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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My DaY TriP to ThE CaBin WiTh FaMiLy SunDay ThE 18Th

Hello there my fellow bloggers!!! hope your thursday is off to a great start..Today I am sharing my day trip to my big brothers cabin in the mountains..I love this the the scenery..its about an hour away from my in laws house..and it was a glorious sunny brother got up there on friday and said it had rained on saturday..he was kind of worried that it would rain again and no one would come..but we all showed up..I am driving with my brothers friend from high school named Vern..we both talked non-stop up and back home are some photos heading up to the cabin..(I never did take any of my brothers cabin) ..not sure why..
colors of fall just starting..

just love our mountains..ours here in washington are not the same...lots of trees in washington..

a beautiful lake..

I love the country..and love all the homes all nestled in..)
I did however take photos of the inside of the cabin..he has had this cabin for 25 years now..and they have decorated it up some..I have also added to his decor..very easy to shop for..(if you remember I made him that penny rug hanging that said "Davis Cabin" a couple of months back)..

love the little kitchen area..and there was a lot of cooking done here..Tanya my brothers wife had been cooking since yesterday..she made rabbit and orange citrus chicken and healthy mashed taters..and I had them all..yumm!!! that gal can cook and I know its good for me too..we also had corn on the cob, green salad, macaroni salad, potato salad..(didn't touch that one) took a table spoon size of the macaroni..and my little sister made zuchinni brownies that were to die for..and let me tell you I had one of those..along with a sugar free pudding dessert with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream on top..both were so good,..I love my desserts..pure and niece also made stuffed mushrooms with sauteed onions in wine and a little cheese on top..I had 5 of those..we were all so hungry..they became the appetizers..and they were gone in nothing flat..
the wood brother has lots of fun things to play year (about 10+ years ago) we happened upon his poker chips..and started bouncing them off the counter top...they bounce really far and we nearly peed our pants with laughter that night..we never did pull them out this time and I am sure my brother was happy about it too..cause he said he was finding them for a year after we played...that was a fun/wonderful memory..
this was taken on the drive up near my brothers cabin...
it is a gated community and this is the little bridge we cross to get to all the cabins..
this was taken when we finally got to ride the atv' and my big sister..we only got one ride before it got dark as we took a walk with the family...
this was the walk and as you can see it was getting pretty dark..

this lake gets iced over in the winter..and you can snowmobile on it..NO THANK luck it would crack..but it is just beautiful here..

my great niece Kamea with her daddy Garret...quite the little ham and not shy whatsoever...
This is my niece Staci with her little Kamea..they were tossing little rocks in the lake/pond there..
ahh my little sisters baby Jack playing with my little sisters collection of horses..
he actually smiled for me..wouldn't let me hold him..he is just so active...
my little sister to the left..(jacks mama)..and Jack sharing his dinner roll with his 2nd cousin Kamea..don't they look cute..I took several photos of this..she was trying to eat her own..but Jack insisted on sharing...too nephew Ben is watching as well as Garrett (kameas daddy in white)..
ahh the family can see me in the back with my niece heather..we thought we'd be funny and pick each others noses..(we aren't) just posing..eewwwww grosss..I am wearing a flannel shirt that my brother had that my mom used to wear when she came up to visit..
the nieces and nephews in front..the girls are my brothers kids..he is sitting right behind them..the 2 boys in front are my little sisters and Jacks big little sister is standing in the back with her hubby and Jack..Vern is right next to them..Tanya is sitting (in the pink)..I am sitting with my niece heather and my big sister Peggy..her hubby is in the blue in the back..glad I went..I love the cabin..we just need more atv's so we can all I got one shot and that was it..well that is it for me today..sorry for the long post..I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your thursday..;) thanks for stopping by and saying hi..;) I have lots of great ideas swirling around in my head that I need to get made before my show in of them was found in the new country sampler..:)

by the way today is the last day of my fall sale on etsy..15% off everything if there is something you like let me is the link..;)

ps. I am down another that is 55.5 lost...yippee skippy..only 26.5 to go..;)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great photos. Seems like you all had a blast.

  2. So glad you had a great time with your family. Great mountain views. Blessings! Lara

  3. Beautiful there! looks like you had a great time at the cabin with your family:)

  4. Nothing better than spending time with family in the beautiful mountains. Thanks for sharing this special event.

  5. Hey thats what I did last weekend
    with my brother and sister! We rented a cabin and seemed like food was everywhere! We want to do it again next year, especially now that we are getting older.
    But You must have had a blast and so many fond memories for you. the views were awsome!

  6. Loved all your pictures! Looks like and sounds like you had a fun and DELICIOUS time!

  7. Your brother's cabin looks like a great place. We have a trailer and usually go camping in the mountains since they're less than an hour's drive away. It looks a lot like where you were. ATVing would be a lot of fun. My son desperately wants one but not very many campgrounds will let you ride them. Your little niece and nephew are real cuties.

  8. It looks so beautiful there. Where abouts were you? We just came back from Montana, and they look like the mountains there.
    So nice that your family all got together like that.
    Such nice memories.

  9. What a wonderful trip you just took us along on! Looks like you had a blast!

    Congrats on that pound woman! You are doing amazing!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  10. Fun times~ and beautiful photos~
    hugs to you~

  11. What a great cabin, such fun family time..I love it!