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Sunday, January 29, 2012

SuNdaY FuNNieS...PiZzA, & GreAt GiFt iDeA..;)

Hey there everyone!!! hope you are having a wonderful weekend...gosh the days just go to fast anymore these days;)we had a quiet weekend of sorts..went for our 2 mile walks both days..and Hubby fixed my car and saved us $322.00 the dealership wanted 502.00 to fix the most simple part on our car..the part was 300.00 and the labor was 200.00 now I ask you..hubby went and purchased it for 180.00 and it took him literally 5 minutes to fix thats just REDONKULOUS IN MY BOOK!!! highway robbery if you ask glad hubby was a mechanic in his previous career...cause we had the money..but just didn't want to spend that kind of money that could be going towards another bill or putting food on the for that we are most thankful..tonight we are having some friends from Hubbys work..(he works at a marina and alot of liveaboards live there) and he really likes these folks..I have only met them more on a brief basis..but I like them..and she loves my homemade they are coming for prime rib, garlic parmesan smashed potatoes and roasted veggies..and I am sending them home with chai spice cookies..they love them..heck we do too..after all there is only 3 sticks of butter in them..whats not to love?

I love this precious face..
and ours would if they could.;)
I love this face too..
and I always love these retro ones..they always make me bust a gut..:)

and isn't this one just pppurreesssious.;)
just wanted to show you the dinner we had on wednesday night..this is probably the best pizza I have ever made..and healthy too..who knew cooking healthy could taste sooo good..I have loved cooking and baking in a "healthier" sense..its actually a game for me to see just how healthy I can make and see if it still tastes good..and they do..this is before it was baked..I used a refrigerated pizza dough..this happened to be garlic dough..and I used roasted peppers from a jar..I sauted chicken, mushrooms, and onions and then put a light coat of marinara sauce down..
the said dough.;)
topped with reduced fat cheese..and I didn't use the whole bag like I would have in the past..
getting nice and bubbly.;)
finished..I added some fresh cilantro to the top...oh it was good.;)still working through a plateau and thought I was off of it yesterday..but today says the same old it might be water weight..not sure..will keep you posted..;)
today at church my great Pal Peggy gifted me with this wonderful gift that I just had to share with you all as they would make great gifts to give or to sell in your shoppes etc..she took rice and stuffed little hearts and sewed them together...

you microwave them and you have instant little hand warmers for like when you are on your walks etc..what a totally neat idea..I love it.;) and I thought you all would too..
Oh and don't forget to sign up for Carmens giveaway and start scrapbooking can easily print these up and make great gifts to give to your loved ones or friends..they also have the program where you can make calendars and give those as gifts..and I don't know anyone that wouldn't like getting a personalized calendar as a gift..I won this on Pams site about 2 weeks ago..and I am making one of those calendars for my little sister with her kids on them..they will love it.and alot of the programs are super cheap..and there is a BOATLOAD of freebies she is giving you a coupon to use..and you can get a lot for that $10 what are you waiting for..go and sign up..from what I am told it is super easy to do..and you can see on her site how she did her precious kittys.. well that is it for me today..gotta go and get the taters started and the veggies roasting and get those cookies bagged up for the ride they don't make it home..;) have a wonderful rest of your day and I will be back most likely tomorrow to post my swap that Sheila gave won't want to miss this post..she spoiled me rotten;) xoxoxo :>)


  1. Ok, girl you got my taste buds moving! The pizza looks yummo! Have a partially written email to send off, cause I was wondering just how you've been doing? Kidney stones-gone??? From this post I can see you haven't lost your sense of humor and I had to copy the "coffee" pic! Yep, I'm addicted to coffee. . . you know they say it "helps you do stupid things faster!" and I tend to sometimes ;-)
    Nice gifty your friend made. We actually got 2 rice paks and one "flax" pak for Christmas this year. Big ones that go around the neck or wherever that pain is. Love them!
    K, will ttyl. Enjoy your company.

  2. Gina,

    Loved your Sunday funnies.. great idea about the pizza.. looks yummy.


  3. Your pizza looked sooo good. I love your cat funnies!

  4. Oh Gina...your pizza looks so yummy. I actually get to start my carb cycling tomorrow and I'm finally allowed to start walking on the treadmill and lifting weights. I'll keep you posted on how I do.

  5. Oh Gina.. I should have read this earlier.. My mouth seldom waters but that Pizza looks so yummy.. I love Pizza just about any time but this one I think I might have to whip up some time.. I want a slice right now...

    Cute hand warmer idea I might have to make a few of those for gifts...

    I love all those poster pictures you share they make me giggle every time... I just loved the one of the Turkey and the the kitty..way to funny...

    Did you read what my bad kitty's did last night if not you'll have to cheack it out and get yourself a good laugh..

    Hope you all had a nice dinner with friends...sounded really yummy!

    patience..we all reach those moments when we don't lose...and you have done so well y6ou deserve to be at a stand still for a few days.

    Have a Great week!!


  6. Yum yum, yum ,on the pizzaa!!!!! Do you deliver? lol!

    Thansk for posting about my giveaway. so sweet of you! Have you got your program yet? I am goingto make some calanders too. Just havent been ab;e to since I cna't see very well yet.

    Love those cute little hand warmers. WHat a great idea!

    Carmen and the Primcats

    1. do you tip well?lol.;) I have not tried out the program yet..and I need to if I want to make those calendars;)

  7. Gina,

    The pizza looks yummy. It is a challenge to cook many tempting bad for you foods out there. Glad to hear that you are continuing on your quest for weight's hard to stay on track sometimes.


  8. Wow! I'm italian and I want to sit down and mangia that pizza! Creative healthy cooking at its best!

  9. Thanks for the laughs sweet Gina. I enjoyed the pictures. That pizza sounds and looks yummy. Hugs

  10. Gina~ cute funnies~ but girl I can't get past the yummy looking pizza & sounds so goood~ next time you make it call me for din~din~
    have a wonderful day

  11. Those hearts are super cute and your pizza looks delicious:) Funny funnies, made me giggle;)

  12. Well the funnies made me laugh out loud and there is no one here but me. The dog looks at me like , What???. Your pizza looks and sounds delish

  13. I just LOVE your funnies!!
    And that YUMMO pizza has me drooling.
    Hugs to you