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Monday, September 12, 2011

WhErE haVe I BeeN..YoU AsK?

Good Monday morning..Wow can't believe I was MIA the whole weekend..I meant to blog and got side tracked..but I am back to update you all on my weekend..Friday night I went and picked up my glorious beautiful nectarines..I got this huge 25 pound box for 15.00..they gave us an even better I got 2 bucks back..they were awesome..I ate one to see how they tasted..and oh boy were they good..and huge too..will definitely be buying more next after working out for 42 minutes on the treadmill and mowing the lawn..I set out to make jam..:)
I am gathering up my goodies to make this sweet nectar...that white stuff is a thickening agent called clear can use it in jams, soups etc..anything that you want thickened up..and I bought that no cal sugar subsitute..( I will tell you don't much care for it)..but I did use my jam is healthier..I also used apple juice in my jam as well..its a natural sugar..
I had purchased these cute tags at walmart the other day..will put these on my strawberry jam this winter when I give out my little gifties around the neighbor hood..
don't you love that rich color..I did 2 batches at a time..I was soooo hot on saturday doing this..I worked from 4pm till 8 pm putting up 6 batches of this stuff.
I made 12 half pints, and 10 pints of this when I was done..
I ended up clearing out part of my pantry in the kitchen..took out a deep fat fryer we don't use and made room for my yummy jam..
Pody protecting the booty.;) they can get comfortable anywhere can't they?
Sunday after church..I had a few hours before I headed out again..I put up the rest of the nectarines and got 5 quarts and 2 pints..this was soooo easy..i would rather do this then the jam..the jam is more time consuming..but oh so good..I also made 2 loaves of bread to take to my friends baptism and took 7 jars of nectarine jam to give away and to use on the bread..everyone loved it.. we just barely made the baptism on was at our friends house in their pond.with fish making was really cool..they have a beautiful yard and garden with 6 little piggies that are growing way to fast..and the daddy pig..holy cow I have never seen a pig so big..he was all legs..not like the wilbur pig you see on
on my way home from church there was a garage sale led to what I thought was the place that I purchased my kitchen table and I wanted to tell them how much we loved the table..but it was a different house..I got a new skillet for hubby to use on his boat... .50 is heavy duty too..
this was free along with a kitty pooper scooper..gotta love I gotta paint them up and put labels on them..
I got these two cute baskets a quarter each..
the gal was so nice..she asked me if I like zucchini and I said yes..she gave me 5 small/med ones to eat..and she told me about these gourds she grows to paint etc..and let me pick some really neat ones to add to my fall decor..they are light..and I love the lumina ones.:)
and she gave me nastursim(?) seeds to plant next year..she had taken dahlia head and put them in egg cartons so they can dry and she is going to plant these for next year and see how they got cross polinated..they had a beautiful yard and garden and were really neat to my grand total for all my stuff was a whole $1..gotta love sales like that..
Hubby got back from his pirate palooza that he did with some friends on their sailboats just in time for the I had a quiet weekend at home with the babies.. although when we got back from the baptism..I had him take me for a walk..
I am making some new items..will share them soon..they will be going on my old primitive peddlers site for wednesday..
The weather is a bit overcast today..looks like if the weather is "accurate" it will be in the high 60's..that would be fine with me..its been hot here and this gal is starting to flash a lot more lately..(its just not pretty) think I am going in for a spray tan or 2 this week to look a little more healthy for my 30th reunion this saturday..I fly out on thursday this week and will be gone till the I am going to try and wrap up this bingo thing or it waits till I get back..but since I was gone you all get 6 words today..I am sure one of you will be hollering BINGO today..
I hope you all have a wonderful day today and welcome to my newest friends that have chosen to "follow" me..welcome aboard..
UPDATE: Linda asked what 2 people need with all that jam..well alot of it goes to gifts at christmas time to neighbors, family and friends..but it is also food storage to have too..
Okay here are your words.:)

raking leaves
telling ghost stories
candy corn


  1. I am always worn out when I finish reading your posts. busy-busy-busy!!!
    your jam looks awesome but why would 2 people need so much jam? We love nectarines, too, but have never considered making them into jam.
    I need 3 more words!
    Warmest autumn blessings,

  2. Wow, I'm tired just reading your blog. LOL

  3. You are a busy girl, I am sure everyone likes to see you come with your goodies. Hope you have a great time at your reunion.

  4. Jam looks wonderful & the little tags will make them soo cute! I wish i was your neighbor lol What a nice surprise that would be :) Have a great Monday!

  5. Wow you sure have been busy! The nectarine jam looks DEElish! I had to laugh at the photo of Pody protecting the booty, such a cutie. lol.

    I still have 5 more bingo words.

    Blessings, Jessica

  6. The only thing I can holler is HELP PLEASE... Wow your very busy

  7. Hi Gina,
    The jam looks delicious!! I love all the treasures you got at the garage sale. Quite a bargain too!!
    Have fun at your reunion.

  8. Oh my goodness!! What a weekend you had!!! No wonder you didn't have time to blog!! Oh how I wish I was your neighbor so I could try a taste of your jam!!!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  9. Gina,
    Your jam looks so yummy!! Those little tags are so perfect to put on your jars.

    I only need 2 more words!!

    Have fun at your high school reunion...can't wait to hear all about it. My 35th reunion will be next year. I didn't go to the 30th, but I did go to my 25th. They voted me the most changed, because of my white hair. LOL...

    Have a great week.

  10. You sure have been busy! Everything looks delicious!

  11. I was tired before i even clicked on your blog, now im un-tired. I wouldnt cross that cat to sneak anything, not without giving him some treats then id sneak something. Richard

  12. Gina
    My mouth is watering over the nectarines~ love the protector of the jam!

  13. You sure can get a lot done in a day! Busy, busy busy is right.
    Your jam looks yummy and such a pretty colour too.

  14. Gina,
    How do you do it? LOL! I am dizzy reading! Love all the finds, and the jams look yummo!
    Have a great week!