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Saturday, November 12, 2011

WhEw!!! wHaT A WeeK, A ReCap:>)so

Good Saturday morning my fellow bloggers and friends!!! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far...Since I haven't been around much (due to cramming for my show in December) and doctors appts, hair appts, baby shower, vet appts..etc..I thought I would recap the week for you..Tuesday I had my doctors appts..where they did an MRI on my kidneys to see how much they weigh (they need this for the study), then I had a mugga scan where they draw blood mix it with something and then put it back in me and they do a heart exray to see how my heart pumps etc and how it looks..I am at 75% which is good and then I had an exray of my heart as well..all in one day..and I also got my hair cut and colored that day could say it was my one stop shopping..they were nice enough to work around my hair appt..and it turned out great..the brown is darker and richer and the red and blonde pops..will take a photo when I get dolled up for church tomorrow..;)so now the tests get sent back east for 2 scientists to look at and they will determine how much my kidneys weigh and see if I qualify..they need to be 750 cc' if they know by monday what the results are I go in tuesday morning at 9am to start the procedure of getting this cancer pill that shrinks tumors and cysts in kidneys..they will monitor me for about 5-6 hours with 3 blood draws (I will have an IV) and an ekg to make sure my system can handle this pill..then I come back 24 hours later this is wednesday now for another blood draw to see how things are going..then its a luck of the draw whether I get the 200mg, 400mg pill or the placebo..I am hoping and praying its the pill as I got a good look at my kidneys the other day from the MRI and my kidneys are covered in cysts..but my creatinine is still very good, not high at all..but this study is a 4 year study and needs to be approved with the FDA before it goes public..and I found out that my doctor had to "apply" for this study like anyone else so I am indeed grateful that he is close by and my doctor to keep me in your now for the photo above..wednesday night I went to a baby shower for a gal at church and the hostess with the mostest made us all little caramel/chocolate apples to take home with us..I ate mine yesterday..and it was a nice little treat..I just loved how she packaged them up for us.;)

on wednesday I got a wonderful smelling package in the mail from a wonderful gal named Roxanne..(she doesn't have a blog) but we need to convince her that she needs one..I saw that she did a swap with another gal and I loved it..and I asked this gal if Roxanne would be up for another swap and luckily she said yes!!! so I made her a penny rug that I gave you all a tease with and she sent me this wonderful smelling "grandmas pecan pie" wax turkey..oh my gosh my home smells so flipping good...and she sent me that farm house candle with that really cool leaf (she purchased the leaf) and it is "farmhouse oatmeal raisin" and I am saving it for thanksgiving to light when we sit down to dinner..and she made that awesomely prim pumpkin candle mat..oh I love this mat..and she did such a great job on painting it..
she also sent me some wonderful smelling tarts in "gingerbread" I love how she has them packaged..
and if that wasn't enough she sent me some salt dough cookie bowl fillers that she painted..again I love the way they are packaged up..
I love that leaf on the candle..but I love the candle more.;)
the mat..oh I love it..

needless to say I couldn't wait to decorate and move stuff around..I knew her things were going on the kitchen I rearranged a few things..and here is how it looks now..
I added some cookies to my turkey gravy boat in the kitchen and one by the pillow..

I love my simple thanksgiving packs alot of punch and smells wonderful.;) I walk by just to sniff...
my little tarts tucked away so I can use them when I need to pop in a new one..
cause thats my candle tart warmer..and I did indeed pop one in that day..;) now don't you think she should start blogging or at the very least sell her items..I tell you they would sell in an instant out there in blog land...Thank you again Roxanne for making my day and making my house smell Fabulous!!! (sing the word fabulous)
I moved tom turkey over by the wheelbarrow along with the pumpkins and I like it like that now.;)he greets you as you walk in the door...

well on thursday we had such a pretty day I put the 2 kittehs in their kennel and I worked in yard raking an mowing leaves..the yard looked emaculent!!! you couldn't tell fall had happened here..well then yesterday we had wind and rain come through..and guess what? fall happened in my yard in full not sure if I will head out for the 10th time to rake and clean up or not..guess it depends on the weather..they are saying more might go out and try to beat it and get something done..this is the back yard where my veggie garden is..
the looks about the same..this is the worst dump of leaves this that is good..but there are still more on the trees..
my rock garden..this is the worst it has looked..
the front yard through the upstairs window..we have a fir tree in front ( would love to remove it) as the little leaves that fall are everywhere..the walkway is covered in it..might have to get the blower out for this job..its supposed to rain this entire week and I threatening rain/snow on thursday and friday..(will keep you posted on that)..
see the walkway..covered in fir leaves..what a mess..I just want to cry..cause it looked so good on thursday..but it will be a good work out for the old can't complain..

well yesterday was my best day for crafting ever!!! I got alot of stuff accomplished yesterday since my show is less then 3 weeks away and the end of the month will be more doctors have to factor that into my crafting..but I finished up this wonderful board with my pennies glued on..these are all for sale if anyone wants these items..I attached a cute pumpkin/acorn tag to this one..I love how these turned out.;) very unique I think.all using my sizzix.;)
this one is my favorite!! I machine embroidered this onto that wool military blanket..( that blanket is almost gone) I love the fabric, holes, stains and all.;)gives my prim items character!!!
this says: Moms cookies
mix soft butter with sugar, add flour and eggs. Stir in vanilla and some chocolate chips and stir. Roll dough into balls and bake on cookie sheet until golden. Yum!I used my scrapbooking paper packs and decopauged them onto the boards after I painted and sanded them..then I attached the words etc.;)
this one says: Noel..
what do you think? I love these and they were so much fun to do..and turned out like I thought they if you are interested in any or all of these and need sizes etc let me know..I will also let you know the pricing as well..
I finished this mantel/shelf scarf up on thursday has metal stars on tops of the tree and buttons for ornaments sewn on..I also added faux fur to the stocking and ric-rac along with french knots to the ornament..all using my sizzix..I machine embroidered the old fashioned christmas..
I also finished this one up on thursday night..I machine embroidered the let it snow and used glitter felt so the snowflakes glistened..and stitched them all on..using my sizzix..I love that thing..
I started this one on thursday and finished it up has moms cookie recipe on it along with plates of cookies..I hung it up so you can see how they look..I love this one hanging in the kitchen..this one is my favorite!!!

