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Thursday, August 4, 2011

ReaDing, iDeaS, RaNdOm CaT PhOtO, FloWerS, HaiR & ToEs Oh MY..;)

Good Morning everyone!! it is glorious outside today..the kittys are in their little Kennel enjoying the morning..and I have Miss Lucy sitting on my lap needling and drooling on me..and the biggest purrs ever!!! doesn't get any better then this..I got my newest magazine yesterday..I must take time out and sit on the patio to enjoy it today.;)
I was going through an old "flea market style" magazine and found some great ideas..this first one is my favorite..old burlap feed sacks on your chairs..what great graphics these old sacks have to add to any wonderful farmhouse kitchen..;)
a door knocker and metal baskets..I love baskets of all kinds..;)
a water thingy to make name tags..and love the wall shelf..;)

chicken coop wire added to a pantry so you can easily see all your pantry goodies.;)
and last but not least..using your gardening tools to make great designs to your barn or shed..;)
okay your "random" kitty shot..came down stairs the other day and this is what I saw..someone sacked out next to the dadman...she is long and lanky...I just love this little one..she is a little stinker..terrorizes her big where I have to get a squirt bottle (with water) to her to get her to stop..she is a little pistol that one is..;)
I cut some of my daisies and put them in that wonderful vase that Karen gave was on the kitchen counter..but our cats get up there and Pody Lynn thinks she needs to chew on onto the hutch they went..and I must say I love it next to my homemade strawberry jam..;) they are dwindling fast too..been giving them out as gifts..;)
my first clematis bloom!!! and it has about 5-6 more ready to bloom soon...I have had these plants now going on 3 years..and have gotten 1 I am so happy to see them finally the vibrant purple too.;)
okay so here is the big reveal!!! I am so happy with how my hair turned out..yesterday I told you I was going to a new gal..and you never know how it will turn out..well I am loving this new gal..she did a great job, cut, color and styling..(that is hard to find)..and best of all I got to use my 50% off coupon so it only came to that is a steal..cause I normally pay 75-100 for this..(which is ridiculous in my book) hair is short..and she only took 2 hours..which in the past you know I have sat for 5 hours before..and she is fairly close..about 30 minutes away..(15 would be better)..but I am thrilled..;)oh and I have hit the 45 pound mark!!! yippeee skippy..;)I tell you I am motivated..I feel so good..hubby has even lost 20 pounds..just by eating healthier and exercising...
here is it outside so you can see the vibrancy of the red..ooohhh lllaallaa.;)
and I even was able to get my toesies done..the nail gal had a while color was being put on my head I was getting my toes done..and let me tell you they were long (and I mean long) overdue..I told her she might want to get the big power tool like in dumb and hadn't had them done since the last part of May..they looked really good only the big toe was showing the wear..but they were getting a big long..(truly not noticable)..but to me they were long..she did a fanstastic job on in 6 weeks..right before my 30th reunion..I go back in to get my hair and toes done..gotta look good for this event..
so that is my story and I am sticking to it..haven't decided if I am working indoors or outdoors..the weather is so nice..just want to be outside getting more stuff its a great workout..hhhhmmm decisions, decisions..
I hope you all have a wonderful thursday.;) thanks as always for the wonderful comments you leave each time and for all the compliments on my yard..I so enjoy it now.;)
Ta- Ta.;)


  1. hi, Gina~ some pampering~ looks great love the hair & toes!!!We all need some pampering~
    APP magazine I received on Monday~ it is good~ yep great~ wonderful read~ beautiful pics~ and dreaming!giggles~
    enjoy your day~

  2. Love your new hair do!! The toes look good too. Have a great day and congratulations on the weight loss. I am stuck at 65lbs!!! Oh well, I am maintaining so I guess that is a good thing.

  3. EE-OWWW, you sexy thang! You'll be the envy of everyone at that reunion!!! love the hair and those are some great decor. ideas too! What a pill that Lucy is, LOL, so funny the places she finds to sleep! have a wonderful day;)

  4. wow, you are one hot mama! Love the new "do" on you, you are such a pretty gal. Have fun whatever you decide to do & a big congrats on the loss.

  5. I don't get that magazine. Thanks for the peek inside.
    Lucy looks very comfy there with her dad. Course, she always looks very comfy....
    Love your toes..... Wish someone would do mine!

  6. Hey, love the new "do", you look great and congrats on the weigh loss. I took your advice and changed my password. Thanks, Cyndy

  7. Girl ~ You look on reaching the 45 lb mark you desrved a little pampering.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Girl, you are looking fantastic!!! You should put those toppers on your jam that I sent ya!....I love strawberry jam! come work in my yard? It was only 111 degrees, yesterday and the same, right now!!!
    I was out this afternoon for a bit, but tomorrow I am going to the PO in the morning! Lucy has the life of Riley!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  9. I love your new hair do and the color is wonderful. I wish I could pull off a new hairdo. No matter what I want the hair stylest to do, it never turns out like I want.
    Nothing like getting a pedicure, so relaxing. Your kitty looks so comfy and relaxed. They are so cute when they sleep. I have one kitty left and she is getting some age on her. She isn't allowed in the house, I found out I am highly allergic. But I love her and miss having her in the house.
    Until next time
    Country at heart

  10. YOU are a busy gal, hope you decided to take a little time to sit outside. I hope the weather holds until the weekend!! and love the hair and think it's funny that you are looking at MORE inspiration to make MORE MORE MORE

  11. You really look terrific! Between the weight loss and the hair and your smiling face you are the "whole package" as they say! Love the pic of hubby & the kitty. I also enjoy saving my favorite magazine Country Sampler and a couple catalogs for a nice afternnon and a cup of coffee. I have to get that new one you're reading. Have a great night.

  12. Sweet Gina you are looking very pretty from head to toe. Love the picture of the cute and looking so comfy. Great pictures. Hugs

  13. Hi Gina,
    Love your new hair do!! It looks great!! You look great...congrats on the weight loss!!
    Little Lucy Lou look comfy hanging out with her daddy. She is so cute!!

  14. You look and sound so vibrant and happy! Love your hair, looks really cute. Would you believe I have never had my toesies done and quit having my fingernails done years ago, and don't color my hair. I think maybe I might be boring, HaHa, but it works for me. Great work with the weight loss, keep it up and you'll reach your goal!!! Love all the pix. :)