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Thursday, October 13, 2011

ShOppInG, TwEaKinG, AnD PrOjeCts..;)

Good Morning my fellow bloggers!!! Well its been a few days since I have blogged..just too busy I guess and it will get busier as I need to buckle down and get some crafting done and not be on this computer so much..but I sooooo looovvvee reading your blogs that it is may be reading more and blogging less for a while till after my show is done..yeah we'll see if that just might be once or twice a week instead of my 4 or more bear with me on this..I am sure alot of you are in the same boat..well on to the shopping portion.. on tuesday I had to go grocery shopping and I decided to hit our quilt store to see what wool fabric they had..I love this store and if you spend so much they give you a $25.00 credit to use towards this book above is what I got for free..(only had to pay the tax)..I can't wait to make the projects in this one..I don't have alot of "thanksgivingish type items..has anyone heard of these folks? they have a great christmas one..but I loved!! this one..
can't wait to make that pilgrim man..he is soooo prim...
and I love the turkey wool felt wall hanging..

I purchased this gyspy attach it to your big ruler..makes it so you can keep a good grip on the ruler so you get a straighter cut...they use it as the quilt store when they cut my wool..;)
Yummy yummy wool for sale..I love it..
and I got this really neat panel of chickens to make pillows or hot pads out of..there are 16 to make..I love the colors..they are so french..wee-wee..;)

yesterday after my annual pap smear appt..(oh how I hate those things)..every bit of it..but the great news because I have been exercising and losing weight I am off of one of my high blood pressure meds..SWEET!!!!! that was so good to blood pressure was about 94 over 52..that was there are pluses to being healthier for after that I went to wally world and I found this cute little resin pumpkin..its in my bathroom...
and I got my candy and treat bags..
and they are all in my pumpkin longaberger basket..
I love making trick or treat bags for the kids that come they will be getting this and are all welcome to stop at my home for a bag..

did the last of my halloween tweaking yesterday too..I put my halloween poem up on the chalkboard..
I added the sign, the two pumpkins(the one lights up with a flame inside (fake of course) but cool.. and the eearry face..that when you push the button a childs voice is sreaming for you to help her..I love it..wonder how many kids will push it to see what it does..
I added my trusty crow to watch over the broom rides..
I put these flowers in an apple basket..looks much more festive...
and last but not least..Cindy does this look familiar? It was hanging on my craftroom door so now its on my front door..

I have finished up 2 more scarves with another orange one in the works..and a christmas penny rug that is almost done..but i needed white wool felt for the background..(hence the shopping trip)..will share that one when its done..
I am having fun stitching these out and trying to make them all different..they are sooo warm and might be staying with me..or at the very least modeling it when I do my show..well today is the day..I am mailing off everyones sorry this has taken so long in getting to my winners..but it will be worth the wait I promise..
Oh I almost forgot.I have been on a plateau of sorts and going up and down a pound for a while now..well I watched Dr. Oz the other day and he had on Chris powell for america's biggest loser and he talked about losing weight..well I was all ears cause these last 26 have been a bugger so far..he said to do high carb one day and low carb the next day..well I am on my 3rd day and still fact on monday I did 70 minutes, which is 4 miles and 700 calories burned..and I started this high/low carb thing and I am down 59 pounds today (hoping its not a fluke)..I weighed myself 3 times to be sure) now I have 23 to lose..I am syked..I have worked hard to lose this weight and feel better then I ever have..and hubby is down 24 pounds and we both look and feel so much if you haven't started..what are you waiting for..just do it..I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel mentally..I am a much happier person now..and I can move around better..and I love getting dressed up again..clothes shopping is fun..cause I know I can go anywhere to get clothes and not just the two stores they offer..(you all know what I am talking about)..okay off my soap box..I hope you all have a wonderful thursday..I am off to pack boxes up..tomorrow or saturday I am putting down more bark..then I am done with that for the season..just waiting for the leaves to fall so I can blow them out of here..the weather looks nice for the next couple of might get the last load of gravel put will be a freebie...You gotta love FREE!!!Thanks for stopping by and saying hey..I love when you stop and leave me a comment..;)

P.S. I got some wonderful goodies from my pal Linda over at parkers paradise to share in my next post.;)


  1. I would love to come up on your festive porch and say *TRICK OR TREAT*, LOL, so much fun!!!! I need to get busy too with holiday stuff for the consignment shops, I've really been slacking and sales are showing it, UGH! Do keep up updated though and not be gone too awful long, you know I have Gina withdrawals:( CONGRATS on the wt. loss, that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  2. Gina, I love your posts, my dear! I love your love for life... you just make me smile!
    Have a fab day my friend!!
    Hugs, K

  3. I love how festive your porch is. It must be the hit of the neighborhood.
    It's amazing how much better a person feels after losing weight. I wanted to lose 15 pounds and have lost 12. I have way more energy and a lot less sugar cravings (major sweet tooth but still have my chocolate now and then).

