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Sunday, November 6, 2011

HaPpY SunDay EveRyOnE!!!:>)

Sorry I haven't been around much!! my cramming mode and been busy with the yard..those never ending leaves are keeping me busy..but they are a great form of can't complain..the days have been been able to take Tucky for his walk, work in the yard..getting some hand stitching done..need to post what I am up my thanksgiving decor up..will post hopefully on monday..had doctors appts for that study I am partaking in..and will have more next week and the following week..they are doing the tests right now to see if I qualify..then the following week if all goes well I get the "pill" and we see how it goes from gotta have some hand work to do to keep me busy in between appts..gotta do some real sewing this sew many ideas..just gotta get them done..times a we had a "super saturday" at our church and it was so much fun..need to post what I of these items will be for sale..can't wait to show you...
Still down 64.5 pounds now..with only 17.5 to go...folks are finally starting to notice..not sure whats taking them so long..cause 64.5 pounds is quite noticable..I went to target the other day and I tried on jeans in a size 12..yippee far I have gone down from a size 18/20 down to a 12..not bad in 9 months..Today is supposed to be a pretty day..much like saturday was hoping hubby will take me for another walk.:)gotta enjoy them while we can..I hate day light savings..screws with my body clock..and I hate that it gets dark so early do you all like day lights savings..;) okay I am rambling heading off to bed now that I had my nap on the couch..have a fab-u-lous sunday.;)and welcome to my latest follower.;)


  1. Congrats on your weight loss, that's quite an accomplishment. I too hate the new time change. Dark when I get up and dark when I come home. Today is suppose to be another sunny one here too. I still need to empty some hanging baskets and get the outside fall decor put away. Hope everything goes well with your new testing. Can't wait to see your decorating for the holiday season.
    Take care
    Country at heart

  2. Good morning! How could someone NOT notice 64 pounds????? You are amazing! I like it getting dark earlier this time of year cause we settle in for the night earlier. It makes life extra cozy! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Great job with the weight loss!!! That is fantastic. :) As for daylight savings time, I have lived in AZ my whole life and have never had to change our clocks. I still don't know why that is LOL.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. WooooHooo for you!!
    What a wonderful accomplishment friend! You go girl.
    Have a wonderful sunday!
    Hugs Trace

  5. AWESOME job on the wt. loss, keep going...your almost to your goal!!!! I hate daylight savings time, I get SO confused! Hawaii doesn't do it so now when I call the kids they will be only 5 hrs. behind us instead of 6, that will take some getting used too:( Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, I am off to your fav. store later (Jo-Anns;)

  6. look at you go!!! hate daylight savings... that's why I'm up so early! and I love super saturday and our ward here hates it (because everyone in the ward is 80+ I'm in primary and there are 9 kids, well 12 if they ALL show up! sigh)

  7. Happy Sunday to you Gina... I absolutely love that picture with the Puppy & Sunflower Winking..
    I'm so happy for you Gina.. I know it makes you feel so good inside and out to look in the mirror and see the new you smiling back at you..
    The leaves have all fallen here now or most..I used my handy blower to clean off the Patio at my little house the other day..I love working out in the yard..

    Hope you and hubby have a great walk this afternoon.

    I hate daylight savings time especially now that I have no kids to worry about standing in the dark waiting on the bus in the morning.. I always forget to set my clocks.. Thank goodness Tamera reminded me in her blog this least someone was on the ball!!

    Happy Stitching!!


  8. Fantastic weight loss, size 12 you've done good! I don't like DST either...liked it when I lived in AZ they didn't do the time change!

  9. Good afternoon! Congrats on the weight loss! I am not a huge fan of the time change.It takes me forever to get used to it.Looking forward to seeing your decorating.Hugs,Jen

  10. Gina, Don't ya hate to end of the season clean up!!!! So much more fun in the spring!!! OLM

  11. Gina,
    Congrats on the weight loss!!
    I've been crazy busy trying to get stuff finished before my is this coming Friday and Saturday. Not getting as much done as I want with my back and knee still causing me problems.
    Will be emailing you back soon.

  12. OMGoodness Gina 64+ pounds, that's amazing...rock those size 12 jeans girl!

    No, I hate DST or rather when it ends. I don't like the fact that it gets dark so quick, I need daylight/sunlight to function properly, LOL...

    Blessings, Traci

  13. Wow, Gina, congratulations on the weight loss! That is incredible! Keep up the good work! I hear ya on the leaves...we have plenty ourselves! Blessings, Kim

  14. How can someone not notice 64 lbs?! Way to go Gina!!! That's so awesome! Time to show off those size 12 jeans :)

    I can relate with the day light savings time too! We got farm animals to take care of, I dislike going out and feeding when it's dark, foggy and rainy.

  15. Gina.... have I told you how absolutely amazing you are with the weight loss?! I'm sure I have but... 64 pounds! That is something to be proud of! Just amazing. you are awesome!

    Carmen and the Primcats