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Friday, August 5, 2011

MoRe YaRd WoRk DoNe.. LuCy GooSey, FriEnDs StoPPinG By..and SurPriSes In ThE MaiL.;)

Good evening everyone!!! hope your friday was a good one..I got totally sidetracked today..but it was all good..I got 4 packages mailed off..only 3 more to work on..:)..geez where does the time go..well yesterday I decided instead of sewing..I was going to work on the yard and get it that small portion behind the fence inbetween the garden..well it needed to be ripped shovel and wheelbarrow in hand..I went to was a bit warmer and I was wearing out quickly..but I trudged through and got-er-done!!!..even had just enough bark in the back of the truck for all I need to do come payday is buy big square brick pavers to lay on was getting so hard to mow this little out it came..
I was also able to recycle and used the grass by the big tree along the fence is covered with green fencing to keep the dog off of it..he jumps by that tree as the Raccoons live in that tree and he has ruined the grass there..(he is developing a trail there) hopefully it will take off and start growing..looks much better there hopefully no muddy footprints come winter.;)so that is how I spent my afternoon..4-1/2 hours more thing to check off my list..;)today would have been the better day for it as it has been overcast all kind of working weather I tell you..;)
This morning when I opened the shades for the day..I saw a cute little squirrel eating out of the mailbox..and another on top of the shed waiting its turn..(click on the photo so see them)..
and Mama raccoon came by the yard..probably on her way home to feed her babies in that big tree..we have 4 deer around her as well..2 young bucks and 2 females..they are eating my next door neighbors plants...luckily with Tucky in the yard..they don't bother us too much.;)
This was Lucy Goosey last arm resting on the table...the rest laying on my lap..
she started to fall asleep but the camera woke her up..she does love getting her photo taken..she is a little stinker..we love her.;)
well yesterday out of the blue..My blogging buddy/friend Maggie sent me a little care package..just gotta love getting surprises in the mail..she is such a sweetheart and spoils me rotten..she sent this cute little vintage sunflower...could make a pillow out of this..or sew it on a towel..;)
these little wooden blocks are on the front porch on a shelf...they certainly fit my country theme..
and it is truly cat country around this sign is on the front porch too.;)
and last but not least..I love this is in the laundry room..looks great where I put it..Thank you again Maggie for thinking of me like you are the best..:)
Well that is it for me today...waiting for hubby to get home and hopefully take me for a walk..will see if he's up to it..then gotta fix dinner..not sure what I am going to make..
my girlfriend Sarah just came by and brought me some cheese curds from Idaho..oh I have never had them before..and they are yummy..gotta watch that though..cause I could eat them all..take care and have a wonderful weekend..our church is having a ward/picnic at the beach tomorrow..I am going to make my pumpkin chip muffins..cause I am craving one.:) it will be nice to visit with everyone from church..I love the members there and its at the beach...;)


  1. Love all your wildlife and decor, I see you've been at it again, LOL, but it looks great, I love all the bark!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Hi,
    Oh my, oh my, I love all of your critters!!I am so copying your ideal of making the bird feeder out of an old mail box!! The yard looks so pretty!! I love all of your new goodies.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. We saw some cute kittens tonight, sure wanted to bring one home, BUT you know the big bully would beat it up! Love the view from your porch with that raccoon going by...Your yard is looking amazing! Have a great weekend and Lucy is such a cutie!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. Wow you have a lot to take care of and yet you have time to be so creative and have a blog too.
    I am in awe.
    Enjoy your time with your friends at the beach. Sounds like the prefect way to spend a day.

  5. Gina,
    Your yard is just awesome!! Love the bird feeder mail cute!!
    You got some great goodies!! And love the pic of Lucy Goosey!!
    Hope your have a wonderful time at the beach with your church family & friends.

  6. Oh Lucy!! What a beautiful young lady you are!!!! And soooooo photogenic - no wonder you like having your picture taken :)

    Have a great weekend!

    "Her" and Romeo

  7. I think I would freak if deer ate my stuff! LOL! I have a hard enough time with the bunnies.
    How sweet of your friend to send you a care package, that is nice!
    I like your birdfeeder too.
    Have a good night.

  8. You are very creative! Your husband must love you very much! Laura

  9. Gina, Thanks so much for joining my giveaway and posting it on your blog. Absolutly love your garden. Just beautiful!!! Thanks again and Good Luck, Denise