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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SunDaY DiNner WiTh GoOd FrIenDs, ManTel ScaRf DoNe & BiNgO..)

Good morning everyone!!! good afternoon for some of you out there..;) I am still doing some fall tweaking..almost forgot my fall kitchen I pulled them them ironed up and they are hanging as we speak..starting to look more and more like fall here..the leaves are falling..the lawn is dying..(didn't water it much this year)..but I know once our rainy season sets will be green again..On sunday night we got invited over to our friends the Moyers..they go to my church and we had another couple there the there were 6 kids and 6 adults..and the food was amazing..I ate like a pig..and did I get photos of any of the food..NOPE..we had baked fried chicken, fresh crab..and they sent us home with we are having crab cakes tonight.I just have to shell them..the must have had like 20 or so huge fresh crab..fresh salad, my brussels sauteed with onions, and tomatoes and garlic..yumm!!!, fresh guacomole salsa and chips, and black berry pie courtesy of Miss Sarah..we picked the blackberries at the Moyers and Sarah got a blackberry pie and icecream was sooo good and yes I did indulge..had a small piece a heaping tablespoon of vanila icecream and I was a happy camper..I didn't gain was good good food..I loved Michelles kitchen cabinets and her red knobs..great warm wonderful home...
Mike talking with the company..thats Zoe..she is such a beautiful dog..:)
a beautiful sunset..tried showing you their back yard..but the flash only goes so you got the sunset instead.:)
This is the Joker as a what hubby called little Nygel..his daddy gave him his first blackberry cobbler..He is the spittin image of his daddy.;) isn't that the cutest face ever?
Thats Sarah holding her little Nygel.;) (If you remember, I got to see this wee one being born on May 10th..he was sooooo tiny..only 6 pounds and some the little guy weighs 16 pounds..he is a little chunky monkey.;)
all set for night his jammies that my little sister gave him.;)6-9 month jammies..thats how big he is..

I finished up my mantel scarf last night..I am listing this on my old prim peddlers site on the 15th..but if anyone is interested in it now..just let me know..I had fun making this one...
Oh and there is your sneak peek of my autumn decorating.:) you will have to wait till tomorrow to see.:)
I love how it turned to enlarge and see the details in this one..I tell you I am hooked on making these things..anything wool..very relaxing to say the least..)
well that is it for me to get another project started and go eat and then is a beautiful day out today..the babies are out enjoying it..we decided to put Millie out and she doesn't like being out on her she goes in the kennel during the day and in the garage at night..I brought her in last night cause she was crying pitifully and I thought we'd see how she did..well I found pee she is out..I hate doing this...because she doesn't understand why I am doing it..but I am not having the house ruined..breaks my heart too..because come rainy season..she is going to hate life..but she will either stop or continue doing it..she may come in during the day..but then I have to supervise her or kennel her..I have never had this before and just don't know how to get her to stop..other then diapering her..
Okay here are your 2 bingo words for the day..:)
some of you are getting closer...;) and I have added some more goodies to the pot.;)
Charlie Brown
Have a wonderful was the 1st day of school for the kids where we live today and some go tomorrow too..the kindegartoners.)..
See you all tomorrow..I have lots and lots of photos to share..;)


  1. Wow! What a menu! Wish I lived closer. Nice to see you have such a sweet life.

  2. Hi Gina

    Sitting here eating crab cakes and a salad right now ! Even though mine are frozen crab cakes, they are still good. The brand is Chesapeake Bay ~ made in Maryland and not a product of Thailand or China ! I have noticed that a lot of fish and seafood are coming from foreign countries now.. so please read the labels !

    Cute photos of the baby !

    Love the white kitchen ! I love a white kitchen , something bright and cheerful !



  3. U r so lucky! fresh seafood!?!
    we have to go to Long John Silvers to get fish-shrimp-clams-crab cakes. Red Lobster if we are feeling flush!
    U r blessed..........
    Autumn Blessings,

  4. Sarah's little one sure is adorable!!
    Love your mantel turned out great!!
    My blog seems to be back to normal now...not sure what the problem was, but Wordpress has had troubles all week.
    Can't wait to see your Fall decorating!!

  5. The lil guy is adorable! Sounds like a great time and yummy food.Love the mantle scarf! Hugs,Jen

  6. And I thought I had plenty for why is my stomach yelling at me to go grab some of that pie, those crabs and salad?!?! And oh yeah, the ice cream too....glad you were able to indulge and still kept the weight off. I'm beginning to think that for whatever you loose, I gain. You can stop now ;)

    Love the penny mantle scarf. If I wasn't deathly allergic to wool, I would be having serious envy going on. I guess I can still have it right, just don't buy it. Someone else will have to be the lucky gal....

    I hope all is well and the little ones are doing well.

    Hugs from me and purrs from Romeo

  7. I am so ready for fall even though we are getting our summer heat later than normal. Weird weather this year.
    Your friend's kitchen is perfect for entertaining. I like how open it is and her white cabinets. And her baby is adorable. He's so cute dressed in his jammies.
    Great job on the mantle scarf. Love the design on it.
    Have a great day! :)

  8. Hello,I stopped in for a visit and I'm happy I did, cause I so enjoyed your blog.


  9. Hi Gina, sounds like a grand time and great food!! Made me hungry.:-)
    Love your mantle scarf!!
    Have a great day!!