    Have a great day! :)

  4. Gina, Thanks for sharing the book. I have not seen it, but will be looking for it. It's so hard to find books with the majority of projects being prim ones. Good for you with the weight loss. ~Ann

  5. Hi Gina,
    I have many of the Needl Love books and I have this one in particular. If you notice on my blog, the banner on my mantel was stitched from a pattern in this book. You can find more of their books at this link and the nice thing about it is that you can look at each page in the pattern book - You make us all smile!

  6. I've heard of the high carb/low carb thing before and it makes sense. I think it's supposed to trick your body into not thinking it's on a diet. Good luck losing the last few pounds, you've done a terrific job so far.

  7. Hi Gina,

    Congrats on the weight loss ! You are an inspiration ! Now come and kick me in the butt ! :o) I am such a yo yo with my pounds.

    Looks like a great crafting book !


  8. Hi, Gina,
    Love the book. I haven't heard of them before, but then again I haven't been much of a book buyer lately. The porch is fabulous, the kids will love checking everything out. I used to play a cassette
    (dating myself?) with the screaming and laughing creepy sounds and music and my daughter loved it, she thought all the kids would be so scared. Aha, shopping again, my pretty!! You find the best things. Your blog header looks really cool, I love the mouse with the violin on the hat. You do everything so nice, Gina. I love reading your posts.
    Warm Regards,

  9. Hey what a're busy busy busy as usual! Blog looking good house looking good you're ready for Halloween for sure! So happy you're off one of your BP medications and that your unwanted pounds are rolling off again. Way to go to you and your hubby!

  10. That is a wonderful feeling loosing all that weight! good for you!
    Your porch decorations are adorable!

  11. Your Halloween decorations are terrific, I like all the crows and pumpkins. "Bittersweet Threads", I have not seen this magazine, where did you pick it up? Not that I need another magazine but looks like fun you can never have enough inspiration.
    Hugs to Ya

  12. Why Miss Gina...that Halloween banner sure does look familiar and it looks great on your door!
    Congrats on 59 lbs lost!! I lost 46 lbs over a year ago and can't seem to lose anymore...going to give the low carb one day and high carb the next day a try to see if it will help me to start losing again.
    I have several Needl Love books and I love them!!!

  13. Gina,
    I LOVE the book you got! It has some great things in there! I LOVE your WITCH sign the one of the gal in the moon! Very cool!
    I have a few Thanksgiving items, but like you not many.
    I hope that you craft away, and get lots done! One of us has to! LOL!
    I have so much needing done, Great for you off the meds! That is wonderful!
    Keep it up, I am trying to lose weight myself, not easy anymore.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Sweet Gina I have a question? Do you have traffic jams around your place. I would think that with your beautiful yard and all your wonderful seasonal decor people would be by your place all the time. I would love to see it in person. You do such a great job with your decorations. Love all the colorful things you purchased.

    That is great news about being off the blood pressure medicine. You are doing great with your exercise and losing weight. Good for you keep up the good work!! Hugs

  15. That book sure looks great. Oh my I would have to give the pilgrim doll a try too. Would love to see yours when you get it made. I got needles for my machine today so I will be back to creating soon. I am so happy you have done so well with your weight loss & now your blood pressure girl. As I have said before you would make a perfect neighbor for me between your crafting well kept yard & you would make a great exercise buddy. To bad we each live on opposite ends of the US. Blessings!

  16. Wow, what fun Halloween things. I love your eery picture that screams! Way too fun. Wow, you are so busy, no wonder you have been successful losing weight! How wonderful to be able to drop one of your meds! Keep it up. I am so proud of you. You sure had some fun shopping too. Really fun post.

  17. Gina, I love that book... I am going to have to look for it!!!
    Love the decorations... I spy longaberger pumpkin basket!!! HEHE!! Just brought mine out too! OLM

    Many Greetings from Germany