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Sunday, October 2, 2011

KiTTeHs, GiVeaWay WiN, SuRpRiSes In ThE MaiL.and OnE MoRE ProJecT To ChecK oFF the HoneY do LiSt..;)

Good Sunday Morning..well the house is quiet for a bit..hubby went down to work on his boat to get it all set for the winter months..and I have been cleaning and organizing a bit..going to be making Cafe Rio in the crock pot for tonights using the crock pot..I think its a gals best stop it..Yesterday we found our "Ooey Gooey Stewie" snuggling under his blankie on his cat tree..He and Lucy love turning over the area rugs and playing under them..I am constantly fixing these throughout the day..they love to help us with everything we are doing..even when we don't want them to..)
He has certainly stolen our hearts and makes us laugh all the time..and he is just so darn loveable..and he gives us equal time too..I just rescued all of his tin foil balls from under the now he can play with them again..he loves to toss them around the room and brings them to us to throw...I swear our kittehs are 1/2 dog..
Last week I got my win from Cathy over at the orange sink..and she totally spoiled me rotten..I thought I was getting the star rug..but I got much much more..the little tissue resided in my purse and I was in need of tissues and waallaaah..they appeared in this package..I wonderful wool pin..and another little hooked mat..
I will show you where it all lives shortly.;)
Secondly..this surprise package came from my good pal Carmen of waxed out creative life..I sent her some goodies for her new grandbaby and for her as well and she turned around and surprised me back..(wasn't expecting it either) was her way of saying thank you..and who am I to turn down surprises..Lucy was our "inspector" of this box..I love that little pumpkin..
and look at all the other stuff she sent me..holy all smelled soooo good..and I couldn't wait to use the sweet potato pie tarts..they smell wonderful..very fall and my home smelled amazing..
I also got these raspberry jam tarts..haven't used them yet..I love the jar label though....very prim..they are on my kitchen counter..
she knows I love kittehs..and I got a cute little calendar and some stickers..;)
lavender soap upper left and brown sugar and oatmeal goats milk soap..oh I can't wait to use these..they are in the bathroom on a shelf..and the sweet potato pie tarts are in my kitchen drawer along with the others..handy for when I want to pop one in my burner..
lastly some more yummy smelling tarts..I will burn these at christmas time..Thank you again Carmen for spoiling me rotten..I love it..
here is the looks so good on my denim jacket.;)
where I put the little coaster..think I need to make a hanger for I can hang it on the you can see it better..
and my little mat under the won't stay here..after the holidays it will be out to be seen better..
and where I put the cute little pumpkin..(kitty now lives on top of the hutch..couldn't use my daily calendar behind it..Thank you again Cathy for the little extras..your work is magnificent.;)

Well Friday night it was official..we lit our first fire of the season..we usually don't till mid/late October..but we have had some chilly nights..and it was the first for Lucy and we had to watch them for a bit..cause they were very interested in the flames..let them get close enough to feel the heat and that stopped hopefully we are okay now..couple of years ago our little pody lynn jumped on the stove..burned just slightly the pads of her paws..scared us to..we didn't know it till a couple of days later..she was okay..but we just don't want it happening again..
love the glow of a fire..just sets the mood..
pody lynn enjoying it..I laid down the sheep skin rug for the season..its usually on the wood box to the left..(last weekend we purchased 2 pallets of the big pressed wood logs (we get these from the fireplace store)..they are better then the ones you buy at the grocery store..they are more compact and pressed and last so much longer then real mess, no spiders, and they burn for at least 3-4 them over real wood as it takes forever for real wood to get the house warmed we stacked wood, and loaded the wood box outside on the porch and the one shown above and we also cleaned our chimney for the season too..
thats Gracie's favorite spot..right next to the wood stove..
remember this strip of sits between the house and garage and in the winter it becomes a mushy mess..and there was weeds tired of mowing it..
and this is behind the was truly a bugger to mow because of the angle..we moved the fence last year and this has been so hard to deal in september we put round up on it and covered it with thick black plastic to kill it..
and this is what we did yesterday..moved 6 1/2 yard truck loads of big gravel in its place..put down the weed mat and then covered it up..we are also going to put down a smaller black gravel so walking is easier..I am going to put down container plants etc here now..and come spring and summer we will plant veggies in pots as this is the best sunny spot...(we were racing against the rain yesterday and within about 3 minutes of started to sprinkle) how's that for timing..)
ahhh much nicer and tidyer now..I only have to mow the back portion and it only takes about 15-20 it..and when the leaves fall..makes for blowing them out that much quicker..making our lives we just don't want to be slaves to our a nicely landscaped yard and love taking care of it..just don't want to be spending hours and hours on I did this summer..hoping next year is easier and so on..well today I am going to get some sewing, and baking done...have a church meeting to go to and I am trying out a new Strudel..I can't wait to smell it wafting through the house..oh and I didn't make the tomato jam yet..gotta get more raspberry jello..will get that after my church meeting..Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your sunday..


