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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MiSc. TuEsDay">)

Good Tuesday morning..I hope your day is off to a great is a bit cold, cloudy and probably rainy as the day progresses..but that is okay..I need to get stuff done at sewing..I have been making stuff at night on the couch..some penny stockings out of an old wool blanket..some penny scarves..have one almost done..will share in another post..but now I need to get the bigger stuff going..anyway..I just wanted to share one of the items I took from my moms home back in June..but didn't take with me till september..she painted this little outhouse scene years ago and it was on the wall right outside the bathroom..well I knew it was going to be tossed and I have always liked now it graces my bathroom..the cat used to stand on the house but not enough room where I have it..
and as you can see there were repairs done years ago on her arm and his leg..they all add to the character of this makes me smile when I look at it..and thankful that I don't have to use an outhouse to go potty at night..just gives me the shivers thinking about I know why they used chamber pots..

I got this when I went out shopping last week..this was all found at Value village..I don't know what it is about cupcake tins..but I have 4 in my collection now..I loved the "squareness" of this now resides on my hutch..will use it too when I make cupcakes..
I saw these cute little bowls and thought of my little sisters 3 boys..they would make great cereal or icecream bowls for them..
the inside..
I also picked up an assortment of christmas if I am really lazy this year and don't want to wrap...well this is my answer.:)
I picked this up at Joanns..will be using this in my christmas crafting will have to wait and see what I come up with..
these are those kitty gloves I told you about..their little paws on the fingers glow in the dark...they are so that is why the witches aren't wearing them..they are mine.;)
got this burlap at Joanns...was able to use my 50% off coupon..this will go on the grapevine wreaths with the santa heads I plan on making..see I gotta get crafting...
and last but not least the dollar isle when you are standing at the check out stand at Joanns..well I can't resist those dollar stamps and they are halloween and kittys and witches..oh my..:)

yesterday I had to get some more groceries and picked up some more I could decorate the other side of the yard..and then the lightbulb in my head went on..I needed to decorate the other side of the house..and as I was driving I was thinking what I was going to this is how it started...
not quite done yet..I still had tweaking left to I kept pulling stuff from the other side and in the back yard as well..oh and from the front yard too..
almost done...
not a good photo but in the upper left you see my yellow rudebekas by the wheelbarrow..they reside there now..
they are not shown here as I got side tracked burning more weeds with my trusty burner before it got dark..and that one pumpkin that is leaning is now by the kitty..

I LovE!!!!!! how it looks needed to be decorated in the worst now I am happy with how it looks..and life will be so much easier as far as work and weeding goes...
I got my very first big lumina pumpkin ever!!! they are spendy...69 cents a pound..I paid like 3 something for it though..
okay you wanted to see the kitty scarf with me in it..well here you go..I will be wearing this for the month as needed...I got it at hallmark years ago..:)

now for the kitty portion of this post..the two little ones on the back of the couch..and ooeey gooey Stewie is cleaning his sissy and snuggling in for a nap..these two are inseperable..I love it when they are all snuggled up and happy together..just warms my heart and soul to see them happy...
you musn't laugh..this was taken yesterday sitting here at the computer..and sunny likes to sit with me..she is my original blogging buddy..and she stuck her head in my shirt along with her 2 paws and started needling me and loving me..she is such a hoot..she has done this before...apparently being in between my boobs is her safe and snuggly
last but not least..this is the little ones favorite past time..watching the dad man take a shower..cause they know he will get the squeegie and play with them..through the door..
aren't they just the cutest..they make me smile..right now they are running all over upstairs playing with each other..then its nap time..well I am off to get my day started and get the house tidyed up and try to get some sewing done...I hope you all have a wonderful day today..oh I have a huge favor to ask..we are trying to plan our church gals social for christmas and I am looking for a story to read that has you pass things to the left and right..I have a similar story..about the "right family"..but we want something different..if anyone out there has that type of story..would you please email me a and I also need 5-10 things to ask them that will earn them points..we are doing an auction of earn points for the questions you answer and then you can bid on certain items with how many points you I need some good questions...about women..thanks for your help..I know I can count on my blogging buddys to help me out.;)take care and enjoy your day.:)


  1. Love the outhouse scene, is it ceramic? Your kitties are very curious!

  2. 1. love the scarf YOU too! 2. That is the same paper I made my Halloween banners out of !!3. Love your side yard 4. I'll go home and check out my Christmas file, I know I have a fun game about guessing Christmas Carols! but don't know what else. I'll send what I have. Your house is perfect for this time of year.. You should be on a House tour (if your little critters would let anyone in!!)

  3. The little outhouse stuff is too cute! Love your kitty scarf,gloves & side yard!! Your little blogging buddy is hilarious Lol

  4. Hi, Gina, nice to see you in the kitty scarf. You look pretty (and happy).
    I like the bowls, and the kitty glove.
    I can't wait to see what you do with it.
    You got plants and pumpkins. Wow, you did a nice job. The white pumpkin is called
    "Lumina"? I didn't know they had a special name, I can't find any here. I guess I have to look farther away. I don't have any stories, but I'll think of some questions.
    Warm Regards,

  5. Gina~ Meow~ love the kitties, the scarf, the gloves!!and the garden is looking wonderful!!!
    hugs to you~

  6. Oh you look so cute in your kitty scarf :)!

  7. Great pictures sweet Gina. I see you are getting your yard all fixed up nice for the season. Loved the picture of Sunny in your shirt...gave me a cute! Your kitties are beautiful. The cat scarf is so cute. Hugs and nose kisses for all!

  8. Love your kitties! Where did you find the kitty gloves??? I need a pair of those for my daughter in-law for Christmas. Maybe even some for me too :)

  9. Your cats are so entertaining. Our Trixie likes to get in the bathtub after someone showers. She flops around and licks the faucet.
    Love your kitty gloves and scarf. Too cute!
    I also love your outhouse scene.

  10. Love the scarf! And you look terrific. I will thinkof some questions....kinda hard but I'll try. The house looks so Halloweeny and words for the Webster Dictionary.

  11. Oh I love the outhouse! It reminds me of something my great aunt would have had.

    Your babies sure do have a unique personality don't they?! They are so cute!!!!

  12. Gina,

    We had the outhouse scene just like yours in our home growing up! That brought back wonderful memories. My aunt still has it in her home! I love it!

    And your yard looks awesome. You make my piddly outside decor looked kind of pitiful! :) I love it!

    And your scarf is adorable and very unique! You make it look good! :)

    Have a great evening, Gina!