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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MiSc. TuEsDay">)

Good Tuesday morning everyone!!! the house is tidyed up, I have a nice toasty fire going to take the chill off the house..our nights (last) and this week are supposed to be in the upper 30's and 40' the chillians are laying by the fire..with the exception of baby Stewie..he is laying on my lap as I type this..he has become my little blogging buddy..he loves his mama..and you know I love him..yesterday I got a wonderful little surprise all the way from Canada from my good blogging buddy Kimberely of my brown bag Studio..she spied a candle mat that she just had to we did a swap..and this is what she sent me..she made and painted this wonderful penny mat..the top is muslin..Kim you do beautiful will look nice on my table with a candle in the center at christmas..;0)
and she also sent me the halloween bunting..I love it!!! my very first one..
looks great with all my other fall/halloween goodies.;)
I finished the penny rug stockings..and inspector Stewie at your service making sure the quality is there
yep..everything seems to be in order...
I sewed on NOEL buttons to one of them..
rusty bells to another one..
and wooden stars to the last one...if anyone is interested in one or all 3 just let me know..will be posting them on my etsy site sometime soon..
I looked out my kitchen window this morning to discover that my dahlia had opened this beautiful orange color..just in time for fall..:)pretty huh?
and it has 2 more buds on it..not sure if they will bloom..but I am happy to have the one that is..;)
I got a wonderful thank you card from another good blogging buddy Carmen of the primcats..I sent her a little surprise in the mail and she sent me a wonderful cat thank you card..Carmen you are most welcome..isn't blogging the greatest..we are our own little wonderful group of guys and gals and such generosity and friendship..there is nothing like it..I can't believe it will be 4 years in February that I started on this journey..and I have met soooo many wonderful and giving and talented people out there..truly an inspiration and just the best.)
okay this made me and hubby laugh..this is how we found our "goose" on sunday..she was out..
here is a close up of our little you think she is comfortable?...she is just one laid back kitty I tell you..
and this was taken last night on my lap..Stewie was comfortable as well..Hubby was able to run upstairs to get the camera and back down and snapped like 4 shots..he is getting so big..and still loves to snuggle and nurse..we are both smitten parents of these babies..(all of them really)..they bring us so much joy..
well that is it for me today folks..Yesterday I took Tucky for our 2 mile walk..was done in 37 minutes with 2 pooh breaks..we hoofed it..and then I spent an hour or so raking the leaves up in the back portion of the yard..and today I will mow up whats on the lawn to keep up on it..if the weather holds out my friend and I are taking a walk today...looking forward to spending time with I hope your day is full of warm and cozy moments.;)
thanks for stopping by and saying hi and for the birthday wishes for hubby..he did get his steak dinner and loved it..;)


  1. pretty~ pretty pennys!! But girl you kitties have the idea belly up~ adorable~ oh, and the orange dahlia perfect for Halloween, pretty color~
    Pumpkin sends hugs & kisses to your kitty cats!

  2. Oh your kitties are so cute. That belly up reminds me our pup - her favorite position to sleep in :) Have a great day!

  3. Those cats crack me up and i see your ready for Halloween!. Cats can make lazy look cute,lol. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. What precious furry kids. So sweet. I just LOVE GOOSE! So comfy!
    I also love all your penny stockings. You are so talented.
    Have a great cozy Fall Night Friend!
    Hugs Trace

  5. Love those stockings and OH MY...LOL, your kitties are so hilarious!!! I wish my bunnies would let me snuggle them more, but they are so independent *sigh* most times I get to hold them they are either getting ears cleaned, nails trimmed or bum cleaned, no wonder they don't like to be picked up:D

  6. Isn't Kim the best? And she's so sweet too!

    Love your baby Stewie...I see you have a kitty gym too. Hubby had to make us one and oh my, has it saved our furniture! LOL


  7. Such wonderful blessings from wonderful friends!

  8. The bunting looks great, Girlfriend! And I love how your 'helper' is giving the paw print of approval on the candle mat! So glad they made it safe and you like 'em!
    Hugs, K

  9. Awww, look at your babes, SO cute! And yup it's going to be 30 degrees tonight here in OR!!! AHHHHH annnddd burrrrrr!!!! Our kitty's will be inside for sure.

    Oh, and I love your penny rug stockings, great added touch with the NOEL, stars and bells BTW!

  10. Love your penny mat! And love that Halloween bunting! So cute. Your kitties gave me a good laugh. I LOVE that belly up photo of your "goose". That reminded me of my Trixie that I miss so much. All your chillians are SO cute! ~~Annie

  11. love the kitty sweet!

  12. Love your goodies from your swap!Your penny stockings are adorable.I got a good chuckle from your sweet babies!Awww the life they lead. Hugs,Jen

  13. Love your pennyrug from Kim...very pretty!!
    Great pic of your sleeping kitty...she sure did look comfy!!
    We took Chloe out for a walk this evening...thought we had better walk outside tonight since it is going to rain for the next several days.

  14. Love those silly kitty sweet.
    Have a great day!

  15. cute stockings! very cute candle mat!
    Belated happy birthday to Mike !
    Today is Ginger's 4th birthday!
    Warm blessings,

  16. Love the lounging kitty shots Gina. "Stick 'em up" Stewie! Cats are so darn flexible and find the oddest places and positions to sleep in.
    The dahlia is beautiful. I had some once but they are annuals here. They never survive our winters. And congratulations on winning the garden award. You definitely deserve it after all your hard work and your garden is so fun and whimsical. I would want to drive by it all the time too!

  17. Gina,

    I absolutely love your penny rug stockings, Gina!

    2 mile walk....that's wonderful. I think we're going to try to start back our fast walking...the weather is great for it! Good for you!

    This is your favorite holiday, isn't it? Perfect bunting for you! Very cute!

    Have a great evening my friend!

  18. Oh honey your babies are just so adorable. I love how you were able to capture such funny pics.
    I have to tell you when I see Tinkerbell like this I get jealous. I just want that kind of rest so badly. lol
    Hard to believe fireplaces going already. This weekend I think we may dip into the 40's early morning but otherwise we are still hot. My AC runs overtime.
    I miss you my friend