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Saturday, October 29, 2011

BefoRes & AfTeRs..

Good Evening everyone..thought I would get in a quicky while my clam chowder is simmering on the was a glorious fall day ..and just right for winterizing our home and working in the yard..The house above is the neighbors across the street..they have the "halloween" house going on..the gal that lives there congratulated us on the special garden..and said she couldn't compete with my halloween house..but I happen to love what they have hopefully we will start getting more little nose goblins that come trick or treating..

Margy fargaleeny..(that is her nickname)..the the "g" in her name is like you say my name..she was basking in the sun on the front porch today...she is my exercise buddy when I am on the treadmill..she comes up and wants to be petted the whole time I am on that thing..she is our "italian" kitteh..
okay we set out at about 11:30 this morning to get the house power washed..and what I did was nothing..cause it didn't look like I did anything..hubby sprayed on house cleaner stuff and then went to town..( we thought the paint job on the house was ruined with all this moss etc)..but it just needed a good power washing and now it looks spiffy can see how bad it looks above..
and now look how it hubby just painted it..oh my looks sooo good now..I am thrilled..

here is the before on the front of the can see its looking a bit drab..okay it looks alot drab..and look at the red part too..disgusting.;( and there was lots of moss on the part where he is standing..
as you can see here..took care of that and cleaned the rain gutters too..oh I'm in heaven...
one more before picture..
almost can see where he stopped..
and here is the looks like frost on the roof...nawwww...its just laundry detergent to help get rid of the moss..
ah nothing like a nice bath for the looks so pretty and fresh now...was in dyer need of this..hasn't been done in 8 was time..hopefully we won't wait this long again..
well the hopps are all spent..time to cut them back...and the roses too..
after..doesn't it look so good now..almost naked..I do so love the hopps in spring and summer....did a lot of raking in the yard again today..blew out some more leaves..trimmed my lavender bushes...and a fern in front..also trimmed up one of my rhodies..the front looks so much was a lot of work this summer..but putting it to bed for winter so far has been a totally worth all the work..and I enjoyed being in it..and like Tonya said..its cheap exercise and helps me to get in I don't mind it at all..
ahhh yummy clam chowder and a nice fire..and some good tv..we are set to relax and enjoy the evening..
I got a nice little surprise from my little sister yesterday..she sent me this beautiful table cloth..and a humming bird feeder..a squirrel/bird sunflower feeder and a sprayer for my hose..will get them out some spring..well I have lost another pound I am down the next set of numbers now..yippee skippy..I haven't been this weight since like its been a 19 more to some more recipes from wathing Dr. Oz..I like his program..its on my dvr of things to watch now..does anyone else watch him? well I think my soup is done..going down stairs now to enjoy..I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a beautiful sunday.:)looks like we are getting rain late and a bit glad we had today to work and get our home in order..its going to be 49 degrees on monday..but hopefully a great day for tricks and treats..;)
Take care and talk to you again soon.;)


  1. Oh Gina, your house looks SOoooo fresh! I am dizzy just looking at that ladder up on the porch roof, YIKES! We had some snow today and high of 39, Brrrr!

  2. WOW Gina,
    It looks fabulous!
    Really brings out the wonderful colors of your home.

  3. Gina...your house looks you said like it's been newly painted...already for the holidays! your chowder looks delicious, haven't had a good bowl of clam chowder in years

    enjoy your Halloween!

  4. Wow, your house really looks good and I am glad it was your hubby up on the porch roof and not me! Have a great weekend. Still working on the kitchen...
    I think it is a never ending job!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. It always makes me a bit nervous seeing the men up on the roofs! LOL! Your Hubby did a great job! The house looks beautiful!
    Glad you rewarded him with a nice hot chowder!
    Hope you all can relax a little this weekend too!
    Cathy G

  6. Gina,
    Your house looks a brand new house would!!! We have noticed a little moss on one side of our it will need power wash this coming Spring.

    Congrats on another pound lost!! I lost another one that was 3 this week. I can't thank you enough for sharing this with me. After losing 46 lbs...I had been stuck at that weight for over 2 years. Nothing worked until I tried this. If I could reach you...I would give you a great big hug.

  7. Gina Congrats on the weight ! and the home is beautiful for sure ! Nice crisp and clean will look fab against the winters white! Hope you have a great weekend ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  8. Your house looks so pretty, Gina, now that it's had a good bath. We all need those now and then! LOL

    I'm very proud of you and your weight loss; tomorrow I start on a diet, too. We'll get skinny together...


  9. It's amazing what a power washer can do. Your house looks like it has just been painted. Glad you didn't have to climb that ladder. I cleaned a spot on the side of our house last week, couldn't stand it any longer. Fortunately, I could reach it with a mop and hose. I think winter is around the corner, it has been 32 degrees in the am with frost. Not looking forward to the snow.
    Congrats on losing more weight.
    Country at heart

  10. Your house looks wonderful! Congrats on your weight loss, that's awesome! Kudos to you. :)

  11. Gina~ your home looks Clean~ clean~ We usually power wash ours once a year, but this year not done yet~ where is the time going?
    Yummy clam chowder!!

  12. We need to do that to our house, but it will have to wait! It looks great! I like the hops vines, they get very tall! I am still waiting for my vines to take off a bit more, I have a bittersweet and an autumn clematis planted next to my potting shed. They are still babies yet.
    I don't watch much t.v. I may have to see about his recipes.
    Have a great day!

  13. Great job! Looks like brand new house. Ours is white, yet we skipped powerwashing this year - and you can tell :)
    Happy Halloween!

  14. love the color of your house!!!!

    nothing like a good bath to feel fresh again...houses are almost living things right?
    what I really like is that clam chowder!!!!!

  15. beautiful!~ you really do have THE best house on the block, especially now with it so shiny clean

  16. I would be seriously worried to take a power washer to our house. It has really old metal siding that I am sure is barely holding on! Your house looks so bright and clean after it's bath. Looks like a hard job though.
    It so pretty where you live with all the trees (although I wouldn't want to have to rake all those up).