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Sunday, October 23, 2011

HaPpY BirthDay to My HuBby and HapPy SunDay..:)

Good Morning my fellow bloggers..hope you are enjoying a nice sunday..the sun is trying to peek its way out and we are going to have breakfast and go for a nice walk before I head to church..
Today is my hubbys 51st birthday..I gave him a book and some soft comfy slippers..he is asking for Steak for gotta go see if I have any...last night we celebrated his and my friends little boy's birthday and watched a boxing match..(not my cup of tea)..but the gals mostly sat and talked..oh and we had chocolate cake from Costco..they have the best cakes..and I saved room for some..didn't gain either..I made sure I exercised and saved for this..Hey I love my desserts way too much to give them only on occasion will I splurge this big..and it was heaven!!!
have a wonderful day everyone..and welcome to my newest friends that chose to follow me..have a wonderful sunday..:)


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Tell him I hope he has a great one and many, many more to come!Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. Hope your husband has a Happy Birthday Gina!

  3. Hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday and glad to hear you enjoyed the cake, we all need a treat now and then;) Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! I am sure he will enjoy the steak dinner.
    Have a great week.

  5. Sweet picture of hubby & kitty. "Happy Birthday"

  6. Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

    Hope you both have a wonderful day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Happy Birthday to your Husband.
    Great pic of him and one of your sweet furry kids.
    Happy Sunday

  8. Happy birthday to the hubby!! hope he enjoys his steak :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Hope he has a had a wonderful, fun day. Wish for him many more birthdays and that all the years ahead be filled with love, happiness and good health.

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on our blog sweet Gina. Hugs and nose kisses for you all!

  10. Happy Bithday to your husband!!
    I bet you had a wonderful day today!

    Hugs to you

  11. I'm getting my "Happy Birthday" in before midnight. I hope he got his steak dinner.

  12. Happy Birthday to Mike!! Hope it was a good one!! Great pictures of him and the kitty.

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday to your DH...did you save me some cake?


  14. Morning gina.. Happy Belated B-day the hubby.. Hope the two of you enjoyed Steak dinner together last night...
    A good diet makes exceptions to the rule for a good piece of Cake once in awhile..Its when once I awhile turns into all the time..

    Hope your still enjoying your Garden Sign :>)

    Have a great day!!


  15. Nice pic of your hubby with the kitty. Hope he had a nice birthday and enjoyed that steak. And a little cake once in awhile never hurt anyone.
    Have a nice evening
    Country at heart

  16. I'm a little late but Happy Be-lated Birthday to your hubby.
    My hubs 50th b-day is coming up on the 29th.

    Dessert is my favourite part of a meal and chocolate cake rates up near the top of my faves! Glad you got to splurge a little. :)