and if it doesn't sell..I know where it will be going..
and here is my second favorite!! the little mice peeking their little heads out of their holes..and see Cindys little christmas tree mouse above..too cute in my opinion..:)
what do you think Cindy..turned out pretty stinking cute in my opinion..

I am almost finished with this one..I just need to put a blanket stitch around it..
I love the saying on this one.. Run Run as fast as you can! you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!..he just hopped out of the stove and took off..look at the surprised look on granny..;) I have 15 more of these I want to make in various machine embroidery..I also try to encorporate hand stitching on them too..I have 5 in the works right now with hand stitching and machine embroidery combined..I am so loving these..again if anyone is interested let me know..well that is it for me today..going down stairs to make pancakes..its high carb day..oh and here is the link for the recipes...I found them on Dr. Oz and booked marked them.. high carb and low carb.. be sure to look at all the pages and print them up so you can use these..he also has a new book that Cindy told me can order it on amazon..I think I am ordering it..this diet boosts your metabolism and you burn calories and lose weight..well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..I will be back sometime this week to fill you in again..sorry for such a long post..but thats what happens when you only blog once a week (for now anyway) after the show..I will back more on a daily basis..but i do stop by for my daily dose of my blogging buddys that I follow..;)


  1. I love all your new creations and your going to *cringe* when I say this...but I love the look of the leaves on the ground, LOL!!! I hope all goes well with that study and you get the pills to help get rid of those cysts! I am off to a baby shower today as well, have a great weekend;)

  2. Prayers for you Gina!

  3. Gina, you never cease to amaze me with your energy! I hope this will work out for you with the new medicine! Looks like you got some wonderful smelling stuff! I am a sucker for those!
    I am still battling my cold~ I have good and bad moments, but I am dealing.
    Have a good weekend

  4. Yep Gina...that mouse in the wreath on your mantel scarf did turn out pretty stinking cute!! We make a great team.
    You know that I will be keeping you in my prayers aas you do this study program.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. Can't wait to see all your goodies at the show! Leaves are everywhere here, too! I'm like the look of leaves on the ground and the side roads.
    Hope all goes well with the test and hope you get the actual pills. Looking forward to seeing you next month! ~~Annie

  6. Hi Gina, I was wondering if you take custom orders for embroidering bread cloths. I'm looking for the 18" x 18" square monogrammed.
    Sorry couldn't find your email addy so posting here.

  7. Hey Gina - TheCrankyCrow here....I have signed up to follow you several times now, but never got your updates. Then when I pop over to visit, find out I'm not following you any more. I don't know what the heck is going on!! I've never intentionally stopped following anyone....It's also happening with Shelia's blog from Seasons of Thy Heart....Anyway - I'm sorry. Thought I was following....and I've missed so much. Sorry to hear the ordeal you're going through...And I know it's a study - but, really - they'd give someone who really needs treatment a placebo??? Looks like you've been a stitching maniac... Yay!! And love your goodies from Roxanne...Definitely - that girl needs a blog of some sort....I love me my smellgoods! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Gina, you never cease to amaze me! You've had quite a busy week, my friend. All your new goodies, plus what you've made, wow!

    I hope that the study you're participating in does wonders for you; no placebos! Keep us posted on your progress; I don't envy you all the back-and-forth and tests and such, what a nightmare.

    We've got snow coming down like crazy here in the Idaho panhandle, finally. Have our first fire burning in the fireplace...all's right with our world.


  9. Goodness..what a day you had..Sounds like things are rolling along on the study program..I've done several study programs and they are generally great..So my prayers are with you..i do so hope you get accepted.
    Doesn't it feel so good to have a hair day taht turns out just the way you want it?? Just makes us feel so good all over...
    I too love the mantel cover with the little mice to cute is that...
    I know you hate all thoseleaves i blew all mine out of the yard today at my Port Clinton house..but I gotta tell ya the darned things look so pretty in all your pictures..Almost a cozy feeling to the pictures...
    Love that Wax Turkey..can't smell it but it sure is pretty for a wax Turkey..

    Happy stitching!!


  10. Hi Gina!
    I so enjoyed my visit with you this morning. I don't know what's going on with your health but am lifting up prayers for you this very moment and will continue in the days to come.
    I LOVE your house and all your prims! Could spend hours looking at all your cute things! Ohmygosh... you're so talented! Oh and have to tell you... you ready for this?... I LOVE your leaves!!! The pictures out your windows with the leaves ...well they are beautiful to me!! Wish you could use that leaf blower to send them my way. lol
    Have a glorious day!

  11. look at you!! busy week indeed... and all the visits and testing at the Doc.. I'm sure that is always in the back of your mind. SO glad you had that creative time... I think I am going to have to do that! although YOU can get more done that anyone i know, seriously!

  12. I love your Blog. So beautiful Pictures...

  13. Love the things you have been busy creating! The mouse scarf is my favorite,it is darling.Roxanne sent you some lovely things .She is a talented gal for sure.Will be praying for you .Hugs,Jen