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Friday, September 30, 2011

ToMaTo JaM, AppLeSauCe, My HaLLoWeEn HoMe..;)

TGIF!!! I hope your friday is off to a great start..See this bowl of green tomatoes (the red ones will not be with these)..what will I do with all of them you ask? why I will make green tomato Jam using Raspberry jello..I got the recipe off of Amish mom used to make this and it was good..and since none of them ripened (okay maybe 5 did)..I am making jam this morning..
and soon I will make applesauce..gotta get more jars to do this..;)
okay the moment you've all been waiting for..(or at least I hope...;) I turned around the tea kettle to show the witch flying..added a sign and a witch and pumpkin..I kept my decor simple..I picked through 3-4 crates and got what I wanted..I think I have a project this january to go through all my stuff..guess its time to unload some stuff..I just don't want to keep putting it out and I am enjoying the simplicity of it I hate having to load it all up..Carmen you can see your raspberry tarts in the corner there..;) (got the wonderful resin witch at that taipan store in utah 4 years ago)
just put a pie candle on the stove..looks like I have been baking.;)

the stairwell..I won these 3 pumpkin cuties on ebay last year from Barefoot primitives..;)
the center guy his "boo" words are shaped like little bones..
Kitty keeping watch over a prim pumpkin from my dear sweet blogging buddy friend named Carmen of Waxed out creative life..
I added a spooky kitty on a handle..he has a smily face or this fierce face..and you can put a electric candle in to give him a real glow..I won that on ebay from a very talented artist named Patrick Gill..
oh and I added some real pumpkins and little black dolls in halloween dresses..
I added this table runner to the side of the cart..
the little pumpkin in the moon..came from Jenn of Bittersweet prims...I have a couple of her dolls..she does wonderful work to..;)

my little witch doll that came from my friend can't see real well because of the fabric..but this gal has a great set of pumpkins..(a little saggy though)
I got this during a swap a couple of years ago..and I love my ladder back can hang so much stuff off of them..along with her is a black cat scarf..go figure..and yes I do wear it on occasion.;)
got this in a swap too..
my fall scarecrows lighting up the window.;)

just starting to get dark can see the outside lights on the porch.;)
I love the glow these lights set off at night..nice ambient lighting..;)
the entry way by the front door..another one of Jenns wonderful spooky kitty..and that witch kitty on the basket its hat comes off so you can put candy in it...( I buy more candy then it will hold)..and I have a longaberger pumpkin basket for my candy bags that I make every year for the kids..
another view..I love that black witch hat..and it goes on the lamp every year..the little doily in the front is a cross stitch (machine) of those vintage of my favorites.;)oh and the little guy (stewie) cause he's plotting against me..loves to rearrange this area for me on a daily basis..oh what will become of my christmas trees this december..I am pondering not putting them up this year..cause he will have them all on the floor this year..he is a little stinker..but I love him so much..and he has grown..speaking of the little devil himself..he just stopped by for a quick love and a quick bite to eat..he has a new nickname now..Oooey Gooey Stewie..cause we melt when we love him..;)

witch kitty keeping watch above the TV..
I won this last is painted on mesh..this gal does a wonderful job..her name is Barb..can't remember her last name..
my little black halloween tree in the upstairs bathroom..
okay now for the outside...
the front yard transformed into a graveyard...buuuuwwwwaaahhh!!!

and you notice half the lights are working in the walkway..had to get a new outdoor it is all fixed..;)

I love my kitty scarecrow..;)
remember this orange mesh?
well here it is with purple lights in it.. (the big witch on the right and the kitty on the left along with the trick or treat sign came from that wonderful store in Utah called Taipan..I love the vintage looks of these..didn't see anything like it this year when I went..
will put T-lights in the houses so they glow for the trick or treaters.
This was taken this morning..I added the other wood brooms her..since there are broom rides available..(I got these while living in italy)..they use these on a daily basis to sweep..and they do a pretty good job..they were only about 2 dollars each..I love them..they usually stand in front of the garage..;)
a huge pumpkin in a egg now sits on a little stool in the egg basket on the porch..I love the stem..
this is the menu when you come to spooky hollow in..I made a huge sign that hangs on the front porch..(besure to enlarge the photos to see these all better)..
I made this sign..I love the saying on it..

Tucky wearing one of his halloween costumes..must look for his little devil one..