  1. What wonderful goodies..And some precious sweeties!
    And sitting and stitching in front of the fire is one of my very favorite things to do.
    Happy Fall

  2. All the kittehs are lookin Mewvoulous today as always ! Love all your new goodies just awesome , arent blog friends just the Best!!! Love the changes to the yard! Enjoy that sewin n snuggling by the fire! have a great evening ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. Enjoying your backyard updates........

  4. I wanna come snuggle by your fire:) So cold, rainy and windy here in PA, I hope were not in for an early winter! Glad you like your goodies, and remember the weed barrier, mulch I put around our new deck this summer??? Well the plastic barrier already has a huge hole chewed in it, the chipmunks around here are TERRIBLE!!!!! Your yard looks great!

  5. I wanna come suggle by the fire too! It looks so cozy.. I heated my house for 25 years totally with an air Tight wood Burner and oh how I miss that warm heat...Your Goodies look great... love your little helpers opeing everything..

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes Sweetie..


  6. Sweet Gina your backyard is really looking nice. Nice goodies you got. The cats are adorable on and under their blankies. Hugs and nose kisses for all.

  7. Hi, Gina, the cats are so sweet. How do they get under their blankies themselves?
    My cats like to get under the blankets when we're making the bed but I've never seen them turn rugs and blankies over. I love that about your cats. I think you got some wonderful gifts, so many nice things. The pin does look good on your denim jacket. Our cats like the fire, too. One year our big apricot long hair walked right into the hearth and set his tail on fire. He just has no fear. Now water, that's a different story. He's petrified, and our black cat drinks from the faucet. He learned how to lift the faucet handle but sometimes he turns on the hot! He's nuts, we used to turn it on for him, and he saw how we do it. He opens doors, too. He twists his two paws around and hangs on it and opens it somehow. We keep everything locked now. Cats are amazing.
    That's definitely better maintenance wise what you did to the lawn strip.
    I wish I could get rid of all my grass
    and put in flowers.
    Warm Regards,

  8. That is so pretty and congrats again on your win.
    Your new spot in your yard does look neater and will be easier for you. Love the kitty under the blanket!
    Have a good week.

  9. Hi Gina,
    I love the pin on your denim jacket! Glad you found a home for all the goodies!
    Your yard looks fantastic and I like the easy maintenance part! Sometimes I wished my whole lawn was gravel!! LOL!
    Happy snuggling with kitties by the fire..... and hubby too of course!!
    Cathy G

  10. We had a cat that loved to lie in front of the fire. We don't have a wood burning fireplace in our current place, I really miss that during the winter months.
    I'm with you in regards to wanting to have a nice yard, but not all the work that goes with it. I've enjoyed seeing all the changes you've made to your yard.

  11. As the kitty pics. Funny how they get under the blankets!


  12. crockpot=like! your home is so cozy and with a fire too! can't believe it's been so cool we need a fireplace already!! and LOVE your side yard.

  13. Gina,
    You got some wonderful goodies!! Love the kitty helping you out with the goodies in your box...too cute!
    Your fireplace looks so warm...makes me want to turn on our's.

  14. Wow! No need for Christmas presents!!!! So happy for all your wins. Love the news about your kitties too!

  15. Love all your goodies and the side yard looks great///we did the same thing with the one flower bed and will just use pots there. We have been in this house now for a year as of Sat and it is still a work in progress and guess it always will be.
    Love all the pictures of your kitties

  16. You received some wonderful goodies and how generous they were! Love Carmen's soaps and tarts!

    Your fire does look so cozy! We haven't had one yet but it does feel cozy when I turn on our little electric stove!

    Your home always looks cozy and inviting, Gina! You do a great job making it that way!

    Hope you have a great week my friend!


  17. Somebody loves cats, and i love your wood burning stove!. Richard from Amish Stories.