love the boots!

    1. Carmen I wished you felt better too..losing a beloved pet is hard..I mourned my Bear cat for 6 months..I cried every night..more so for him then my parents..he was my baby and the love of my will get easier..just give it time..and as they say..would he want you to be sad? no, he would want you to celebrate his life and the love you gave him..he is not in pain any longer..he is playing and enjoying life as we speak..and will be waiting for you to love him again..Talking about it mourn and talk as it will help you heal...

  2. Evening Friend
    Lil Stewie is so cute. He sure loves his mama!
    I am so sorry to hear you were feeling so bad. I heard they are the worse. So happy your feeling better.
    Hugs to you

  3. Lovely gifts from Carmen.. Nice lady..
    I love your cats.. They are such fun..
    Hope you will be feeling better.. Kidney stones are not fun..
    God bless..

  4. Your kitties are so pretty. Love the one lying on the table.

  5. Gina,
    I'm sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. Hope you feel all better soon.
    Great goodies from Carmen. Love where you put the kitty stitchery looks great on your table!!

  6. Wow Gina,
    it does look like Christmas! How fun for you and what an awesome surprise from Carmen! One cat momma to another ;-)
    Your purchases are great, but if I'd been there we would have fought over the dairy sign I think! Love it and notice we both love the color RED too.
    Hope you are feeling better today. ttys

  7. Nice boots sweet Gina. I bet they keep your feet nice and toasty. Love those pillows. All the cat pictures are great, I really enjoyed them especially the first one that is so cute. Hugs for you and nose kisses for the kitties.

  8. Gina~ Sorry you were feeling bad.Stewie has gotten so big.Sweet of Carmen to surprise you,if anybody gets you it should be kitty girls..Can't wait to see your goodies tomorrow.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Hope you're feeling better! Those little pussycats will help make you feel better :) I know mine do! Good luck with the car. That's great your hubby can fix it. Loveall your stuff and where you put it! Hugs to ya!

  10. Feel Better soon!!Love your pretty displays and all your fun things!


  11. Hi there Gina,Sorry your not feeling well. How cute is that kitty.Those black boots are the best. I love the displays.Thank you for letting me know about my blog I think I fixed it.Hugs to you, Anna

  12. well no wonder you haven't been bloggin! glad you're feeling better now. and look at all your cool stuff, I'll have to say I love the look of those rusty springs and can't wait to see what you make with them!

  13. Whew! I am exhausted after reading about all the happenings going on in your corner of the world! Lots of goodness, well except for the kidney issues :( Glad you are feeling better and well enough to share pictures of Lucy, Stewie and Pop!!! "She" says that Stewie reminds "her" of a cat that once was named Sir Petey. Both very handsome (although I am sure I am equally handsome ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    Romeo and "her"

  14. Hi, Gina - I'm behind in my reading. Yes, kidney stones and the passing of such is worse than childbirth. Not that I mean to give childbirth a bad name, cuz it wasn't that bad for me. We had a ball bringing Ashley into the world. But anyway,
    I'm glad you're better. Those cats of yours are too adorable. Stewie is a lookalike for my Biggie's brother, Butter. Ashley has Butter and Biggie, his brother was a gift to me. My Biggie is finally on my blog, he's all black with two tiny white tufts of fur.
    You got some wonderful gifts from Carmen.

    Big Hugs,

  15. Gina, I love the goodies from Carmen, she knew just what to send you. I hope you get to feeling better soon. No fun being sick. I love the dairy sign you found, looks good in your decor. Little stewie must miss his mamma with all the kneading going on. Cute pic of him, snug as a bug in a rug. I love the new sheep pillow you made, very cute.
    Have a nice Saturday
    Country at heart

  16. Oh man Gina, I hope you are feeling better! Boy, you always have lots of wonderful goodies on your blog! Especially love the dairy sign. Could be because I have one too! ;> )
    Wholly cow, you have 9 kitties?? Heck, you could have your own kitty baseball team!
    :> )

  17. Hi Gina, Sorry I am late getting her but I just can't see that well yet. Have been ltting the eyes rest and not been somuch online. I am soglad you enjoyed your surprise! It was fun puttin t together for you! :)

    LOL at stewie ont he table mat and cat dancer. Isn't that toy the best. I tell you.. so simple but they love it.

    I am hoping you are feeling better. you have been in my prayers. I know kidney stones are evil little buggers, I am praying you feel better.

    I am proud to share with you tht I am down 7 pounds! Woohoo! I'm pretty happy. I have been off the gym for a few days but I got a friend to take me for a half hour tonight. Man it felt good! Never thought I would miss walking!


    Carmen and the Primcats