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Friday, October 28, 2011


Good Morning or Good afternoon...depending on where you are!!! I hope your friday finds you happy and content..I have a little Stewie on my lap making bread and purring..I would say he is one content little kitteh!!! he has a cute little habit that he has started..he gets on my lap and pulls down my shirt like he is looking for a place to nurse..he will bury that sweet little head between my boobs and nurse..or he will put his head under my armpit and needle and nurse..he loves his mama and loves being on my lap..I hope he never outgrows this..he is just so precious..well the photo above is this morning..Hubby built us a nice fire to take off the chill this morning and again more content kids by the fire..oh how they love a good fire..
here it is with the can see Sunny bunny by the back window..look at those "glowing" eyes...she looks spooky..Gracie is in the cat tree at the top..Tucky by the fire..the rest were elsewhere..
when I came back up stairs this morning to get on my computer..I noticed a little lump under this quilt..hhhmmm I wonder who it could be..
why its baby stewie or Stewbert..his latest nickname ..he was nice and content to be under the quilt..he loves getting under things..rugs are his number 1 choice of things..has them turned over all day long..if you think having pets is not like having kids..I beg to differ..they have me chasing and picking up after them all day long..ahhh stewie is finally asleep on my lap..he came up just meowing..its his way of saying I need you now Mommy..I need to nurse and needle..and then fall asleep..he is my little blogging buddy..sound asleep..)

well yesterday turned out to be a nice day..the sun came out at around 1-2 I got off my duff and decided to power wash the deck..the hubby brought home the industrial power washer from work..and I will tell you this thing rocks!! only took me about 40 minutes to do it.our little one would have taken me 2-3 hours to do..
then I did the south side of the can see where I couldn't reach..(hubby will have to finish)..not getting on a ladder..but will help him keep the ladder was looking a bit green and looked like we needed to paint this side something fierce..hoping hubby will finish it tomorrow..the front needs it too..will look so fresh again..
and I did the picket fence front and back..and let me tell you it needed it..the gate looks almost black..
and after that was done..I did a 40 minute workout on the treadmill and as I was walking on it..I thought I might as well get the blower out and blow out the leaves in can see the neighbors tree is almost done..
but when you look across the street..these have yet to give up their leaves..been out 5 times so far..I am sure I have another 10 or so to go...
this is the back yard trees..again..still alot left to get rid after blowing..I raked and mowed what was it was a pretty good day out in the yard..I always feel so much better when it looks me OCD..I like a clean tidy yard...

Yesterday I got a package from Margie of hungry hookers..I ordered some of her wool..don't have these colors..I love that blue..might have to be a blue back ground with white snowflakes on top..

Here is my latest project..just a sneak peek..I have 13 more pennies to do and then the edging and all done..I am doing a swap with a gal named Roxanne..(trying to get her to do a blog)..she made Jen of country mouse a really neat wax turkey..and I loved we are doing a swap for this for some of her wonderful would love her stuff...(hint: Roxanne start a blog) everyone would love it..;)
and this will be my next project..another sneak peek..I am so loving the way this will be looking when I am done..have 3 more with different sayings that I need to get done..hoping to make more for my show..well that is it for me..I am off to get a late brunch..
I am down 62 pounds now..with 20 more to go...I am loving this new found energy since I have lost this weight..I wouldn't have been able to do all that I have done in my yard this year if I hadn't lost the weight..I truly feel wonderful..and it keeps me motivated when I see the scales and I have lost a bit more..since I have started this high/low carb diet on the 14th..I have lost 6 pounds on it..along with exercise and you can do this..if the weather holds out today..I am taking tucky for a walk..I am changing it up with the treadmill and walking Tucker..I get a better workout on the treadmill..but it gets boring after a while..but will be nice to have on the days when it rains and I can't go out..I am watching Dr. Oz he has some really great tips on helping you to lose..
Did anyone watch the great pumpkin charlie brown last night? I did..I love watching all the shows that we watched as kids..takes me back to being a kid again..and we could all use some of that right?
well I hope your weekend is FABuLOuS!!!! (say in a high pitched voice) care and thanks for your friendship and generousity..;) we bloggers rock..and I love you all.;)


