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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

YaRd WoRk, FiNiShEd PeNNy RuG & BinGo

Good Afternoon everyone.. hope you all had a nice relaxing labor day..We had hubbys friend and his friend over for ribs last night along with corn on the cob and garlic parmesan mashed tators..:)..then I did my "autumn" decorating while they sat and chit chatted..Saturday we laid down roundup and black plastic on the lawn that we don't we wait a bit for the sun to bake it and then we either lay down bark or gravel..the area above come winter always becomes a mushy soggy we want to put down potted plants, veggy type as well here..
this portion is just to hard to mow since we move the fence line down a bit.and we can still get the wheelbarrow through here to dump our yard debris etc.;)
there's the black plastic with plastic buckets and wood to keep the plastic down..not pretty but effective.;) we also got our real "wood" moved to the side of the house, stacked and covered to use as our back up wood..we love the deli pressed logs the best..they burn hotter, longer and stack nicely and don't bring in the outside, such as spiders etc with them..
I finished up my penny rug for the swap I made with Jan on etsy..I love how this one turned out..they are going in the mail today.;)
I've started my shelf scarf..and should I decide to keep it it will go here..;)I will be sharing sundays dinner with our friends tomorrow and then on thursday my autumn decorating..Gotta give you all something to I am going to sew and catch up on some tv programs..

Here are your 4 (since I missed yesterday) words..have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for dropping by and saying Hey!!! :>)
Great pumpkin
comfort food
crunchy leaves
leaves changing color


  1. Hey! I started my Fall decorating too. I love the shelf scarf. Go on and keep it! You deserve it.

  2. The shelf scarf looks wonderful.Just 6 more words to go on my list.Sooo Blessings!~Amy

  3. Oh, I wish Amy all the luck!!!!
    I still need 9. I'm not very good at picking numbers!
    Autumn Blessings,

  4. I enjoy reading your post, I don't think I would part with the shelve!

  5. Your yard is coming right along! Looks great!
    How was your corn on the cob? I can't get enough of it this time of year. I can make a meal just on corn.
    enjoy your evening.

  6. Love the Christmas pennyrug!! And I can't wait to see the mantel/shelf scarf when it is done.
    Have a great week.

  7. Love the shelf scarf..I am ready to start my Fall decorating you I have so much I just don't know where to begin hehe
    Congrats on the weight loss btw!!!
    Have a great day~Stacy

  8. I would be proud to have you for a neighbor. Your yard is so well kept. In the meadow penny is beautiuful. Thanks much for the jar ccver pattern. I will try & hopeful post about them soon. Blessings!