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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MoRe BaBy PicS, SePtemBer PriMiTiVe PeddLer UPDaTe, and BinGo.;)

Well this is certainly a late post for me..trying to get my stuff ready to go as I am heading out tomorrow..and I still gotta pack..probably doing that tomorrow..I am pooped..this photo above of Stewie and Lucy was taken about an hour ago..on my lap at the computer
This one was taken last night on my lap on the couch..these two are inseperable....I am going to miss these guys so much..Little Stewie loves his mama..and I am loving that little guy write back;)
I got my hair and nails done I am ready to trip the lights fantastic at my reunion..I will be sure to take lots of pics...of my time in Utah..;)
the primitive peddler is updated for the 15ths is what I have if anyone is interested just click on the link to take you there..
I made 3 wool felt banners..this one says give thanks..
this one says Autumn..
and this one says blessings..I used that fabric that I purchased about 2 weeks ago..I love how they all turned out..
I must say I am surprised with the 10 that are playing bingo that no one has it yet..but I have only 2 words left to shout out and the first one to get it ..gets the prize..I will not be mailing this out till I get back on the it will be next week..just shoot me an email of your mailing address..;)
Tammy you had it right as you need these last two words..
Hot Cider
Best of luck to you all..I will miss you all while I am gone..take care and thanks for stopping by and wishing me a great time..will check my comments in the morning..
take care


  1. Bingo!!!
    Love those banners!!
    Have a safe trip home to your class reunion!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time at your reunion! If you're anywhere nearby, make sure to stop in at the Quilted Bear and tell me how it is. I miss that place! It's been 11 years since I lived there, so not even sure it's still around. Have a safe trip! ~~Annie

  3. Well Bingo at least we all get to say it..... I cant believe it didn't go before this, maybe someone missed the words........

  4. Have a safe and fun trip! I have to updaye my blog this morning as it's been over a week. SO much to talk about. Those banners are awesome.

  5. Have a great time! I love your banners & you have some spoiled rotten fur babies! :) LOL

  6. The babies are gonna miss snuggling with mommy for sure!

    Love the new banners! I keep meaning to make one but I never get to it!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Have lots of fun. My school reunion was last October and it was awesome. Safe travels.

  8. Have a Wonderful time, and LOVE your banners, LOVE the moon. I'll miss all your creative energy through out the day!

  9. Your nails look awesome Gina, hope you have a wonderful time and a safe trip!!! Will miss your posts and I'm sure the kitties will be fine, they will get spoiled from daddy while your away, LOL! Have fun!!!!!

  10. Love the banners! Have a great time at your reunion!

  11. BINGO!
    what? Am I too late? Well, I got it anyway and I am pleased as punch! It's my first successful bingo--too bad it took the whole list to get me!
    Have an awesome trip! You look great and will WOW them, I'm sure. You know Mike will take great care of the Babies! Stay safe!
    Warmest autumn blessings,
    Thanks for your kind words re: Clifford.

  12. Darn, I'm too late too. :-p It was a fun bingo game. I am ready for fall!

    Have a great time at your reunion. See ya when you get back!!

    Love your kitties!

  13. Wonderful fall banners. Have fun at your reunion. Thanks for the sassafras address. Blessings!

  14. You kitties are just beautiful. We can tell you love your mama. We hope she has a super great time at the reunion. Be safe Gina! Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Just found your blog and am now following! Have a good time at your reunion. Your kitties are so sweet! Looks like they keep close tabs on you. Banners are awesome! Great idea. ~Roberta

  16. Hi Gina, have fun...I've been keeping up with you on FB. The kitties are precious as are all the goodies you've made!

  17. Oh cool! Banners are in right now gal and yours are sweeet.
    Oh boy a class reunion ay? Have fun and be nice:o)
    Those kitties are adorable as all get out!
    Congrats on your win at Orange Sink! You're gonna love that hooked rug:-)