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Friday, September 9, 2011

AuTuMn DeCor, ShoPPinG & BinGo..

Good beautiful TGIF morning..we are getting the best weather ever here in the great state of Septembers like this..and hopefully October will be equally as nice..well I have pulled out some of my fall/autumn decor..still have more and may pull it out today..we shall see..Here is the front of the house..I pulled out one of those chairs we tried to refinish..and it is black..perfect for my prim decorating..
I love this..;)
every home should have a cat scarecrow...well at least I do..and he lights up too:)
I got this at Joanns last year..

the kitchen windo seal. I love those blocks..Be Thankful..I so am.)

Entering the dining room now.;)
I moved all of my jam to my little white cart and put it in baskets..this weekend I am putting up 25 pounds of nectarine my saturday is pretty much filled..not sure where it all will go..
Do you see something wrong with this picture? if not you will below in pics to follow...

do you see the problem yet?
aaaahhhh all fixed now..apparently I don't know how to spell Autumn..I am not as smart as a 5th grader love these blocks..I got these off of etsy last year..I have give thanks with a big turkey for takes up the entire them..they are huge!!

my little autumn witch from Kentucky primitives..she is an original..I love her..
my first punch needle item..a kitty jumping over a pumpkin on a little dustpan..

I embroidered this spooky pumpkin scarecrow and framed him..I love the big full moon behind him..
my kitty from Jenn of Bittersweet folkart prims..;)may move him..makes for opening the pantry door a she will move over to the other wall..;)
my tissue holder in the living room.:)
my fall plates that I got from Cindy..I love changing these out each season..
this is in the stairwell..;)
I put up this quilt that I had made years ago and I was going to sell it..but it has the perfect fall colors and I do love this quilt..I have matching curtains..but not putting them up..also have pillow shams..but not putting them up either..I took the pillows that were down on the chaise and put them here..they match fairly well.:)
this gal stitched free hand on her machine flowers and designs on every square including some cat paws too..she hand dyed all the fabric..the other side is big squares of the colors..and I can fold down the top and it has a Lip if you will of the colors in retangles..she did a wonderful job on this...:)
my little stove all lit up for those chilly autumn nights..this is in our bedroom.;)
it casts a warm glow.;)
and we are back to the dining room again..are you heads spinning yet? I changed out the curtains for my fall ones..before...
see the spelling on the autumn..not fixed yet in this photo..noticed it last night eating dinner..and I was sitting there thinking that autumn had an N on the end..then it hit me like a ton of I fixed it lickety
kitchen curtains from january till september...
now i have my fall ones up..
I love the warm glow they cast in the morning..
I embroidered these on the front..
my little fall tea actually has a witch on at the end of the month..I will turn it over so you can see her then turn it back for thanksgiving..I love double duty items.;) and that is the end of the fall tour..I hope you enjoyed..I have 4 bins of halloween stuff to pull out..oh I need to start weeding out stuff..I also have something coming that I did a trade on those penny rugs is fall related..will post it when I get it.;)
I had to go to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth cleaned..easiest cleaning sonicare is working magic on my has improved so much because I started using it..the gal that cleans them was amazed...She is my regular gal and I have been seeing her for years and she was if you don't have one..get one..worth the investment..okay so then I went over to walmart to get some canning jars for my big day tomorrow and came across some dishes..we are in need of new dishes..these were $2.00 I got the fall colors..they will coordinate nicely with my home..they are in the dishwasher getting cleaned...can't wait to use them.;)
well that is it for me..I am down another pound and a thats 51.5 total so far...another pound and a half and I will be in the next set of numbers..yippee skippy..I am enjoying this journey..every step of it..I haven't felt this good in years and enjoying this new freedom of feeling great and loving getting dressed up again..thank you all for your support throughout this process..
since I missed yesterday I am drawing 4 words and a bonus one today too..;) hopefully this will get some of you closer.;) Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back tomorrow..;)

Jack O Lantern
pumpkin pie

Take care everyone!!!:)


  1. I loved the tour with your fall decorations! I haven't pulled out any of mine yet. I do have some things I recently made sitting out though. I'm trying to wait patiently until after my daughter's Strawberry Shortcake birthday party to really get the decorating going. ;)

    Still enjoying the bingo game!

