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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm BaCk!!!! :) My 30th ReUnioN..;)

Well it is great to be back home with my babies and the hubster..but I will say I had a wonderful time visiting with my old high school chums..I took lots of photos but won't bore you with all of them..because you don't know them..but if you check out my facebook page you will see a couple more photos of the night..this took place on saturday night at the Marriot hotel in Salt Lake City..I was a bit nervous as I haven't seen any of these people in 30 years..(except the guy on the right)..he came to my moms viewing in June..I grew up with him..His name is David Fisher or better known as Fravidmint..I was lived 3 houses I have known him since I was 5 years old..the guy next to him is Glen Martinsen and is the biggest goof ball ever and hasn't changed a bit..looks or personality..David...well lets just say he doesn't have that dark brown wavy hair any more..he looks the spittin image of his dad...
This is Gilbert (Gil) Romero..he was everyone's friend in high school..and he got me out on the dance floor once..(didn't dance though)..and that man can dance.;) lol..he can still trip the lights fantastic as they say..
this was the group that organized the event and I think the class officers too..
This is my friend Mike Rogers..(whom I found out after 30 years had a crush on me since 10th grade) was nice to hear that someone had a crush on me..because I had no idea and I didn't think anyone liked me (in that way)..I was nothing to look at and I kept to myself..I didn't like school because I wasn't popular, pretty, or skinny..and I was picked on..also found out that a guy named Loren (we were friends in grade school) back in 3rd grade he slugged me hard in the stomach and I never knew why..till saturday...can you guess? he liked me..I pulled him aside and asked him if he could have found a nicer way to tell me he liked me..he just slinked away..too funny..all in all I am so happy I really was like seeing old friends and it was also weird too..cause I didn't hang out with any of them..but we had a great was awesome and so were the was hard to cram in 30 years in 6 hours..I didn't want it to end..I really wanted more time to catch up..I told everyone my hair was natural...but said it cost alot to be are now going to have the reunions every 5 years looking forward to the next one in 5..I have lots more photos of things I did while back in utah..will share those tomorrow and in the days to come..the leaves are falling big time this week..gotta get out and start raking..I just want to be lazy today and catch up on tv..and of course hit the treadmill..I love the new fall lineup on T.V..our weather is supposed to be in the 70's this week..but today doesn't look it..over cast and 66 degrees today..perfect for working in..looks like we will do the side yard this weekend..we are going to put down the weed mesh and then bark it in..cheaper to go that is a link to the facebook photo of all of the gals.;)

I also won a hooked rug from The orange sink...that was a nice surprise to come home to..Thanks Cathy for picking my name..I can't wait to get it..
well that is enough of my ramblings for one day..I hope all has been well with you all..I have missed you and and still trying to catch up on everyone while I have been away..
UPDATE: when I left for Utah I was down 53 pounds..and I ate a bit more when I was back in Utah..but I still exercised the scales say 54.5 pounds down...I have hit the next set of numbers now..and I have 27.50 more to go..:) I honestly didn't think I lost because of what I had eaten in Utah..and was a bit scared to get on the scales today..for fear I had gained..but just the opposite..and you don't know how happy that makes me..giddy with delight...actually.;)Okay I am done now..have a great day everyone.;)
Take care and thanks for stopping by and leaving a message..I love getting them.;)


  1. SO glad your back (I miss you when you go away;) Sounds like you had a wonderful time and CONGRATS on the wt. loss...YAHOO!!!!!

  2. Welcome Home! I bet you got a great big welcome from your husband and babies. How wonderful to see old friends. Now back to us new ones! Missed ya!

  3. Glad your back! Blogland was lonely without you!

  4. Welcome home, we missed you! Looks like you had a great time....Were the kitties mad at ya when you go home? Chum wouldn't have anything to do with me for over 24 hours after I got home from our trip....He had to punish me.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Sounds like you had a blast! Wish you would have included a pic of you all decked out.I'm sure you looked lovely.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Welcome back, looking forward to your post

  7. Gina, Looks like you had a great time! wow 30 years.... I would thought much less then that! OLM

  8. Welcome Home!! Missed you!! Sounds like you had a great time at the reunion. Congrats on the weight loss!!

  9. Glad you had fun.
    More glad you're back.
    Bet there were some happy kits when you got back!
    Warmest autumn blessings,

  10. Welcome Back. Sounds like you had a great time. I've never been to a reunion, in fact the last I heard my old high school was torn down and condo's put up.
    I'll bet the kitty kats missed their Mommy! :)

  11. It sounds like you had a great time, Gina! And congratulations on the weight loss! That's wonderful! It's strange how that works....I remember being scared when I was trying to lose after what I called eating too much on a trip, only to be surprised to have lost. There's something to that after cutting back, I think (every now and then anyway).

    Have a great day, girl! :)


  12. Glad you are back and that you had a good time at the reunion. Reunions are so unpredictable that I don't go. People seem to tell you things that you didn't know and sometimes don't want to know. I haven't gone to mine in quite awhile. Most of the ones I graduated with still in the area and the ones I would like to see don't.
    Glad you had fun.
    Country at heart