Hubby trying on his costume..and not wanting his photo taken..goober..)
I went to Value Village on wednesday when I made my big shopping haul..and I found some orange burlap..I love orange burlap..would like to make some pumpkins out of it..I didn't realize that is was 2 nice pieces that were this is what I did with one of them..
it was already I made it into a curtain in the upstairs bathroom..genius don't you think?
while at value village I spotted some witch hats..had to have them..
some glow in the dark gloves..
three halloween trick or treat bags..and not shown..3 little witches brooms..why in 3's and what am I up too?
why this of course..I had to get the ladies all guiessed up for Halloween..
I found this fabric at a thrift store and cut it into 2 pieces for two of these gals..
she has on a lovely scarf that has cats on it..again..go figure..;)
this one and the other one have on black webbing scarves..see their little brooms..I love how these 3 (black hat society) gals turned out..I also picked up a strobe light and I am getting some dried ice to put out there for halloween night..they will look so cool with the ice forming a fog and the strobe light going..(now keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain)...and I want to get some more pumpkins to put around there as well..

Okay now for your funny for the day..I am so getting one of these..cause I love an organized home and I can keep my kittys organized hope you all enjoyed your visit..I hope you all have a wonderful day..
Happiness is: having the garage full of firewood (those round dense deli logs) not the kind at the have to get these at the fireplace shop)..the wood box on the porch is filled..and so is the one in the house..just waiting for it to get cold enough to light a fire..oh and the chimney is cleaned too.(we did all of this on saturday..oh and happiness is a full fridge and pantry..(that was wednesdays shopping day)..
Take care and have a wonderful weekend..will try to post tomorrow if not it might be on monday..I will share my giveaway win from the orange sink and from Carmen of Waxed out creative life..these gals rock..;)
p.s. if you want to see a really beautifully decorated home for fall and oh winter/christmas is out of this world..check out sugar pie will definitely inspire you..O)I would move in, in a heartbeat.;O)


  1. Gina~ Terrific Halloween Home~ looks wonderful~love your garden witches~ giggles~ so cute~
    The kitty organizer~ yep, I need one~ giggles~
    enjoy your weekend~

  2. OOOOOh...spooky! I love your black hat society gals all ready for Halloween:)I always love how you decorated Gina, so whimsical and fun! Hope your having a great day, cold and rainy here in pa!

  3. Boy... you sure have been busy! I love the way your outside porch looks.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Wow! Your home inside & out look SPOOKTACULAR!!!

  5. well can't tell you LOVE this time of year!!!! haha... and I want to see a picture of you in that kitty scarf. You have been busy!!

  6. Everything is looking fantastically spooky Gina!

    And you know I need one of those kitteh organizers too! LOL!

    Have a great day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Wow, your home looks wonderful all decked out for Fall and Halloween. Your home must be the hit of the neighborhood come Halloween night. So much to see, love the witches of the black hat society and the porch decor.
    I haven't even put out my fall wreath yet!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  8. You sure have been in a festive mood with all the decor. I don't have much to put outside because of the winds here on the hill. If its not nailed down the wind carries it away. I love your ladies all dressed up in the yard and your little doggy looks so cute in the outfit.
    Country at heart

  9. Oh Gina everything looks magical! I too love lighting and use my electric candles every night. I even have battery sensor ones in every window of my house. You did a great job! Wish we could come trick or treating!

  10. Oh, my heavens, Gina, so much to see. You've got some fabulous things, the lights are spooky and romantic when lit,
    the black hats are great and you've got everything arranged so nice. You really worked hard on this, I can tell. Good Job!
    Warm Regards,

  11. LOVE LOVE your outside decorations and the lights!!!!
    Pumpkin people are cute too.
    TGIF Yippee!

  12. Wow, you have done a lot of work decorating! It looks great! Love the pictures of Tucky!

  13. What an AWESOME place, Gina! I am so impressed by how much you put into making your place so incredibly ready for Halloween! Thanks for checking out my blog too! I'm about 45 minutes north of Everett, so not too far from you!!! Hope your show is hugely successful! I have 5 to prepare for this year...whew!

    Happy Valley Primitives

  14. WOW GINA!!
    You really have a spooky wonderful HALLOWEEN HOME!!
    You did a awesome job!
    Hugs Trace

  15. Gina,
    Your home looks awesome all decorated for Halloween!!
    Love the 3 prim pumpkins you got from eBay!!...and the kitty from Carmen...and the pumpkin in the moon!!
    Love how it all looks when you light it up at night!!
    Now I need you to come help me decorated my house.

  16. Hi Gina :) I love all your decor, I really like your front porch, I want to sit there with a warm cup of something! The gals look great dolled up for Halloween too.
    Have a great day~Stacy

  17. Gina love all your fantastic Halloween displays! Your garden witches made me smile.Hope that you have a wonderful evening.Hugs,Jen