    Blessings, Jessica

  2. Pretty decorating~ thanks for sharing your home~

  3. Oh sooo close I'm on the edge of my seat!Love the fall decorating.I pulled mine down from the loft but haven't put it up yet.Harvest Blessings!~Amy

  4. Girl you make my head spin with all you do. I wish I had your ambition. Everything looks nice!

    I especially love the little stove in your bedroom. I have one just like it in my livingroom. I never thougth of lighting it up. I will definitely be adding lights in mine. Well that is after I look at the bottom of it to see if I can do it.

    Have a super fantastic weekend. Don't work too hard!

  5. I love seeing all your decor, just the right amount, some people way over do it but yours is amazing. The bingo is so fun but I'm not doing to great!

  6. Oh my gosh, Gina! You have such amazing abilities to decorate! I just love what you do, it makes your home look cozy,warm and well loved! My absolute fav is the cat scare crow (go figure)!

  7. Hi Gina,

    It's beginning to look alot thought I was going to say Chrismtas, didn't you, LOL..

    Decor looks great! Congrats on loosing another 1 1/2#, you're doing so good with that...

    I've never had nectarine jam..sounds good...



  8. Love your blog! Im a newby to the blogging world :) id appreciate any visits or comments!

  9. What an awesome tour! Everything looks so perfectly placed and so dang cozy too! Oh, and it's okay about spelling Autumn wrong... sounds like something I would do! We all have those days :)

  10. Love seeing your autumn decor!! I put a few thing out today...hope to get the rest of it out this coming week.

  11. Looking good, I can't wait to get the kitchen done so I can start decorating for Fall....Sure wish you were here to help me, too! That would be so much fun to have a friend help ya make over your kitchen...What could be better?
    We got the counter tops this afternoon, so tomorrow it is demolition time!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  12. Gina,
    Congrats on your weight loss GF! I've started some fall decorating too.....both at my Cape Cod home and here! It's my favorite thyme of year!You have been real busy decorating! Love it!


  13. Girlfriend I have never seen so many pretty fall items in one place in all my blogging days. hahaha
    Great tour of your home and love those curtains. They look like the material I have been wanting to purchase for my kitchen.
    Where oh where do you store all your pretties when not using them.
    Wish it were cool enough here to think of fall. We are still in the triple digets with wildfires from no rain. Scares me to think how easy these fires are burning so many homes and land here.
    Sorry did not mean to change the subject.
    Your post is great as always

  14. The whole house is looking so good! Very Fall-ish! I, too, would love the glow of the curtains in the morning time. Really nice quilt as well. You've been pretty busy!

  15. Gina, Love the fall touches! It took me a minute to see the problem! I REALLY need some glasses~ SHH!
    My hubby has one of those Sonic care~ he likes it. They are expensive, you can get two at Costco, but we have been waiting to see if they have a coupon. We are supposed to cool down next week. I am ready~ must be hormones!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Hi Gina, love all your fall displays.
    You so many adorable things!!

  17. ahhhh I missed the contest :( and girfriend YOU are ahead of your time! it is still summer for goodness sake!! are you trying to give us all a complex for getting things not only decorated on time but ahead of time, tisk tisk you are a whirlwind of excitement!

  18. Looking Super fall festive! Love that dustpan with the punch in it! SO cute! ANd that big car head by the wheelbarrow, and the cat scarecrow, and the new dishes, and that you lost anouther 1.5... and... and... and... Everything!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  19. WOW! Your decor is beautiful. You are very creative. Have a wonderful Sunday & thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog :) I really appreciate them.