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Friday, October 7, 2011

whaT I'Ve BeEn WoRkinG On..& KiTTiEs..GoTTa LoVe eM..;)

Good morning and TGIF everyone...hope your friday is looking good and the weekend even better...I added to my halloween decor..I have these 3 beakers on the bread box that I pull out every year..they sit in my upper cabinet where my plates are and I almost forgot these..the really tall one came from Hallmark years ago the other 2 are hubbies..but I use them to decorate with at halloween..
I also got these at Hallmark years ago.I usually stuff these with candy..but not having it in my house till I get my trick or treat bags made for the kids..don't want the temptation..the big jar is reversible..
which side do you like better?

This is what I work on at night watching TV..I need to stitch around these old wool stockings and add the hanger to them..
wool felt stockings need to be assembled now..I love the colors of these..would look great hanging on a mantel woudn't they?
and my wool penny scarves..I love the color of this one...
nice and simple with the word Joy on it..
and I love this one too..its a big narrower so I added the words merry & Bright to it..
and I have more to be done.. 9 more to do..going to work on the mustard and orange one tonight..gotta cut out more circles..but I do love making these and watching them form right before my eyes..if anyone is interested in one or several let me know..)
oh these pics make me smile..hubby pulls out Tuckers (our dogs) toothpaste and you would swear it was a steak dinner with the way Stewie attacks it...and as you can see he likes gotta buy them their own toothpaste..(which they will probably hate) cause its for them..they love the dogs food and help him all the time..
now its Lucy's turn..and you can see Stewie licking his chops waiting for another round..
isn't that just the cutest photo ever..:) melts this mama's heart..
this was taken about an hour is a bit chilly here and so my lap is warm and toasty..just right for a cat is looking nicer outside..I tell you on mornings where its cloudy and cooler..I just don't want to get out of is so hard..I just want to put the covers over my head and snooze..;) feels so good..
I just thought I would share some photos I find on facebook..holy crap is all I can say..seriously..I really thought she was naked for a minute..

gotta love kitties..and they are definitely the boss of Tucker..and he knows it..

this one just makes me laugh..

well I am ready for the weekend..tonight we are heading to our church for an appreciation dinner for our Bishop that has been released after 8 years of is a mexican we are all bringing food..should be fun..I look forward to being with these folks at church..I love my church and the people in it..tomorrow we are having one of Mikes buddies from his navy days over for a steak dinner..he is a liveaboard on a boat now..and making ends I went through my pantrys and unloaded stuff I didn't he is going home with bags (4) of food..this will help him out and me too..I now have room for things I do want and need..
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.:) Stay toasty or cool wherever you are..;)


  1. Wow... you are a busy bee!

    THe kittes are cracking me up. Mine do that with Drs Foster and smith hairball remedy. It's like candy to them! Crazy cats!

    LOL at the naked pants! Holy moley! I thought she was naked too!!! Yikes!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Ha, I had to do a double take on the naked pants, LOL! That would be an attention getter for sure.

    Cute, silly kitties, at first I thought they had a bottle...

    Great woolies you've been working on!


  3. those comics are hill-arious! and ewww for those pants. your kittys are a-dorable. And love the blue stockings, that is a really different color choice, perfect for winter.

  4. Your kitty babies are spolied rotten!! lol

    Love all of your stockings!
    LOL @ its a mushroom!!!

  5. Oh What a hoot those naked pants are! They would be great for Halloween!
    Your fur babies are so cute and cuddly!
    Looks like you're way ahead of the game on your christmas creations. I like the color of those wool stockings!
    That one joke made me laugh out loud!!
    Cathy G

  6. I love all of your project. Your kitties are adorable. I saw that pic on FB and did a doubletake too, why would anyone wear that????? Have a great weekend.

  7. love the Halloween decoration at your place and your blog and the kitty pictures...that's a hoot the kitties eating the dog toothpaste!

  8. Hi, Gina,
    Great post! I like the jar with the "Bitters" side next to "Tricks" it looks perfect that way. I have a couple of places to download free Halloween labels like "Poisons" and there was another link someone had on their blog for labels. You could put them on your beakers and the sticky labels they have now you can take them off with warm water when Halloween is over if you want to change them up.
    Those cats! I've never seen a cat sit up and beg like that! I love those two.
    I like the "Pennys" you are working on, the colors are fantastic.
    Warm Regards,

  9. YIKES!!! Those nude stretch pants are just WRONG! My bunnies have a tube of Petromalt hairball remedy and they sit up for it, LOL, they think it's the best treat in the world, but only take the "malt" flavor! Had a great day in Amish country, posts on both blogs coming;)

  10. Gina...those stockings and scarfs are awesome!! I just love your pics of the kitty's! So darn cute! Have a great weekend!


  11. Very cute pictures of those little cats, and i see your ready for the holiday's. Richard

  12. Oh boy, those naked pants! Why would anyone where those? I'm sure a lot of people were doing a double take. Yikes! And the mushroom, too funny.
    Love the pic of Stewie holding the toothpaste while he nibbles away.
    Kittens sure a precious.
    The penny stockings and scarves are so colourful. Very nice!

  13. My goodness, you're BUSY! And those naked pants...ha ha ha!

    I have a houseful of kitties too, so I can relate. It's the mint in the toothpaste that attracts them...I can't have a cup of peppermint tea without cats coming out of the woodwork wanting a sniff! LOL