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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OuR HaLLoWeEn AfTerMaTh..;) & SoMe NeaT FaLL DeCor IdeAs..;)

Wow its hard to believe today is November 1st..feels like we should still have some October left and then go into November..Today I am removing my halloween decor and putting up what little Thanksgiving stuff I is last nights photos of the house..I lit luminaries in the front and the little houses on the porch..(next photos) and put various luminaries in the yard up front and by the grave looked really festive last night..there was only my neighbor and myself (I think) that was passing out was neat to see the kids across the street getting candy as well..reminds me of when I went and the neighborhoods were filled with kids..since this is a rural setting..we don't get it was nice to hear and see..and the weather was rain in sprinkled earlier in the day..but was purrfect for the kiddies.
all aglow..;)
with the flash..I also had my strobe light on the 3 witches on the side of the house..that strobe light was awesome!!! it really set the mood for these 3 year I need to get a cauldron and dried ice and that strobe light..but we got lots of compliments from the kids that they liked our decor..that is nice to hear especially from kids..makes it all worth it..doesn't it? we had 24 little nose goblins last night..they came late like 7:30pm till about 8:15pm and then it was all done..
our friends the Hogans from church came after "trunk or treating" at the church..and so glad they is little Nygel in his dinasaur costume ( this is the little guy I got to see being born in may of this year)..he is a chubby little thing..
and he smiles all the time..which adds to his boyish charm and makes him irresistable..(mom is holding him)...
here is big brother Naylin being held by his dad..he is alittle flying monkey.;) love that face..
and here are the big sisters..Nykol in white and Nataly in red..they don't look very scary do they?
now...that's better..;)Nykol has oatmeal and glue on her face..her mom did such a great job on their makeup..and those kids got some serious candy too..

I was surfing someones Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and found some great fall decorating ideas that I wanted to share with you all..this one looks like Cinderella's chariot..

these last two are my favorites.;)
I really want one of those wooden pitch forks..never seen them in these parts..well the weather is glorious..I raked up more leaves yesterday..(hey my special garden had to look nice last night)..not that anyone could tell in pitch black darkness..but it needed to be we are getting rain starting tomorrow night for the next 10 its gotta be done before they get wet and soggy..
we are having my hubbys buddy over for steak dinner tonight..and I am working on more projects..I hope your first day of November is a pretty one...its a bit cold..think I am going to light a fire and take the chill off.
Have a great day everyone.)


  1. Gina,
    your house is too cute even in the dark! :0) just great decorating my dear and love all the kiddos in costume and glad you got the garden tended before the rain ! happy Nov 1 to you !hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. Your house looked great and what cuties you had show up at your door:) Now that Halloween is all done we can look forward to the bigger and better holidays:D Have a great day!!!

  3. As always, your house and decor are just perfect for the season. The trick or treaters were so cute. Be blessed!

  4. I'm sure yours was the best decorated house in town.Worth the trip for the kiddo's.I'm switching over to turkey day stuff today too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Love the lit up halloween house!

    We have only had one tick or treatoer in out 11 years at our house. You are lucky to have them! So much fun!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. Hi Gina.
    Great pictures.
    You had 24 more than we had, we never get anyone. We live in a rural area and the kids seem to stick to the towns. DH and his shop cat "Izzy" came trick or treating and I gave DH a huge chocolate bar, and I gave "Izzy" a can of salmon. It was fun anyway :)

  7. such cute kids! and such cute goodies you gave you... oh and LOVE those forks.. so YOU.. I'll keep my eye out, but I'll have to say that I see a lot of old junk but never a wooden 'rake'

  8. Gina,
    Your house looked great all lite up for Halloween. We get about 50 kids here. Trick or Treat was on Saturday here...we had a lot of fun sitting out on the porch passing out candy.
    Hope you are having a great day.

  9. Great decor and the kids look great in their costumes. We had three kids come to our door. But we took our daughter out to ToT so we don't know if others came while we were gone. We have never had kids ToT at our house before! There were so many kids out, but we are rural too, so some streets are easier to ToT on and we are not one of them. lol.

    I love that 2nd to last photo with the metal rake. I have one outside and that is a great idea for it!

    Blessings, Jessica

  10. Hi happy the kids enjoyed your decorating...I went trick or treating with the family...we all dressed up again in our Peter Pan outfits...lots of fun! The g'kids loved it...lots of people in Jim and Marlene's neighborhood had their lights on and were decorated...none as fabulous as your yard and porch though!

    Yes here we are in November and I'm still meandering through March or to work on my's disgusting, you wouldn't want me for a neighbor ;-)

  11. I am not only wondering where October went but where has the whole year gone? How could anyone not be wowed over your decorations sweet Gina? All those little ones are just adorable in their costumes and makeup. Looks like they had a fun packed evening. Hugs

  12. How festive your yard looks. Glad you had a nice halloween. I guess it is time to get ready for winter. The holidays are upon us, ready or not.
    Can't wait to see your Christmas decor.
    Country at heart

  13. How festive! Your going to make memories for these little kiddos that they will never forget. Why cant my neighbor be more like you?!? LOL

  14. Those kids are adorble! Fun time for kids...and adults.
    Your decorations were awsome Gina!

  15. Your decorations looked so great, Gina. It's obvious you really enjoy this holiday. ;o)

    We're so rural we didn't get a single trick or treater; if we had we would have been shocked! LOL


  16. I can hardly believe that Halloween is over and November is here. It's that month between Halloween and Christmas the two best days of the year. Your yard was so great decorated that it's a shame to have to take it all down.

  17. Love all the photos--your house looks so Halloweenish in the dark!

  18. I love all of your wonderful photos!! I told my husband that we have to have a porch when we move. I really want to be able to decorate it for the holidays. Yours looks adorable!!

    I saw "trunk or treating" on our local news program and I thought it was a great idea!! I've seen "car boot" sales on several blogs over the years where you fill your trunk up with things that you want to sell and everyone meets in a big parking lot for the sale. Isn't that a great idea instead of having to set up a whole garage sale?!!? I think we should bring that to this country!!!! Have a great day!!

    ~ Wendy

  19. Thanks very much for your blog visits to mine. Richard

  20. I just love your house. You put so much love and energy into it.
    And thanks for sharing all the ideas. Love that rake and pumpkins.
    When do you start decorating for the holidays?
    Hugs Trace