  1. Hi, Gina, I'll be your first comment today. My boy Puffy is 8 and he just
    stopped the kneeding and suckling.He
    liked to lick your leg when you got
    out of the shower. Gee, thanks. He
    starts to kneed and lick your arm but
    then he stops. So your kitties will be
    doing this for awhile. I was told they
    do that when they are taken too soon from the mumma. Your house looks and sounds nice and cozy with the fire and the pets all comfy-cozy. I love the color of the wool from Margie. The blue is really gorgeous.The candle mat is
    beautiful, I like the holly leaves.
    I like what you are working on, too.
    I need to lose some weight very badly.
    I'm so much heavier than I'm supposed to be. We have an eliptical machine that I can't use because of my back and legs. I wish I had a treadmill. I should put it on a list like Craig's list to swap or sell. I like to walk outside but I trip over my own feet, my nerves in my back are damaged so inside is better. Congrats on losing the weight, you go girl!

  2. That little cat under the pillow is a trip,lol. We should be recieving some snow over my way this weekend, and it looks like the kids will be trick or treating in the snow this year. Richard from Amish Stories

  3. Hi Gina...I'm breathless from reading about all you accomplished yesterday...enjoyed the photos! Love the kitties and k-9! So proud of you for your weight loss accomplishment! Your yard is looking splendid and your house and your fence. Hope those leaves fall off soon! Have a good day!

  4. You go girl, I wish I had your
    energy! Have a great weekend. Chum says "Boo"...I have a tip for ya, will email it.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Hey Gina ,do you think that you could bottle up some of your energy and send a few bottles my way?Gosh girl do you ever rest? Your home looks so cozy and warm.
    So glad that you and Rox were able to work something out.Love what you are making for her.Have a great weekend!Hugs,Jen

  6. i can't imagine you having more energy!~ wow you get an amazing amount of stuff done. oh oh just look at all that rain right now!!! (1:30) glad you are cozy by the fire!

  7. Holy smokes...I'm tired now Gina, just from reading your accomplishments, LOL.. Everything is looking good outside and the cozy fire looks so inviting inside!

    Have a great weekend,

  8. Holy smokes...I'm tired now Gina, just from reading your accomplishments, LOL.. Everything is looking good outside and the cozy fire looks so inviting inside!

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Oh my Gina~ You wore me out and I thought my day was busy cat suckeled the dog when he was little.He thinks he's a dog now LoL..Never learned any differnt he just thinks he's extra smart for a dog.Well enjoy your weekend!~Amy

  10. Your fire with all the little fur babies laying around looks so sweet & cozy. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  11. I loves you too Gina:D that little *Stewbert* is so funny, LOL!!!! The siding looks great from the pressure washing, what a difference and WOO-HOO on your continued success with the wt. loss! I didn't end up getting a treadmill due to us sending the kids money to come home BUT...I did have hubby drag the exercise bike down from the attic, hopefully I'll be a good girl now and use it;)

  12. Friend what kind of vitamins do you take. WOW 62lbs.YOU GO GIRL!
    Your post is so inspiring.I just wanna get up and go for a walk.
    What sweet fur kids you have!
    Roxanne does need a blog. I too loved her turkey. She will love your things too.
    Hugs Trace

  13. Gina,
    Stewie is so adorable!! All your furry kids look so cozy around the fire place.
    Thanks for sharing the info on the high/low carb...I lost 2 lbs this week.
    I got the mice all done and now I need to get some photos taken of them. Hope to list them this weekend.

  14. Three Cheers Gina for those extra pounds... Girl you have done absolutely great.. Feels so good to accomplish losing and then making it easier to accomplish so many other things so easily...
    The house & yard looks great.. I need to do that to mine. I get the mold wonder with all the rain this year...
    As for all theleaves left to fall just look at it as your chance to burn off the calories..and enjoy some sunshine..

    Have a good weekend!!
    I luv's U too!!