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Monday, November 7, 2011

ChRiStmAs GoOdiEs RecEiVed, MaDe and StiLL WoRkinG On and ThaNkSgiVinG DeCoR.;)

GooooDDDDD EEeevveeennninnnnggg!!! (Said in my best Alfred hitchcock voice)..;) can't believe its been really a week since I did a good blog entry..;)I ordered one of Cindys cute little mice and he is just adorable..and she added in one of her little trees too..I have it in my kitchen cause it is so flipping cute..its the only christmas thing up.;)
last night I had a pumpkin/sweet I made a pumpkin pie..I saw the recipe on the Katie brown workshop and got all the ingredients and decided to make it..I used fat free cool whip..tastes just the same and I purchased reduced fat graham cracker crust..again can't tell the has caramel sauce on the bottom of the crust with pecans and on top as is tasty..:) nice little fall treat with a glass of milk.;)hits the spot too.;)
well here is what I have been working on this past week..I made cute little snowman ornaments all using my sizzix..I love that thing..and I love how they turned out..
I have about 10-15 ditty bags to make up..
I finished my christmas tree penny can see at the bottom left is where I had to finish it..but it is done now..I just got the latest holly and berries sizzix and use it on the corners..
I stitched on O christmas tree and it has a crow on it as well..this is a big piece too.;)great for a table with a wooden bowl or dough bowl in the center..or you can hang it too;)
I am making a bunch of mantel scarves for fireplaces..and trying to encorporate my machine embroidery along with the hand stitching stuff too..I have about a million to do..or until I run out of wool..these are made using an old military blanket that I got from my friend they are a bit time worn and stained..but that adds to the primitive character in my opinion..;)
here is what I have done so far..I am adding a cute little apron to the girl and a felt heart and pink cheeks..and then she is done.
the boy is getting a wool heart to and cheeks and he is done then just need to go around the edges..

then I will start on this one..I am adding a faux fur top to the stocking..and maybe colored buttons to the tree..haven't decided..will add rick rack to the ornament..and then do the edging..;) I am currently making one with a blue and white back ground with white sparkle snowflakes and it says let it snow (that I machine embroidered on it)..I have lots more to do and very little again I won't be around much this week..or for the next couple of weeks till my show is done..might pop in a time or two..but i have to focus..been dinking around way too long..

okay now for the thanksgiving decor..simple...I have my big blocks that say give thanks with a big turkey and my pilgrim set in the center there..the girl just got her collar back (after the photo shoot)..I made them years ago..
I love these blocks..they are huge..
I made this stitchery years ago too.;)
my collarless pilgrim..he has lost his rim to his hat..
I made the pumpkins, and the pilgrim girl..
I made the big tom turkey too..
sorry for the blurry photo..;)
moved the wheelbarrow to the vanity by the front door..

I got that turkey bag last actually had flour in it..and I loved the I added a bit of stuffing and nows its decoration..;)
I got the ceramic turkey at the it..the little pillow came with two "honey and me" dolls..didn't put them out this year..but I loved the little pillow..
a gal that lived here made this for me years ago..I love this wooden turkey..
and my little sign that I think I paid $3.00 for..simple and to the point..
the front porch lost the halloween decor..but I leave the lamps out till after thanksgiving..I love their amber glow.;)
the little pumpkin in the kitchen window..
I put my black stove top board back in the kitchen..(had it in the laundry room for quite some time..and decided to move it back in the kitchen again..
on saturday we had a "super saturday" the young women are trying to earn money for girls camp next summer and they had projects for us to sign up for (pay of course) and I signed up and made these 2 necklaces..the little birds nest was a last minute thing..and I must say I love looks so good one..wore it yesterday to church..and easy oh so easy to was the other one..
this is supposed to be an ornament..but I saw a pin to I added the key and the love sign and glued on a pin for the will look nice this winter with something black to make it pop!!
I made this for my little sister for is a 12x12 tile with the big retangular brown thing in the center is a magnet..the little round glass balls are glued to magnets and you put your pictures on could change it out with the seasons..the family word is vinyl that just sticks on there..add one of those plate stands and it is done..
last but not least..I love these and the joy one is will go on the kitchen counter this christmas...I made 5 that day..2 for my friend who couldn't be there and I still have 3 more to make..all for sale of course..I love how they look in the dark..sorry these were taken outside in the garage...hence the water in the background..
and with the flash you can see the ribbons..these were so much fun to that was my weekend..I walked the dog..raked leaves..and did the same thing today as well..and there is still more to rake..they are hanging on..well it is dark I hate that it is dark at 5pm versus 9pm..I feel like I need to get ready for bed or something..well tomorrow I have an MRI scheduled for my heart, then a chest x-ray for my heart and then a mugga scan where they shoot dye in my system to make sure my heart is okay..this is all for that study that I am doing for my kidneys..they need to make sure all the parts are in good working order..not looking forward to any of it..but it needs to be done..I am also getting my hair done that will offset the morning MRI..the afternoon is the other 2 tests..getting it all done so I can stay home and craft the next couple of that is it for me..going to go and sew for a bit till hubby gets home and I need to make dinner..tonight is chicken salads and pumpkin pie for dessert..I hope you all have a wonderful week and as always thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments..I love getting them..Take care.;)


  1. I'm almost speechless over that PIE, it looks SOOOOOooooo good!!!! Love all your cute decor and all your creating, I too am busting my butt to get all my stuff in the shops before Black friday, then I can get my son's room cleaned out and ready for them:O Hope all goes well with the tests and don't stay away from blogging too long;)

  2. good looking pie all those things you're getting made are beautiful and your house decorations are fantastic! Hope all goes well with the tests!

  3. I am tired just seeing all the wonderful things you have created. The pie is yummy looking. Prayers lifted for you. I have some tests for my kidneys I have been putting off. Must go soon. Your home is looking prim fall. Blessings!

  4. I have to tell you how much I LOVE your Christmas tree penny rug and those big letters saying Give Thanks are awesome!
    So admire your creativity!

  5. Yummy Pie!
    Your home decor is cozy Fall!

  6. Gina , O Im loving that pie and all your new creations are so cute ! Hugs and prayers for tomorrow ! Have ag reat evening ! lilraggedyangie

  7. Love looking at photos of your home. That pie looks yummy! I love the snowmen ornaments. Rich and I are moving as the landlord informed us that they sold the mobile home we live in. So, I've been busy packing up my craft supplies instead of getting to use them.

  8. Girl, you make me TIRED! LOL

    Seriously, Gina, you are a very talented crafter; I'm so impressed with all you do.

    And the's killing me!


  9. Girlfriend really what kind of vitamins do you take? Your home always looks amazing, makin pie and creating such treasures.Wow!
    Love them all Superwoman!
    I will be prayin for you
    Hugs Trace

  10. Gina,
    So glad that you love your Christmas Tree Mouse.
    Love your Thanksgiving Decor!! I have my pilgram doll and turkey out that you made for me.
    Oh my...does that pie look yummy!!
    Hope all your tests went well.

  11. That pie looks so yummy. My you have been very busy. Everything is beautiful. You are working so hard preparing for the holidays...I have not even given them a thought or started anything as yet.

    Hope all your tests come out okay and they say you are in good health and doing just fine. Hugs