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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My TriP HoMe..My DaY At GarDnerS ViLLaGe..;)

Good Tuesday morning!!! hope your day is starting off far ours is..not raining..that is a good sign..might just have to pull out my one bin and finish decorating my home today with its halloween decor..if I get it done....that will be my post tomorrow.;)Okay for todays post..after my friend Jilly and I left Temple square we headed to my favorite village..Gardners village to be exact..they have the neatest decor for halloween and I thought I would share with you what I saw..and maybe give you ideas and inspiration too.;) I just love these log pumpkins..I so want to make some of rustic and you could make alot and they wouldn't rot...
these were some metal pumpkins that look like a bendable mesh of sort..not sure what the material looked like screening material (that's how big the squares were in the mesh)..but it bends..I love these pumpkins..)
Oh the stores were all decked is a display when we walked in the door.;)

here was an antique store..I loved this the sayings on these little pillows..

I love love love this quilt shop..they carry the latest in fabrics..I purchased some stuff the last time I was here in May..great wool too..
love the quilts on the walls..I love quilts period..great ideas for you quilters out there..:)

great halloween pillows..
loved this "fall" wall..

things that I didn't purchase..I came so close on this one has a kitty cat.;)I know..go figure..
I love these old postcard em.;)

sorry for the blurry photo..this was as we were entering in to the village..loved the wreath idea..
this gal is pushing around her baby froggy...darling aren't they..(only a mother could love these two)
hope she is better at hula hooping then I am..I swear I have never been able to do one of these..I get about 2 turns and on the ground it goes..
she must be waiting for a ride..maybe her broom lost its VAVOOM!!!
This gal wasn't paying attention to where she was going..
this gal stopped for a hotdog and drink..
its mortishia ..(?)..and thats my shadow taking the photo..
this gal was getting the heck out of Salem...
and blowing it up as she went..this one was new to me from 4 years ago..
ah yes a private moment at the potty..unless you are me and want a love her skivvies wrapped around her tootes!!
she does have great reading material though..
we were leaving the village and I just had to get these gals again..I love this scene..
I loved the flight names..Spellta, Spookwest, and United Scarelines..and there is her luggage waiting for her when she lands...
apparently this is an out going flight..;)
This gal was saying thanks for stopping by..they have a huge night here at the village..its called "Witches night out" and you can go on rides and shop till you drop..everyone that comes dresses up too..haven't been to one yet..I need to come home in October for this will keep this one in mind maybe next year..cause I really would love to go and see this at night...

we went shopping on friday my first day back in utah to a store called Taipan..they have this store in utah and california..most of my halloween decorations on my front porch come from this store..(will share with you when my house is done)..I must say I wasn't too impressed this year..and the prices seemed really I got this orange mesh to put on the front door (around it) with twinkle lights..
and I got the wax melts for fall..and they smell yummy..harvest spice and holiday homecoming..
At Gardners village I did get one thing there..and this is how pretty they wrap it up for you..;)
I love this little store..its called anastasia's attic..I purchased some necklaces back in May..and this time I got hair pins..
I also got this in one of the stores at the village..on the bottom it says: stop staring at my pumpkins!..too funny..she is in my bathroom right now.
I purchased this also at Taipan..and mailed it home along with some other stuff..(went to fed ex) to have it shipped and never had a problem till now..this cute little resin piece had 3 breaks in it..the beak and split between the pumpkin and the crow..called fed ex on thursday..and still waiting for a call back..said it would be 24 hours.well its been 3 days they are getting a call just as soon as I am done blogging..and one other item came broken..a manger scene that my mom left me in her is easily fixed as is the above..but what were they doing to cause both things to break..this stuff was well one takes their jobs seriously I guess and just don't care about job quality.too bad too..cause now I get the sheer pleasure and headaches trying to get my money back..
on our way home for the night..this was of course after we had dined at Olive Garden..we had the Stuffed chicken Marsala..oh my gosh is this dish ever tasty..we order it all the time now..Jill got me hooked on it..
Well I hope you enjoyed your visit and hopefully got inspired too..have a wonderful tuesday..hopefully I will be back with my halloween decor all done..have a wonderful day.:)


  1. Wow, Gina~ I am inspired!Wonderful Village!!

  2. Lots of great images and really gets you in the fall mood. I like that outhouse pictures as well,lol. And thank you for your comments that you make on my own blog Amish Stories, and i enjoy reading your comments. Richard

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I loved the outhouse pics and the witch getting outta dodge. : ) I LOVED the log pumpkins. What a fantastic idea!! How did they get the stems to stay in? I am loving that it's Autumn but the temps are still warm and humid and the central a/c is cranking away. It looks like we're finally going to be getting a break over the weekend when the high is supposed to be around 60 degrees. I'm ready for sweaters and pink noses!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  4. what a fun place! why isn't there anything like that here??? and 'stop staring at my pumpkins' ha ha funniest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!

  5. Olive Garden, those words jumped out at me, I just love to eat there! I'm hungry thinking about it. I love the idea of orange netting around the doorway with twinkle lights! I don't do halloween type decor but I do love the fall stuff, pumpkins and more. I haven't even got my stuff out of the attic yet.

  6. I absolutely love your pics, looks like you had a lot of fun. That seems like a fun place to go with all of the witches and decorations. Happy Fall!

  7. LOVE those pumpkin logs!!!! Those would be so easy to make! LOL, the witch in the outhouse made me laugh, also like the one having her hot dog and soda;) Looks like you had a fun time!!!

  8. Gina,
    Looks like you had fun!! Gardners Village looks like a really neat place to visit.
    Love the pumpkins made out of logs!

  9. I love all those wacky witches. What a fun place to visit and shop.
    Your little witch with the pumpkins is too cute. Love the saying on her too.

  10. Hello New Friend!
    What a very great place.
    Great pictures too.
    Felt like i was there with you.
    Hugs Trace

  11. Love all the goodies! The little witch with her pumpkins is so cute! You always inspire me with all your great photos and ideas! Check out my blog later to see our new family!

  12. What a fun day!! Loved all the pics :D

  13. What a wonderful place to visit, I loved all your pictures. The quilt shop has some great Halloween projects. So much eye candy in this post. Thanks for taking us along.

  14. Hi Gina,
    Love all the witches and Halloween decor! It must be great to have a village to visit for such great inspiration!
    I haven't even bought any pumpkins yet so need to get on the ball!! LOL!
    Did you receive your package yet with the hooked mat?
    Hope the mail service didn't damage anything...... or lose it!!
    Hope your fall days are filled with fun!
    Cathy G

  15. Wow Gina: The Witch Village looks like so much fun!
    Can't wait to see your fall decorating!