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Monday, September 26, 2011

My TriP HoMe..My DaY At TeMpLe SqUaRe..:)

Good Morning everyone..well we lost power twice yesterday..when it rains and we get a little wind..BAMMM!!! we lose no family guy and no desperate housewives..we lost it at 9:03 and got it back some time in the wee hours of the morning..oh how I love my power..something we truly take for granted till it goes out on us..;)Okay back to my trip back to Utah..on Monday my last day there..I wanted to see our Temple Square..I haven't seen this place in well over 15-20 years..and I wanted to see how much it had changed or not..mostly the visiting centers had..they have added lots of new things to see..and it was a beautiful day and purffeectt for a stroll on the grounds etc..The Salt Lake Temple is truly my favorite..I love the detail of it and its OLD..

loved all the flowers that were in bloom and love the color of the foliage on the leaves..just sets off all the rest of the flowers.;)

loved all the colieus..;) whoever does their landscape can come and do mine..:)
can't remember the name of this building..but I loved the details..looks kind of like a gingerbread house..

loved all the statues too..

there is this big fountain and it looks like it is going to runneth over and it doesn't..makes a great back drop for the temple..
this is a tabernacle..although not sure if its the tabernacle..I just love all the wood and colors..

the pioneer handcart..I tell you I wouldn't have wanted to be apart of this..they had it so rough and many on the photo to read about it..
this was inside the visiting center..(they have two. north and south)..and this was a cutaway of the inside of the was so neat to the bottom left you see gold oxen holding up the baptismal font..I got to baptize for the dead back when I was a was so much fun and a great experience too..I hope to one day see all those rooms..;)
This is my most favorite go up a curved walkway and when you get to the top this is what you see..I had my friend Jill take my photo so you can see how big this is..and the room is spectacular..its like being in Heaven..
the ceiling..its a round room..
and the light coming out on the really need to see it to appreciate it..
Adam and Eve Statue..they really did a great job on the centers..and we had a great time..after that we headed to Gardners Village which I will share with you tomorrow..
and last but not least a self portrait of Jilly and myself..Have a great monday..we are getting slammed with Rain today and it is a bit chilly..only going to be about 53 at noon and 62 by 5pm today..supposed to get nice on wednesday-friday then back to rain..we are trying to get the black weed cloth put down this week and get rock or bark laid..will share that when we get it done..;) take care and have a great day..oh and if "Homemaking down by the river" reads this..I can't leave comments on your blog and no way to email you..I have tried several times to leave her a comment and it won't let me..but I am reading your blog and enjoying it..;)welcome to my newest followers..:>)


  1. Love your pictures, Gina! That round room is awesome, I bet it better, in person! Got more done on the kitchen.
    This project is taking longer than I thought it would, but it will be so worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. What an amazing place!! So beautiful!! Looks like you had a great time.
    It just stopped raining/storming here a little while 4 inches over night and some places have flooded out roads. Hope your power stays on.
    Now it is time to go finished up more candy corn mice.
    Have a great week! Can't wait to see what I won from playing Bingo.

  3. Gina
    These photos are breathtaking~ oh, my some are so beautiful they gave me goosebumps~
    Just love the pioneer cart statue~ wow~ what a story~
    thanks for sharing~

  4. What a beautiful Temple. Thanks for sharing!

    And look how thin you are! You go girl!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. So glad you and your friend had a wonderful time. You are two beautiful ladies. Hugs, Lecia

  6. beautiful pictures, brings back memories of when I was a little girl.

  7. Wow, that Temple square is beautiful! Reminds me of some of the old castles back in the Old country:) You & your friend are too cute together, thanks for sharing:D

  8. I hear ya on the power going out. Everytime we get a little bit of rain or wind it also goes out. Last year we purchased a generator to keep us sane, since it takes the power company forever to get it fixed. Oh, and did I forget to tell you? My husband is a NASCAR nut, so HE HAS to have the T.V. or else he will go coo coo. The joys of rain and wind on the West Coast huh?!

    Love the pictures and you look fantastic! TFS!

  9. Hi Gina,

    Love the room with Jesus ! It is heavenly !

    Great photo of you !


  10. What a great place. I really enjoyed all the photos! I love quiltsn too!