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Thursday, October 6, 2011

HeLpinG OuT a NeiGhBoR..;)

Good morning everyone..(well its still morning here for another 14 minutes anyway)..I hope your thursday is off to a wonderful start..I can't believe some of you are already getting snow...just gives me the chills and makes me want to go and light a fire to take the chill off here..Yesterday I helped out my next door neighbor..she doesn't have a truck and needed a lot of yard debris removed from her I volunteered my truck and my time to help her get her yard in order for the off we went to unload the debris and we picked up 3 loads of I spent my day laying bark in her yard..she was gracious enough to put gas in my truck and give me the free benefits (of a punch card at the bark place) to use when the card is filled up..
we worked for 5 hours yesterday moving that stuff all over the yard..(just wished her 20 year old son had helped us more)..he basically helped with one truck I got my work out yesterday..but was happy to do so as its a form of exercise and I love exercise..anything to get the weight off..I was so motivated yesterday after I was done at her place I did do a 20 minute work out on the treadmill..felt good..and I am down 57 pounds now..which leaves only 25 more to go..see there was a method to my madness yesterday..) working in my yard this past summer helped me lose weight..that is why I didn't mind helping out and getting her yard work done..means less weeds in my yard in the long run..and I got to know my neighbor a bit more..and that was nice too..( look closely at the photo on the side of the house you can see my camera..
I found this on facebook yesterday and it made me laugh...
and I love to laugh this maybe not quite that hard..because I am sure this will come soon enough..well I am off to get some packages mailed off to my giveaway winners and get focusing on getting some crafting done..still need to make tomato jam..may that is what I will do today.) I hope you all have a great day today.:) thanks for dropping in to say hi.)


  1. How sweet of you to help your neighbor. Now your joining yards will be all ready to put to bed for the winter. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for the laughs Gina!!! Your neighbor is so fortunate to have you as her neighbot. Her lot looks lovely. I wouldn't have been able to move the next day.

  3. LOL, gotta love Betty White!!! Your weight loss just amazes me, I seem to be just stuck, having my yearly physical next week though so I'm gonna ask and see what else I can do! Wish you were coming to Amish country tomorrow, so beautiful there!!!

  4. funny funny funny!!! and love your work-out effort

  5. Your yards are going to be the envy of the neighborhood! Sure looks nice and I wish I had your energy.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. O your a silly cat ;0) How sweet of you to help your neighbor! congrats on the weight loss thats a lot , and a huge accomplishment you should be proud! You lost it and I found it :0) Hope you have a great evening making tomato jam , Ive never had it but it sounds interesting! hugs lilraggedyangie

  7. Good neighbors like you are few and far between anymore. I would be sooo happy to have lost that much weight!! I hope the last 25 melts away quick for you :)

  8. Gina, how sweet of you to help your neighbor. And congratulations on your weight loss, you go girl! Hugs, Lecia

  9. Ahahahahaha, those two last pictures made me laugh so hard. Betty White is so great, haha.

    I am still so obnoxiously happy for you for your weight loss. That is so hard, but you refuse to give up and have worked so hard to get where you are. Good for you, seriously. Stay strong! It's going to feel so amazing when you finally reach that goal.

    Take care, Gina. I hope all is well with you. :)

  10. Gina ,you are a wonderful neighbor! I sure wish I had your energy!Have a great evening!Hugs,Jen

  11. Hi honey what a good neighbor you are and I know she really appreciated your kindness. Sounds like a lazy 20 year old son to me.
    Sorry should not say that I don't know him. haha
    Snow are you kidding me we are still in the 90's they say this weekend. Gezzzz I guess that is better than snow.
    Hope you get everything done and enjoy your weekend

  12. Atta girl! Helping a neighbor is a good thing! I am sure she was very grateful. Looks like you all did a great job!
    Have a good week.

  13. Gina you are a real Gem... it always feels so good to lend a helping hand.. even better when you get to know that person a little better and form a newfriendship and then add exersise to the helping hand and you have made swelf feel really good!!
    Your work has been worth every pound everything looks great..

    Thanks for the giggle.. Betty White is awesome...

    have an awesome weekend!!


  14. What a great neighbor you are. Wish you were mine.
    And woohoo on the weight loss. You go girl!
    Hugs Trace

  15. That's so nice to help your neighbor plus you get the view of a nice yard as opposed to it's former occupants, right? Yummy Tomato jam! HUgs to you always!

  16. Oh that Betty White, she's too funny! Love her.
    What a great neighbor you are and you got a heck of a workout to boot.
    Congrats on the continued weight loss.