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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MoRe FaLL DeCoR, KiTTies, and GoOdiEs SeNt to A FriEnD..;)

Good Morning..(well for another 12 minutes here anyway..gotta get my butt in gear for the day..I did a swap with a gal on etsy..for those 2 penny rugs I made and shared a couple of posts down..well my goodies arrived on friday I believe and I couldn't be more thrilled with these little shutters..the one above is for my little also comes with an electric candle..(it was all packed left it as is so I can take it home with me this thursday in my suitcase..this will be packed in there amongst my clothes..:) she did a great jobe on would love Jans work is the link to her etsy store.;)
I put mine on my hutch..fits on the picture to see the detail..and the candle.;)

yesterday after walking 3 miles on the treadmill I headed upstairs for more fall decor..namely these blocks..and I found them and some fall I put 3 of the picks in with that big dried pumpkin.. and some cinnamon corn pantry cakes..they smell sooo good..just says fall..;)
and that little basket that I got for a quarter on sunday was just begging to be this is what I came up with..
I used fall picks, fall rafia, and one of the free little gourds the gal gave me on sunday..along with some cinnamon corn pantry cakes..took like 5 minutes to put together..I love when it just happens..
this is currently Millies favorite spot to sleep..I put down a fleece blankie to gather her hair and it stays off the rest of my fabric..:) she is here as we speak..her little brother and sister are right below her as we speak in the 2nd shelf..those two love to snuggle..I just snapped up their photo..
Lucy was here last night while I was crafting...
This was Lucy yesterday..I had to use the toilet and she climbe in my pants and slept her for about an hour..
this was taken this you see the lump? yeah they are both in them..little your kitties do this? ours do it every chance they get..:)
this was taken about 20 minutes ago..snug as a little bug in a rug..he loves to snuggle with the mama..I am so going to miss my babies when I go home..I always do..but Hubby will be here taking care of them for me..)

I sent off a package to Carmen of waxed out creative life and she got it the day before she left to go to hawaii to meet her new grandson..she just got back can read all about her adventures on her blog..I made her a little burp cloth and a baby bib..and he was definitely a granny magnet..he is just adorable..
I sent her this purse as her son is in the army and this just fit Carmen to a T.;)

Well Bingo is almost over and some of you are getting very close..I am giving you 3 words today..and if someone doesn't get it today..I will be very surprised..I only have 2 words left to of luck to everyone..I am hoping to mail this off tomorrow or when I get back next week.. so don't fret..
crisp mornings..
well that is it for me today..I gotta get the house tidyed up..get on the treadmill and then my avon lady is coming over at 2pm..gotta get some projects done..hopefully before I leave..
have a wonderful day everyone..and thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.;)


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  2. Your decorations look GREAT! I love how the little basket on the door turned out. You make me want to run out and do some more fall shopping lol...and the kittys are precious :)

  3. I love the kitty pics. I so miss having kitties but I do have dogs that will sleep anywhere--even in your pocket of your hoodie!
    Everything looks very festive.
    I am 1 away! I just imagine someone else will get their 20 today.....
    Warmest blessings, my friend,

  4. Hi Girlfriend

    Stopping by to say hi and come on over for some homemade from scratch Pumpkin Cake with Cream cheese icing ! :o)

    I just made it !


    Your kitties are cute !

  5. what a silly kitty stealing your pants while you're on the potty, LOL!!! I will be posting a pic soon of me in HI with my purse! The kids loved the gifts and got a good laugh out of the granny magnet bib! They are sending out thank you's so be watching your mail;)love that shutter, so cute!!!

  6. Wonderful swap goodies, your kitties are soooo cute! Hugs, Lecia

  7. Love the shutters! I wish I would have thought of that~ the kitties laying on a towel when on the bathroom floor! LOL! Painting is NOT fun twisting around a toilet!
    Have a great week!

  8. The fall decore is looking lovely! Love it all! What happened to the big amazing kitty head you had on the table with the wheelbrrow. I LOVED him!!! I need one! LOL!

    LOL at the snuggle bugs. And the pants! HA! We have a few clothes getter inners.

    Oh I know you will miss your babies while you are away! Tell hubby to give them extra snuggs while you are gone!

    Good job on the treadmill! I REALLY need to get back on it. I am not doing well. And winter is comming. Yikes!

    Have a great day!
    Carmen and the Primcats

  9. Your decorating is terrific and I adore that little shutter. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip back home. Those kitties are too cute and will miss you so much. Glad Daddy will be watching them.

  10. Had a good laugh about your kitties. So funny they both ended up in the pants!


  11. Hi Gina,
    I love the shutters!! Your Fall decorating is looking great!!
    Too funny about the kitties with your pants!!
    I'm only 1 word away on the bingo game!!

  12. Have a safe trip. Your sister will be happy with the wonderful fall shutter. The old crow item in your hutch. Is it a label I Could print?Blessings!

  13. Adorable kitty cats!!! Okay, you have to tell me if you have a secret on their fur~ Mine shed~terribly~ so do you have any secrets? I figure by end of March ( shedding time)the home is going to be a big fur ball~ thank heavens for Dyson~giggles~

  14. Let me guess the next 2 words are hot cider and autumn am I right? It's all I have left ha