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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gotta Love Them BabY's..;) & BinGo..

Good beautiful sunday Morning!!!! yet another glorious day..I love September don't you? just stopping in with some cute baby eye candy..Hubby was holding Stewie and came in my craft room for a quick snap shot..he is just so stinking cute in my opinion..but then again I am his mama..
Hubby took this yesterday of the pair snoozing so cutely together..this just warms the cockyls (?) of my seeing them play and sleep together..This picture says: all is right with the world..these are those precious moments when all is right with my world too..and of course having Miss sunny bunny sitting here as I type purring up a storm and wanting her morning loves.;)
I hope you all have a wonderful sunday with those you love and "make it right with the world"..
here are your two bingo is everyone coming along? anyone close yet? I finished up the other penny to start my shelf mantle one and those little hang tags..I will share a photo of the one I finishe tomorrow..I think I am going to start my fall decorating this week..maybe tuesday or wednesday..or heck maybe care and enjoy your day.;)


  1. not even close. I have 8.
    Kitties are darling. Gotta love 'em. They're so stinkin' cute!
    no big plans for us. I'm going to paint today. It's almost noon and it is 66' and sunny. what a beautiful day!!!!!
    have fun with your decorating! I may bring in my fall tote today. that's right--1 tote plus a tote of florals and somethings that never go out, but I have purged each season down to one tote--plus florals. gotta make this an easier task to manage!
    love ya! ★Linda★

  2. Your picture is adorable!!!!1
    I want to bring up some Fall decos this afternoon.
    Lazy day here today. Rainy and the temps are suppose to drop.

  3. I have 8 numbers also, getting reading for a show 2morrow (labor day) it's an 1 1/2 away hope i make enough to cover GAS.

  4. Hi Gina,
    I have 9 words now. Oh my...those are the cutest kitty pics!! Can't wait to see your Fall decorating.

    Have a great Labor Day! We are going to the craft show has been storming and raining since last night. Tomorrow is going to be pretty and in the upper 60's.

  5. Awww, what cute little babies! They are so fun when there kittens.
    I am so in the mood for Fall decorating too! I told hubby he needs to get my boxes out today. Will see if that happens :)

  6. I'm half way's fun playing along but I've never been lucky at things like this.I'll be down to one word then 3 girls will shout BINGO LoL..Please girl stop with the adorable cat pics you're making me want a new baby.Kidding I love seeing the sweeties.Grandma has 3 kittens right now I'm tempted to bring one home.Hugs!~Amy

  7. How cute your kitties are. Hope your weekend is a nice one.
    Country at heart

  8. now that is the cutest picture... I love looking at the pictures of all the Kitties. We don't have any here, my youngest furbabie is not a kitty fan so we just have our three doggies, so I get my kitty fill from all the picutes out here in Blogland. Thanks for sharing